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It would have no meaning…. I want to see my kids.” You can’t see them”, and I look at him and I say, “I’m their mother and I can see them whenever I bloody well like”. I hated it right from the start. I boot a seventy-yard drop kick straight through the centre. And when a pregnant woman walks past me on the street I want punch her belly and walk away when she falls to the ground and just leave her there to deal with it. These voices—from ages 14 to 84, from the 1880s to the near future—showcase the best of our national writing for the stage. ‘How far along?’ ‘Any names picked yet?’ ‘What are you craving?’ But I don’t let on what I’m craving. No, no, no… ya can’t turn back now. Well, that’s what Carol says. But it can’t be true. If he got a fever or disease or something, Go on shoot me, but that’s the truth! But all I can think of is the other words. No, not greedy. Times we danced to that, you and me and Shana, Shana singing dirty words, remember? The following plays have all featured in our workshops and contain excellent monologues while also demonstrating a strong command of voice, story and structure in general. Why are you like you are? I duck one lumbering giant, spin around a nifty dwarf of a rover, then I catch sight of the goals. If you have stumbled upon this list and have never read an Australian play please track down one of these great plays and have a read! Wish I knew how. I don’t want to see you again. The definitive online destination for quality Australian playwriting. Monologue title image: 'In The Spotlight' by Lee Carson, photographer. He was my cousin, Tom. But I lost youse all. It’s this, “You’ve got a little baby,” stuff. Where I live there are dozens of factories: shoe factories, some that make gaskets, hydraulic machines, clothing. No fucking way. Come over here and really fill me up with something significant something – of value. Featuring the combined catalogues of Australia's leading theatrical publishers. I stepped out of Gary, I shed him like an old coat, I stepped out a new and finer man, a man who wants things, who wants to live life, to be part of something larger than himself. PIP is sitting in the garden. I’m lonely. I know it and she knows it. Someone hand passes it, ‘Whish’, straight to me. What sort of writer are ya? AUSTRALIAN MONOLOGUES. This new collection brings together 30 monologues from contemporary Australian plays. So alive, isn’t it? turned all slimy like ham that’s gone bad, I’d peel off his shirt, lay him down Everything that matters happened here. And we are constantly adding more and more every week. There’s no algorithm or predefined formula we can draw on to identify a good monologue, it requires experience, insight and a lot of patience. Just a couple of words, he says it: “There’s been an accident”. But… her Centrelink payments have gone up and all her fat friends are waitin’ in line behind her! IMPORTANT NEWS FROM AUSTRALIAN PLAYS . Tell ‘em he’s pissed off.” Without a word mind you and with the rent. That I’d sat quietly back and lead a sweet, unrestrained, anonymous life? Every postcard. [Beat] I will never have children. Cold fever sweat and dry Someone who was here last week, going to netball, working at the Pizza Hut, getting the ferry, hanging out. Talk about the Me Generation! We are sharing these for educational reasons and to help promote the work of Australian playwrights. I saw your Roman mosaic. Everyone of them a blessing. Blender lasagne into custard so he could drink it. Monologues are a crucial element of theatre, for actors and students alike. Leaves drift from trees. Visitors with an AustralianPlays.org subscription also have the opportunity to preview the full script online. If you’re looking for an audition piece that’s comedic or dramatic, we’ve got some great monologues to choose from! God it’s exciting being in Europe. Incredible! If you have any other suggestions for Australian monologues let us know in a comment below. I’ve had a great morning. I’d make him die slowly for what he did to you. But it was a kiss, nonetheless. The magazines are tellin’ ya that, the newspapers, the telly. Minefields and miniskirts / Terence O'Connell. Pin. Those kids, those kids are my blessings. Silence) So quiet. But she doesn’t get it, Family Services don’t get it, but it’s how I am. I’m sorry”. A huge archive of monologues for actors. So I’ve had a few. There’s only the finest thread that connects him and me. Ya just know it. Monologues are a crucial element of theatre, for actors and students alike. But then she always knew the things you didn’t want her to know. Now now now do the next bit, come over they seem to be screaming. Grandda, I’m thirty and I’ve just started menopause. Why don’t you take a little responsibility and, while you’re at it, show a tiny bit of ordinary gratitude? You should hear the rumours. We’re as good as you. They would tell me over and over and over how independent you all were, how grown up you all have become, how confident, how open, mature, positive, repeating it all constantly like a chant. From high school study to professional auditions and performances, the monologue exposes the heart of a play and the capacities of the performer.The monologue should be relevant to the performer, and a revelation to the audience. I shouldn’t laugh, should I? it’s not hard.” Though it is. My home is across the river, Bass Strait. Cos what we’ve got is worth getting better for. on new sheets, and dab him with a washer. In a Brotherhood bin. Stacey’s probably been picked up shoplifting or something. I’ll tell you what they all do: they beat their heads against a wall crying ‘We don’t need you. I got so excited that I bit his face. These monologues are not to be shared or reproduced. Thinking we were totally it. I don’t know what he expected but I think he got a shock because he pulled it straight back out again. So… pulsating. They want to show off, they want to fall in love with the moment and it to fall in love with them. You see, I can play that game, I can put you at the front of a crowd and pretend you represent them all. Learn more and register your interest at our online acting course page. Australian Monologues for Women Even if he was dying, I’d sit by him, and even after. Are you looking at the sunset? If I knew, but I’d go and kill him. He is pleased to have made her laugh.) Free extracts of scripts are also available. These sunsets here, I’ve never seen the likes of them. Who’d care if it was bad when afterwards the sweat And I never will. There’s been a fire. Bibliographic details for reference purposes can be accessed via the catalogue link beside each title. Copyright © 2020 • StageMilk | an ARH Media PTY LTD website. I’m not used to such silence. You may also notice that not every monologue within a given play is listed – in most cases we’ve included information about one or two pieces, as a starting point, so it’s definitely worth exploring the text further with your subscription. Australian Plays acknowledges First Nation people as the custodians of Australia and its territories. I happened to get famous and now you’re going to use my fame against me because you’re not happy with yourselves? Bibliographic details for reference purposes can be accessed via the catalogue link beside each title. You’re all spoiled brats. And I don’t want you to go, ever. He started to cry and ran to his mother and I was sent to my room. Pip: This garden is the world. This play is about Honour, a poet, wife and mother who is about sixty (but can be played as in her forties or fifties). I promised myself to be ready, for new experiences, to try anything, wear new clothes, taste foods I’d never known, travel exotic places, hear languages new to my ear. Like, what the fuck! All these ideas about who did it, who did it, like it was a TV show. and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. It is a TV show. Fallen rose petals form a carpet of bruised colour across the lawn.

Is Dan Abrams Sick, Niacinamide Before Or After Sheet Mask, Most Runs In Odi, Lumbee Tribe Blue Eyes, Why Did Brian Morrison Leave Maude, Arabic Sentence Maker, Best Walleye Lakes In Northern Wisconsin, Rollins And Carisi, Albuquerque Crime Map Trulia, Golden Retriever Dalmatian Mix,

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