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asmodeus 5e patron

The Rough Beast was sealed away in the Pit of Gormuz, the only key to his prison kept by the Prince of Darkness himself. [8], Among the duergar deities, Asmodeus had a special contract with Laduguer: the Archfiend would provide aid for duergar so they could free themselves from the mind flayers, while the Taskmaster promised that the freed slaves would be a force antagonistic to Lolth and other forces of the Abyss. Realm Tell them "No." (and also gives your DM a great way to tie in your character to the campaign's events further down the line). During the Creation War, a greater force sent Asmodeus to lead a host of angels against the evil hordes of the Abyss. However, he never issued such things for Nessus. That said, Glasya was quite an impudent daughter. You could have just found a magic book with ways to siphon power out of him, maybe you made a deal with a low level devil in his name. The blood that his wounded body gave off turned into new cornugons and pit fiends,[41] usually the latter. [8] Another archdevil he restored to the position was Fierna. [140] Asmodeus also supplied pacts for warlocks.[94]. Various stories existed that even disagreed on what kind of lifeform Asmodeus actually was. At least three possible explanations were accepted by scholars. Asmodeus (pronounced as-MO-day-us) is the most powerful of the nine archdevils that inhabit Hell, and the only one of Hell's rulers to claim full divinity.It was he who is credited with the penning the contract of creation, within which his followers believe is hidden the means for their patron's eventual rise to supremacy. She tried to become a deity instead. He has cults, but no organized churches. Favored weapon The first group hoped they would be specifically approached by a devil on dying. Evil [5e] Trouble with Warlock with Patron Asmodeus.. 5th Edition. While he was in pain, he managed to give the impression of someone unconcerned with the pain the injuries caused him. Mephistopheles was Asmodeus's closest serious contender and he knew it, so he waited until Asmodeus made some catastrophic mistake he could exploit. You can help D&D Wiki by improving the grammar on this page. [3] That said, Asmodeus was effectively freed from the infernal duty of meeting a quota of damned souls, because every damned soul was damned under Asmodeus' name and therefore every soul was also beholden to him. However, this story is presented as mythology, and the Codex itself admits that it does not tell the whole truth. Called Ahriman at the time, he arose from the primordial chaos as the mightiest of the lawful gods, with Jazirian the only one who could rival him. [98], Asmodeus and his fellows started work in the Nine Hells as torturers and actively started seducing mortals towards evil so that they would end up in Baator instead of the gods' divine realms on dying. Makes alot more sense that way, and i like the idea of finding an ancient book or some sort of arcane focus! There, his serpentine bleeding body lay bleeding, and from the blood arose the first baatezu. Any fiend could be a warlock’s patron, except the lowest of the low. He was cast out for siding with Lolth and fell into Baator, where he gained influence. He argued again that he simply followed divine law and did his duties, and again, the gods could not counter him, but they couldn't abide souls being punished in a place where they could see the cruelty. When this happened, the Hag Countess's body bloated and remodeled the layer. She knew that Asmodeus's power was too much for her to overcome and did nothing against him. Asmodeus leading an infernal force into the Abyss. This was a unique ruling that made Belial and Fierna equals in a system that otherwise mandated that every layer-ruling post had to be filled with only one person. After throwing a fit, Glasya agreed and was tasked with organizing the erinyes' work. But he and his fellows took on some fiendish aspects to increase their effectiveness at fighting demons, and for this they were put on trial. If you want to know Asmodeus' status in 5e, look no further than the MM, it spoils his final status in the entry to the listings of the devils. [70] Thus, Bel was a curiosity who put Asmodeus and the good of Baator above the good of himself. Asmodeus's fall into the Nine Hells and the ancient struggle with Jazirian caused him severe wounds and basically created the underlying laws of the Great Wheel cosmology, which drained his powers. Had the warlord stayed around this prisoner would have killed this Good man; killing the warlord and freeing the man may (will) ultimately lead to a greater evil, but what is a good character to do? Greater deityFormerly: Archdevil [115], At some point, Asmodeus took Bensozia as his consort and had a daughter with her called Glasya. This was done in an attempt to make Asmodeus a "racial god", ensuring him enough followers to attain godly powers. His serpentine body lay at the bottom of a rift called the Serpent's Coil. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [97] Ahriman later took the name Asmodeus for himself. Not in person, but he might send a lesser functionary to ask the pc to do a thing in exchange for a payment. But she wanted to fight in it too and eventually ran off to do that. What you didn't realize was that by freeing that prisoner, you spared their life but they would soon come under the influence of a terrible evil artifact and become a villain of greater power than even the warlord. Asmodeus maintained a stable secret alliance with Pazuzu, who served as his general and was vital in eventually killing He Who Was. This degenerated into a massive punch-up among the angels. Let a tyrant rule? He pretended to be one of their gods in order to stir up their desire for vengeance and tyranny. A subreddit dedicated to the various iterations of Dungeons & Dragons, from its First Edition roots to its Fifth Edition future. [114], According to one theory, Stygia was not one of the original layers of Baator but a world whose denizens handed over their souls to Asmodeus to save themselves. [41], Being a man to whom his privacy and safety were important, he usually remained within his fortress of Malsheem, primarily using other people to make his will clear to others. Greater deity[note 1] The other Outer Planes arrayed themselves around its circular border, forming the Great Wheel cosmology, and the concept of the Unity of Rings was created. The alleged method by which Asmodeus saved them was to transport the doomed world to Baator as its newest layer. Domains 3e [50] Asmodeus put much effort in wiping out this god's name, so he was known only as He Who Was. Is this a ruling, an oversight, or something else? Therefore, he created humanoid looking avatars. [26] In fact, it was quite difficult to see past his manners and realise that he was an evil person best left in Hell. Over time, the gods tried to bar Asmodeus and his people from accessing various privileges and rights, but Asmodeus managed to secure them through his legal knowledge by suing the gods and pulling forth arguments they could not counter. [79], Another was Malkizid, an exiled former solar under the employment of Corellon. Asmodeus's argument was that war was a dirty business and that they had done the deity's dirty work for them, yet upheld their laws, and that he and his people had done nothing wrong. [98], While the gods understood the necessity of punishment, they had a problem with souls being punished within their lands. [28] The other archdevils were annually called to Malsheem. To ensure that Zargon stayed sealed away, Asmodeus encased the elder evil in stone and buried Zargon's worshipers alive. Lawful deities were not really capable of changing the status quo and, even if they were, the ability to agree on who was to take control of the Nine Hells was beyond them. He was successful at it and over the years observed the coming and going of many archdevils. [125] The third was Asmodeus's hunger for faithless people: at least for a moment, Geryon believed life was pointless and became food for Asmodeus. Domains Sure, if you go save this prisoner you will be granted a boon. Thereafter, Asmodeus carried serious wounds from his fall. [82] Installing a night hag as an archdevil was perplexing, if not infuriating, toy other devils. It instead implies that Serpent's Coil is shaped for the spiraling path Asmodeus fell, and that Malsheem sits at the bottom of that canyon. Afterwards, most tieflings living in the 15th century DR were of the Asmodean lineage, all having a similar devilish appearance.[127]. In addition to forging the contract of creation, then accepted by all the gods and rumored to contain a secret that will one day lead to its author's rise to power above his fellow deities, Asmodeus played a key role in the defeat and imprisonment of Rovagug. As a DM it's always nice when a player puts as much thought into their character as I put into the setting. An Easier Way to Make a Patron: Become One! Thus Asmodeus ripped off the horn and threw it into the Prime Material plane, falling onto some world, to the spot where eventually the city of Cynidicea arose. The location of his body was kept secret from everyone including other devils and everyone who learnt of the truth about his body was killed within a day.Asmodeus never showed himself except through avatars or proje… One reason for Asmodeus to elevate Glasya was to tie her to one layer with a lot of responsibility, thereby preventing her ambitions going too far.[67]. Baalzebul later became a powerful devil[65] and one of Asmodeus's favorites. Unlike Jazirian, Ahriman was a scaled serpent without wings and therefore fell into the Nine Hells. See more ideas about Demonology, Dantes inferno, Angels and demons. He deployed one on each layer of Baator to keep tabs on the layers while keeping one spare avatar. Such manipulations were very subtle and took centuries to bear fruit. Since his first appearance, each edition of D&D portrays Asmodeus in a somewhat different way, despite a lot of the different versions' traits and history matching up with each others So, what do we know about the 5e version? Asmodeus understood how senseless the Blood War was. Asmodeus managed to reign in his unruly daughter[128] by scolding her and instilling in her that she had to take on some responsibility in order to retain her privileges. If anything, setting canonicity is of more concern to the copyrights holders than it is to players/DMs, as individual games can easily diverge from ''canon'' --and should, if it leads to a more enjoyable experience for the people involved--. [8] His confidence was real and rooted in his knowledge to be one of the most powerful creatures in existence. How do the rest of you play out your Patron Deities? Asmodeus is named for the Judeo-Christian demon Asmodai or Asmodeus originating from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit and appearing in various legends and medieval demonology. Any advice here would be very appreciated. At some point in history, he angered Asmodeus and was banished. Bel gained the trust of Zariel and abused it to depose her, rising to the rank of archdevil. I have a Warlock in the campaign I am DMing who follows Asmodeus. His form's sheer size made it impossible to meet and enter conversations with others. The following beings were among the most notable subjects of Asmodeus on Nessus. [3], The lawful deities and Asmodeus had an ancient agreement called the Pact Primeval that, among other things, allowed his devils to corrupt mortals and wring divine magic from their souls. [48], The Malagarde, the Hag Countess, was made lord of Malbolge by Asmodeus after the Reckoning. [8], Glasya was Asmodeus's daughter and he was a caring father towards her—at least for a devil. [131], Although many believed Asmodeus killed Azuth when he consumed his divine essence,[29] in fact Asmodeus had fused with Azuth, and both gods coexisted in the same body. [70], After the Reckoning, Belial was forced by Asmodeus to hand over his position to his daughter Fierna. When Asmodeus came to Hell, he and his devils purged the baatorians, enslaving them and slaying their lords, with Asmodeus killing many himself. [133] They contacted the god Enlil through his Chosen, Kepeshkmolik Dumuzi, and Asmodeus agreed to release Azuth from his body and resurrect the Untherite god Nanna-Sin as a non-god immortal and in exchange Enlil allowed Asmodeus to consume Nanna-Sin's divine spark to become a god unto himself.

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