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This secondary meaning relates the name Arie to the names Qoheleth and Agur. Aris was a bloodthirsty god, always involved in quarrels and fights. Ari or Aris is a common shortened version of the Greek names Aristotle, Ariadne, Ariana, Arietta, Aristides, Aristarchus, Aristomenes, Aristobulos, Aristoxenos, Aristos, Aristophanes, Aristea, Aristotelis, and others, the majority of which are compounds of the adjectival superlative áristos, "best" or "superior". This Biblical name means ‘Torch’. Bible mention: Job 42:14. However, in recent years in English-speaking countries, it has been more commonly used as a female name. Noun אריה ('urya) means manger or crib, which is a thing around which domesticated animals gather — and that is obviously why mankind's slowly waxing collective wisdom was placed in one by "His" mother. Leah. It consists of 3 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced A-ri. Name: Ari (Add to Favourite List?) The first thing you should know if you are considering Arie for your baby's name is that in most countries all over the world the name Arie is a boy name. Ari is a given name in many languages and cultures, for both men and women. However, in recent years in English-speaking countries, it has been more commonly used as a female name. or eri-, a cognate of áristos, means "very" or "verily". Be our patron for as little as one dollar a month: https://www.abarim-publications.com/Meaning/Ari.html, — See the full Dictionary article and Biblical Concordance —, The Passion of the Christ and the Theory of Everything, The Fate of Our World: The Bible, AI and Cryptocurrency. The Greek name Ari also doesn't occur by itself in the Bible. Aris was the son of Zeus and Hera and brother of Eris. [1], Ari is thought to be a Finnic form of Adrian.[2]. It is also of Norse origin, where its meaning is "eagle". And as always, lions are not intrinsically bad; it all depends on what they gather (and at what cost). Ari or Aris; meaning to be coldhearted or cold, lonely. Leah refers to ‘A woman who is weary yet remains loyal’. The name Ari is of Hebrew origin. Lois. The female form is אריאלה (transliterated as Ariela, Ariella, or the alternative English and French spelling Arielle). in Ariadne, Arimnestusetc.) ScienceQuantum Mechanics and Chaos TheoryHope and the Scientific MethodThe Passion of the Christ and the Theory of EverythingWhy sheep are humanHumanitiesScience, religion and data retentionCamels and international tradeThe Social Psychology of PlanetsLinguisticsOn script and information technologyWords and nominal reasonThe Hebrew alphabetThe Hebrew calendar, BibleHow the Bible works (on the name Mary)Biblical namesInterlinear New TestamentLots and lots of topical articlesHebrew dictionaryGreek dictionaryMiscellaneousThe gospel of impurityEndosymbiotic eukaryosynthesisFaith, Evolution and FreedomThe Fate of Our World: The Bible, AI and CryptocurrencyOnline e-book (free, no tricks)Weird Patterns in History and Movies, HousekeepingCookie policy and EU Cookie LawCopyright & ContactSupport usThrough PatreonVia Paypal, Excerpted from: Abarim Publications' Biblical Dictionary, Ae2tdPwUPEZBhJZJ51xCziitqpVrDrxeaJE78CHGjTRmuxaAen3E4j14kwc, (c) Abarim Publications — first published here on 2006-04-19; moved to present location on 2008-05-18; last updated on 2020-10-19, Discover the meanings of thousands of Biblical names in. in Ariadne, Arimnestus etc.) 97. Ariel was one of the chief men sent by Ezra to gather Levites for the restored Temple. The name Ari or Arie is equal to the Hebrew noun ארי ( 'ari ), meaning lion, and comes from the verb ארה ( 'ara ), meaning to gather: Excerpted from: Abarim Publications' Biblical Dictionary. Ari is a common masculine given name in Hebrew(אריה). See (Hebrew)Aryeh, Ariel, (Greek)Aristotle for further details. Common short forms of Ariel are Ari and Arik for boys (primarily in Hebrew-speaking areas), and Arie, Elle, and Ella for girls (primarily in English and French-speaking areas). Ariel is a given name from Biblical Hebrew אריאל Ariel that literally means "lion of God". The Greek name Ari represents the common inseparable prefix αρι (ari) or ερι (eri): The prefix αρι- (ari-) means "very," and works basically as an amplifier of what comes next. A symbolic name for Jerusalem ( Isaiah 29:1 Isaiah 29:2 Isaiah 29:7) as "victorious under God," and in Ezekiel 43:15 Ezekiel 43:16, for the altar (marg., Heb. Origin of name Aris. ארה. It means lion. The noun αρετη (arete) means excellence and virtue. Together with the feminine name Deborah and its masculine counterpart Dabar, the feminine word 'urya and the masculine name Ari form the gender-inverted self-similarity between the bee-in-the-lion of Judges 14:8 and the Word-in-the-crib of the Christmas story (for more details see our Introduction to Scripture Theory). Bible mention: 2 Timothy 1:5. In the Bible, it is the name of the second daughter of Job. Ariel is the name of a man and a city in the Bible. Gender: Meaning: Lion of God. Ariel is a given name from Biblical Hebrew אריאל Ariel that literally means "lion of God". The Hebrew Ari (sometimes transliterated as Arie) occurs only in the compounds Ariel and Areli, and as the variant Arieh. In Greek the name Ari means The Best or Excellence. 96. Commonly male name. Ari in German is a male name meaning eagle.[3]. Aris is traditionally associated with the Greek God of War, Aris or Mars for the Romans. Bible mention: Judges 4:4 . In 1 Kings 4:19 occurs the name ארי (Uri) as variant of the name אורי (Uri), which comes from אור ('or), meaning to shine. Biblical context : The Biblical baby name Ariel is Hebrew in origin and it's meaning is lion of God. It also may be a nickname for a wide variety of unrelated names. Nouns ארי ('ari) and אריה ('aryeh) both mean lion, which indicates that in Biblical times lions symbolized any power (individual or national) that plundered, gathered and hoarded. They are also modern Greek transliterations for Ares, the god of war and the name for the planet Mars. 'ariel) of burnt offerings, the secret of Israel's lion-like strength. My name is Alissa Bible, but I prefer to go by Ari. 98. Lapidoth. I’m a sophomore at the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering with a declared major in Computer Science and an intended second major in Architecture. Verb αριστευω (aristeuo) means to be best or bravest and yields the noun αριστος (aristos), best or brave one. The Given Name Ari. The name Arie is of Dutch, Latin origins, which means it has more than one root, and is used mostly in Dutch speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world. [3], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Personal Names of Livonian Origin in Latvia: Past and Present", 23rd International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Ari_(name)&oldid=985820369, Articles that may contain original research from June 2018, All articles that may contain original research, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 03:50. It means lion. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Bible … The Hebrew name Ari or Arie means Lion (equivalent to the Latin name Leo) or Gatherer. In modern Hebrew, Ariel is primarily used as a male name. It also appears as a surname. Bible mention: Genesis 29. The meaning of Ari is "lion of G-d". The name Ari exists both in Hebrew and in Greek (see below for a look at the Greek Ari) but neither actually occurs as such in the Bible.

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