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asus merlin dual wan

previously i enforced DNS server on client devices so the stats clearly were separated by client. Thank you for providing this guide. But I have the Merlin VPN setup using different ports and a different DDNS for high availability. You're going to catch nothing in there, and just make a mess of your stats. It’s also great for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s internet usage, or for small businesses who need to monitor employees’ internet activity. And you're correct on calling out exactly which DNS to use. Enter the rules for any devices that you wish to always use the Secondary WAN, using the manual IPs you assigned earlier. 3. You can find Merlins builds here: https://asuswrt.lostrealm.ca/. Using Custom1 and setting it to your Pi-hole address is identical to using Router and your LAN address for the DHCP Server is your Pi. The performance and features of the Asus Dual WAN varies per build that Asus releases, I recommend using the latest stable build released by Merlin, though in the screenshots below I am using 384.3_alpha3-g0462c71. is that what is expected? Cinematic entertainment, supercharged performance. How to setup Dual WAN? Hmmm..i have a different setup that forces all the DNS traffic trought Pi-Hole. With Download Master and USB-attached storage, there’s no need to keep your PC turned on waiting for files to download. Make sure Dual WAN is on and check you have the secondary WAN on the correct port. All my home smart devices and non essential devices will be forced to use the primary ISP preventing them using the bandwidth of my main computer and other important devices which will exclusively use the secondary ISP that I have connected to LAN port 2 of my Asus AC68U. Stop if you are not specifically running this firmware on an Asus router! You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that hackers will be kept at bay, and that your data and privacy are well-protected. Choose your primary WAN and secondary WAN. And for new users, with just a few clicks, all DNS traffic is forced to go upstream to Pi-hole. With the different modes you select, different setting fields will show up. The ASUSWRT IPTV function has several preconfigured ISP profiles to let you quickly set up an IPTV service with no need for special expertise or additional hardware. Set the filtering rule to "Router" for this. The router being used in this guide is the ASUS RT-AC68U. The Load Balance configuration is slightly redundant at this point as we will be forcing devices to the primary or secondary connection in the routing rules, so you can leave the ratio as whatever you want. [EDIT: This did not work] I think it would work to add the following to the .ovpn file. https://discourse.pi-hole.net/t/how-do-i-configure-my-devices-to-use-pi-hole-as-their-dns-server/245. ©ASUSTeK Computer Inc. All rights reserved. Apart from the dedicated Ethernet WAN port, you can either plug in a 3G USB modem, or use one of the 4 LAN ports for a second WAN. Assuming you're using your pihole as your DHCP server, all DNS requests should go through it. Many simple problems can compromise security, such as a weak router password, unencrypted Wi-Fi or unblocked remote access. It’s also where you can configure AiCloud 2.0 and all advanced options. Malware can be installed unwittingly just by visiting a malicious website. Why are you using a DNS server here this? Let me know if you have any issues setting this up in the comments. Note: Supported New Firmware: FW version after 384. * and leave the IP Pool ending address as No delays and no hassles – whatever you need, take your pick and get connected right away! Network Map identifies up to 16 types of client devices including laptops, PCs, mobile phones, game consoles and more. 1. Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) needs special network configurations in order to work. Guests cannot access your primary network or any other connected devices. Go to the LAN page on your Asus admin Dashboard. For the Merlin routers, the DNS Filter (which this whole workaround is based off) doesn't appear to be specifically intended for the situation where a device has hardcoded DNS, but it works perfectly fine to deal with it in a much easier way than IP tables or blocking. Shouldn't it be the pihole address there so that all DNS queries goe through the pihole's for it to deal with? It could also infect other devices, send infected emails to your contacts, or be used to conduct web attacks remotely — all of which can paralyze your home internet. Dual WAN works in two modes. Unfortunately I can’t play around with my settings too much as the internet is nearly always in use by others, so I’m interested in your findings. Simply schedule downloads, shut your PC down, and let Download Master do the work for you. So, if I understood correctly, DNS filtering forces all DNS requests to actually go through DNS servers defined in the router's LAN DNS entries, apart from DNS requests coming from the PiHole? [adinserter block=”2″]. Add your Pi's Client MAC address from the list and Filter Mode needs to be set to "No Filtering". You're running asuswrt-merlin on a supported router: https://www.asuswrt-merlin.net/. One downside I noticed of pointing the WAN DNS server away from the Pi-hole (to, for example, as you suggest, Quad 9) is that the VPN server on the Merlin router will hand out this WAN DNS server to VPN clients, which negates the benefit of the Pi-hole when using the VPN. There are 3 cables that will need to be connected: Connect an Ethernet cable from your cable/DSL modem to the WAN port on your ASUS router; labeled with a globe with a ring around it (this port is blue ). Incorrect settings could allow hackers to change router settings and bypass your firewall to control devices, steal sensitive personal information or even use your IP camera remotely. Asus in particular pings extremely often because they have a Dual WAN feature; if WAN 1 is dead, then it'll switch to WAN 2. Once all the basic security settings are checked and enabled, your router and all the devices connected to your home network will be safe and secure from outside interference. The World's Fastest Esports Gaming Monitor. It lets you see immediately how much bandwidth each user, device or application has used, helping you to reduce bottlenecks in your internet connection. Connect your Pi to your network (WiFi or eth0, whichever floats your boat). All the important devices in the blue box will use my Secondary WAN. The red box shows that all devices without a manual IP assigned IP will use the primary WAN. Welcome to the official website for the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware project, a third party alternative firmware for Asus routers, with a special emphasis on tweaks and fixes rather than radical changes or collecting as many features as possible. Excellent point. To work around this issue you can either specify a route for every single device that connects to your router (a lot of hassle!) Would that configuration work with DNS filtering enabled (and PiHole added as an exception)? Asus Dual WAN solutions | Losing connection | Switching between modems | Broken webpages, Rockdoor Composite Door Nightmare – Make sure to research, Hive Temperature Lock (Maximum Temperature / LandLord Mode), Debian 9 setup with PHP 7.2, Nginx(mainline), MySQL (Percona) & phpMyAdmin, How to fix Netgear A6210 on Windows 10 & Windows 8: WiFi Issues, Limited Connectivity, Slow speeds and Disconnecting, Using BT Smart Hub (HH6) with Asus RT-AC68U or any other third party router. Please read the rules before posting, thanks! Make your two Pi-hole addresses the LAN addresses, the WAN upstream to wherever, and DNS filter back to your 'router' mode with the two Pi-holes as exceptions. Traffic Analyzer gives you an at-a-glance view of what’s happening on your network on a daily, weekly or monthly timescale. Beware that Merlin has no control over Dual WAN, so issues will need to be reported directly to Asus. You can choose Fail Over or Load Balance. Might check your setup as it looks a bit optimal. © 2020 Thomas Coward. Limit the IP Pool to between – A malware-infected device can send sensitive private information directly to a malicious server without you knowing. You’ll reduce your energy bill and increase your PC’s lifespan, and you can also manage and monitor the status of downloads remotely. If you come up with another way of setting this up I’d be extremely interested to hear! The Enhanced Media Server lets you play multimedia files stored from USB-attached storage on your router to a wide range of compatible devices such as PCs, tablets, PS4™, Xbox®, and smart TVs. USB storage on ASUS routers can be used as a Time Machine® drive for backing up your Apple Mac desktops or laptops. Note that even if they are using Firefox's new DoH out of the box, the next build of asuswrt-merlin will fix this and force them down the Pi-hole rabbit hole. Thank you! Find your Raspberry Pi's MAC address from the drop-down list, give it a hostname, press the PLUS button, and hit apply. Make your two Pi-hole addresses the LAN addresses, the WAN upstream to wherever, and DNS filter back to your 'router' mode with the two Pi-holes as exceptions. In your router's admin page, go to WAN - Internet Connection, Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS - NO. But I haven't tried it yet. Share your internet connection with your guests in safety, with no need to share your personal password or network resources. It will also send you an instant alert so that you can take steps to fix the infected device. ASUSWRT is web-based, so it doesn’t need a separate app, or restrict what you can change via mobile devices — you get full access to everything, from any device that can run a web browser. Press J to jump to the feed. The only reason to change your setup would be for simplicity's sake. You are forcing all LAN DNS requests back to your router's settings in LAN, with your Pi-hole as a no-filtering exception. Known malicious websites are blocked automatically when you try to visit them, protecting all your devices and personal sensitive information from prying eyes. The AsusWRT firmware supports something called “Dual WAN” - an option to have two Internet channels connected. Why would you want to Pi-hole the router's internet connection back down to a local device? Any device on your network, whether they are trying to use their own DNS or not, will be forced upstream to your Pi-hole because of your DNSFilter rule. The main issue I noticed when using Dual WAN in load balancing mode is occasionally slow page loading time, failing to load assets, switching between modems at inappropriate times or not loading at all. Below is a screenshot of my setup. If you haven't done so, install Pi-hole: https://github.com/pi-hole/pi-hole/#one-step-automated-install, In your router's admin page, go back to LAN - DHCP Server (if you aren't already there). Applications and tasks can be prioritized easily using drag-and-drop presets for gaming, media streaming, VoIP, web browsing and file transfers. Devices without a manually assigned IP will now only get a local IP from – Simply connect the cables to the router, open a Web browser, and follow the setup wizard to get you to the internet in no time. It constantly monitors the health and safety of your network for total peace of mind. Check here. Thanks, I had issues with my asus router being the only client logging traffic on my pi hole. The DNS Filter tab in the Merlin firmware works like this. In your router's admin page, go to LAN - DHCP Server. Similar to YazFi for guests!! Beware that Merlin has no control over Dual WAN, so issues will need to be reported directly to Asus. I also run PiVPN which definitely does use the Pi-hole for DNS. ASUS AiCloud lets you access, stream, share, sync and back up all your data on the go. I currently run an older firmware with no DNS filtering support and my setup is currently: LAN DNS servers: .1 (my router, for local queries) and .8 (my primary PiHole), WAN DNS servers: .8 and .9 (my secondary PiHole).

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