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andrew van de kamp sleeps with bree's boyfriend

("Art Isn't Easy"), Bob and Lee invite the neighborhood to their Halloween party, they see Danielle in the window and ask Bree if that's her daughter, she denies it and tells them that it is Andrew and he is going as Cher. Andrew is expelled and Bree contemplates with Rex on how to punish him. Things got so bad between them that he even seduced Bree’s boyfriend, which led to her abandoning him on the side of the road. He first returns in "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues" to visit Julie while she is in the hospital. Shawn Pyfrom quit Desperate Housewives and did not return as a series regular. [67] Andrew can be selfish and manipulative, and regularly uses other people to get what he wants, for example, persuading his boyfriend Justin to hit him so he can claim Bree is abusing him. Later, Orson speaks to Andrew and tells him that he believes that Sam is suspicious too, he convinces Andrew to find out as much as he can about his new family member. Andrew tells his mother that he has no remorse for what he did and that the worst thing about it was that he lost his car and has to ride a bike to school. She soon hires Sam Allen who suggests she fires Tad. Andrew says that that would make her the monster as he is her child. ("Not While I'm Around"), Bree comes home wandering where Orson is. Profession 25:20. Along with his sister, Andrew notices Bree's increasing alcohol consumption, and uses it against her. At the hospital, Andrew treats the situation lightly and is yelled at by Orson for doing so. Season 2, "Don't Look at Me", approx. She asks Andrew if she should be working and he asks her if she should be here, She gives him a "touche". ("Move On"), Andrew is invited to a pool party hosted by Zach Young. Has Tom ever heard of an ATM? She finds out about their relationship. [43] [1] They try to reconcile the two, but Andrew persuades them to let him live with them. Shawn Pyfrom has stated that he has received many letters from gay teens who have been encouraged by Andrew's ease with his sexuality as one of the few secure and confident LGBT teenage characters on television. Later, Bree tells Andrew the truth about George's death to stop him from being angry, how she didn't stop his suicide after learning he murdered Rex and watched him as he died. Up till that point, I had been scared for Julie — I would have appreciated a thorough house check for disaffected preteens by Edie, who either was certain Julie wasn’t home or had forgotten she existed. She runs into a trans woman, Pearly Gates, and she tells Bree that Andrew is most likely down at the local soup kitchen. 10 funny mockumentaries to remind us about the absurdity of life, Family-friendly Halloween films for boos big and small. Andrew now has the "slip up" that he was waiting for. Andrew shows up with his new future-spouse and Bree is very excited to meet him, she is very shocked to discover that she is a woman, named Mary Beth. and Lynette replies "I don't know, you were pretty nasty as a teenager". ("Down the Block There's a Riot"), Bree and Alex help Andrew in when he is drunk, Alex expresses to Bree that he is thinking of leaving Andrew and that he has been pretending to work long hours so he doesn't have to come home to a drunk. Episode count In Season 3, it is Orson, and not Bree, who persuades Andrew to return home and whom he continues to respect throughout the season. later, at Andrew's swim meet, George kisses Bree causing Andrew to swim out of the water and attack him, this was what George wanted as it made Bree send Andrew back to Camp Hennessey. She describes herself as the domestic housewife out of her close group of precious friends. At his apartment, she comes to visit him and she realises that he is ready to take care of himself and is proud when he asks her to use a coaster. Speaking of close calls, during the eeriest picnic scene ever, Caleb took time out from scarfing down his poisoned fro-yo (I counted only three bites, but they were biggies) to inform Betty that Matthew had told him to kiss Danielle. In "You Must Meet My Wife" Bree accidentally hits Juanita Solis with her car, Bree and Andrew go to the hospital to make sure Juanita is fine. It is revealed that Andrew was right and that Danielle is sleeping with Austin. On ''Desperate Housewives,'' Andrew finally gets his revenge on Bree by seducing her boyfriend; plus, Susan confesses to Edie, and Gaby and Carlos try to rent Xiao Mei's womb The producers could have just phoned it in entirely and printed the address out in Comic Sans MS. On the plus side, all of us who have wondered where Wisteria Lane is now know that it’s in ”Eagle State, USA.” Is that an inside joke? That's the thing about Andrew, he does not take crap from anyone. Season 1 • Bree Van de Kamp is intoduced into the first season as an inspirational character, however it soon hits reality when her families resentment leads to her being alone and unstable. He tells her that if she does not leave him alone, he will lie under oath and say that when he was younger, she used to molest him while drunk, Justin feels bad about what Andrew is doing to his mother. ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy"), George commits suicide before Andrew returns from camp and Andrew is angry (after realising that he was the one who poisoned Rex) as he ended life on his own terms. Later, Andrew gets Justin to punch him hard in the face because he says that if he loves him, he will do it, Justin punches Andrew twice, hard in the face with a lrage ring, giving him very noticeable bruises on his face. ", and they agree not to tell Carlos for the sake of Andrew's safety and the Solis marriage (Andrew does not appear in this episode). [7] Bree does later apologize to Andrew (who also admits how much he misses his father) for lying to him, but removes the door to his room in punishment for him smoking marijuana. Andrew suggests that they just tell the truth, they go along with the drama camp story. He makes Danielle dress sluttish in order to arouse him, it works. To be fair to Edie, that letter did look really annoying. Andrew accidentally leads his grandmother to discover that Bree is not really pregnant. "), Rex moves out briefly and begins to compensate with lots of presents, including a car for Andrew. When Andrew tried to convince her (and himself) that he had ”won,” she looked like the life had been sucked out of her. He alerts the other people who are gathering at his house to watch the news as the situation develops. Andrew is present for the wake of Mary Alice Young with his mother, sister and father. Clearly, he’s no saint. He's gay and he doesn't care."[74]. Andrew asks to see his father alone; Bree thinks this is because he blames her for sending him to the camp and storms into the meeting room to tell him she did the right thing.

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