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... Al Hunt … Generally, campaign professionals and political scientists alike agree that endorsements don't move many voters, especially in presidential races, where so much other information is available about the candidates. But you don't build a growing coalition on a shrinking demographic.". During the discussion, Bloomberg View’s Al Hunt argued that "this is the most content free election I`ve ever seen. The difference is this time, it might be the Democrats. But not to draw brackets in a race to a Final Four. Serenity Poem By Gabriela Mistral, This agenda, they claimed, would restore lost jobs and relieve economic insecurity. The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill, By Albert Hunt, opinion contributor This Californian Has Democrats Dreamin’ of Blue Wave. The tax reform plan that House Republicans have advanced would sharply cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans but could leave middle-class … Two weeks out, Republicans were poised to pick up a half dozen Senate seats and enhance their minority status. Albert R. Hunt is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering politics and policy. Joe Biden is attracting more crossover endorsements from prominent members of the opposing party than any other presidential candidate from either side in decades. Flake, in a recent interview on a podcast hosted by Al Hunt and Democratic strategist James Carville, acknowledged that absence reflected Trump's dominance of the current Republican … That's unusual. Judy Carline Woodruff (born November 20, 1946) is a U.S. broadcast journalist, who has worked in network, cable, and public television news since 1976. For these Republican-leaning professionals, "it shouldn't be a false choice that I've got to take a right-winger who offends me on all these social values because I want to keep my taxes down and the economy going well," says Pete Giangreco, a Democratic consultant who served as the chief strategist for Amy Klobuchar's presidential campaign. In 2012, Democrats lost the only remaining statewide office the party still held giving Republicans control of all 10 state constitutional offices. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Unique factors are at play. Voluntary volleyball workouts and a few ... Nixon's success among Democratic elected officials across the South and in blue-collar Northern cities, as well as his neutralizing of organized labor, symbolized the GOP's first significant inroads among mostly Catholic White ethnic voters like Italians and Irish in the North and White evangelical Protestants in the South. American. Since 2009, when this survey... al, hunt, trump, republican, damaged, brand. But a statewide Democratic victory in a Republican stronghold like Alabama, coming only weeks after banner results for Democrats in Virginia and elsewhere, suggests that all the political momentum and enthusiasm is against Trump and Republicans. Charles Newton switched parties from Democrat to Republican But the party has been confident of keeping, even adding, to the 52-48 edge in the Senate, since more than 70 percent of the seats up for re-election are now held by Democrats, including a number in states carried by Trump.But that dynamic has shifted, making McConnell and his allies nervous. Sun Dolphin American 12 Stability, This year, Democrats have an opportunity to chisel off a [college-educated] demographic that will come to be known as 'Biden Republicans.' Her Republican district went for Clinton. A Q&A with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel about tactics for expanding on this year’s electoral victories. Things could change over the next 47 weeks, but this political climate augurs badly for Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections, when they will be defending majorities in both houses. Hunt started her career in journalism as an intern in the political unit of NBC News. Rahm Emanuel, the former chief of staff to Barack Obama and former Chicago mayor, identified the opportunity many Democrats see when he wrote recently: "More than any other recent presidential race, this campaign looks like a repeat of 1980. By this March, that number had risen 7 percentage points to 61 percent -- as negative ratings of Democrats were falling by 3 percentage points. They’d hoped for more. It expects as well to use them in effect as expert witnesses to rebut charges from Trump during the upcoming presidential debates. and former GOP presidential candidate John Kasich). Both sides generally acknowledge three seats will flip: Republicans will likely take back the seat in deep red Alabama that Democrat Doug Jones won in a special election three years ago, and strong Democratic candidates will likely unseat Republican Colorado Sen. Cory GardnerCory Scott GardnerSenate control in flux as counting goes forward in key states On The Trail: Deeply divided nation shows blue islands in a red sea Race for White House appears to be coming down to 'blue wall' MORE and Republican Sen. Martha McSallyMartha Elizabeth McSallySenate control in flux as counting goes forward in key states On The Trail: Deeply divided nation shows blue islands in a red sea Biden wins Arizona MORE in Arizona. And the Biden camp plans to highlight his GOP support in targeted digital advertising, mailings and other communication aimed at Republican-leaning voters who have signaled willingness to cross party lines before, one senior campaign adviser said. Democrats Have a Teeny, Tiny Edge for 2020, OK, Democrats, Don’t Flunk Your First Test, In the White House, Experience Really Does Count, Republican Tolerance for Despotism Keeps Rising, Democrats Nudge the Ball on Gerrymandering, Bipartisan Dreams Are Alive, Up to a Point. By two-to-one margins, women, including married women, where Republicans usually do better, give the party unfavorable marks. Only 33 percent rate Republicans favorably now. Trump Feeling 'Very Good' About Chances of Winning... Biden to Assert Immediate Control if He's Declared Winner... Watch Newsmax TV’s ‘Vote for America’ Coverage Today! Nevertheless, in the primary he knocked off Luther Strange, who was appointed to fill the Senate vacancy left by Jeff Sessions, now U.S. attorney general.

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