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She then became a model. Forever And Ever 2 add Chinese Drama, 2021, 30 eps Cui Shi Yi (… Wu Jinyan replaces Bai Lu to co-star with Xu Kai in Royal Feast. Everything you need to know about Huanyu Film. Among the dramas unveiled at the recent Mango TV event is a new project that reunites Xu Kai and Bai Lu after the two played the main couple in The Legends and Arsenal Military Academy.Set during the Ming Dynasty, Shang Shi 尚食 is a historical drama about the culinary arts that follows a woman’s journey as she enters the palace and rises up the ranks through her cooking skills. It aired on Hunan TV from January 28 to April 3, 2019. Zhaoyao (Chinese: 招摇), also known as The Legends, is a 2019 Chinese television series starring Bai Lu, Xu Kai, Dai Xu and Xiao Yan.It is based on the novel of the same name by Jiuliu Feixiang. The production team followed up with a statement that Xu Kai and Bai Lu were actually rehearsing for a scripted scene. The team will seek legal action if slandering comments continue to circulate about the drama’s artists. Xu Kai (许凯) and his Arsenal Military Academy < 烈火军校 > costar Bai Lu (白鹿) are known for being good friends, close enough to the point where rumors of them being in a relationship are spreading like wildfire.And it turns out that their close relationship may be backfiring on them. She made her debut in King Isn't Easy, and, since then, has gained attention for her roles in The Legends, Arsenal Military Academy and Lucky's First Love. Bai Lu was born Bai Mengyan on 23 September 1994 in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. ), producer of the show and the owner of their agency, to release a statement, warning netizens that their commentary on the matter is potentially slandering his artists. https://www.jaynestars.com/news/xu-kai-and-bai-lu-to-star-in-5th-drama-together My Best Actress ( Chinese - Hong Konger ) ♥. Abzzski presents the upcoming Chinese Dramas to be released this Fall! The romance and martial arts will capture you if you take a step in closer. Leaked Clip Reveals “Yanxi” Star Xu Kai Being Bullied by Ex-GF, "Big White Duel 2" Brings Together Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma, Sisley Choi's Heart Pounded When Filming “Line Walker 3” with Raymond Lam, Flight Attendant Reveals What These 10 Superstars Are Like in Person, "Legal Mavericks 2" to Feature Thought-Provoking Cases, Philip Keung Thanks Alex Man for His Mentorship, Katherine Ho’s Luxurious Lifestyle After Divorce, Crystal Fung Gets Warning from TVB Management to Curb Romance Rumors, Frankie Lam No Longer ATV’s Vice President, Him Law Explains the Reason Behind His and Tavia Yeung's Name Change, Gordon Lam Convinces Louis Koo To Film New Movie for Free, Kenneth Ma’s Big Reveal in “Line Walker: Bull Fight”, “Legal Mavericks 2” to Feature Thought-Provoking Cases, Linda Chung Follows This Routine Every Morning to Supercharge Herself, Gillian Chung Returns to Hong Kong After Eyebrow Injury, Raymond Lam and Carina Zhang Take Baby Daughter Outside, Celebs in The Making: 7 Artistes Before They Were Famous, Marie Zhuge Continues to Live Luxuriously Despite Husband’s Financial Troubles.

Garderie Pour Chat Granby, Emily Axford Child, William Chan Wife, Is Josh Keaton Related To Michael Keaton, Army Catering Corps, Red Dog Logo Upside Down,

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