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best benelli m4 stock

The Scalarworks Sync mount replaces the stock mount and allows my optic to co-witness with the iron sights. This reduced recoil load still cycles 100% in my semi-auto Benelli M4. It’s also comfortable to grip and provides a good base for accessory mounting. His work has appeared in large publications like The Armory Life, Daily Caller, American Shooting Journal, and more. Is this a surprise? And considering what it brings to the M4, I think there will be plenty of Benelli owners willing to make the extra investment. These sights are easy to install and are made to last. The ATI Raven Deluxe Stock and Forend Package is a high priced kit designed to take the stock Benelli M4 to a level of readiness and comfort that was previously unobtainable. To hell with a silly 5-round magazine tube! This Benelli M4 build has been about seven months in the making. Then check out our hands-on review of the Best Home-Defense Tactical Shotguns! This comes in several pounds lighter than the M4A1 Carbine, itself an extremely light weapon. The stock assembly is multi-positional in more than just the standard retractable aspect. There is no installation guide online either, so you gotta use the crummy included photos. The Flitecontrol loads simply the best in class, and unless I need to dispatch targets beyond home defense range, I have no reason not to choose Federal FliteControl 8 Pellet buckshot. Image: Sgt. Two bolts go under the mount, and two go through it. This load is exceptionally high quality and reliable, consistent, and the one load I trust the lives of my family with. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. I already had an M-LOK handguard, so an M-LOK QD point makes sense. If you can shoot fast at close-range with a semi-auto shotgun, you’re likely to do damage, and half of that is having a quality trigger. This follower is modeled after the stock Benelli follower to ensure reliable performance. [Ultimate Build] Best Benelli M4 Upgrades. I’ve found almost all semi-autos handle the Federal FliteControl without issue. The Scorpion Razorback butt pad is padded, too. Richard Douglas is a firearms expert and educator. Carlson’s Beretta/Benelli Flush-Mount Cylinder Choke. This kit is made from aluminum and features that same darkish gray finish that the barrel and magazine tube have, which makes it quite aesthetically pleasing. This however brings up the only negative I have in relation to the Benelli M4—its low round capacity. The Holosun 507C offered me a variety of features that made it a better optic for my purpose. The adjustable length of pull is a big benefit. I already like the stock sights on the Benelli M4 and didn’t necessarily want to replace them. Well, I wanted to use that 32 MOA circle to pattern my buckshot inside of. The ATI stocks have lots of angles and serrations. The Freedom Fighter Tactical magazine tube is made from steel and matches the Benelli’s M4 finish perfectly. This includes some things like the sideloading battery, the easily accessible controls, and the more competent solar panel. The follower is almost identical to the one we had in the T&E M4. Smaller sights allow you to reach over the top of the gun and port load without a big sight getting in the way. Having long arms, the retractable stock and ergonomic pistol grip excel in CQB environments. Expanded, the Raven’s cheek piece forms an angular obstacle that I always fear will catch on something. Creating a small enough barrier to keep your skin safe from burns, the heat shield allows you to achieve a high C-clamp on the gun. However, it’s far from modular, and I wanted to add lights, lasers, kitchen sinks, an espresso maker, and more. Its semi-auto function, exceptional accuracy, low recoil, and flexibility to any situation make it a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in a shotgun guaranteed to not fail. The extra part of padding increases the comfort of the sling, and the Benelli is not the lightest weapon out there. Copyright © 2020 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This way, I know the max range in which my buckshot will stay in that 32 MOA circle. This means the Benelli M4 is exceptional for carrying long-term, and this lighter weight allows for you to carry in slung on your back in exchange for a rifle (like an AK or AR) depending on the situation you find yourself in. Maybe. The kit also includes an improved follower, new magazine spring, and cap to hold it all together. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. This is offset by the ease of reloading the M4, but is still an issue to keep in mind when you buy, train, or use this shotgun. Call 570-368-3920 today for the best price! The grip on the Raven is padded to help with the shock. It has a slight bit of play, so installing a PEQ 15 and expecting a perfect zero is a fool’s errand. Feature Articles. The way this light mounts is perfect for use on the Truckee and provides me an ergonomic optic via the simple push-button switch. Benelli M4 Review: The Best Tactical 12 Gauge Shotgun? The M4 meets that criteria and beyond. For a shotgun, the thing that surprises me the most is the lack of recoil for a semi-automatic shotgun, making it dead-on accurate at 20 yards or less—with comparable shot-groupings to an M4 Carbine at 25 yards or less. Gas-operated firearms like the Benelli are popular for their lower recoil due to energy not being concentrated on one particular part of the firearm (like inertia guns). unless you're not the least bit concerned about 922(r) compliance. The Stock and Pistol Grip assembly are designed to completely replace all of the hardware to the rear of the receiver. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. The ARGO gas system (dual-piston) not only self-cleans, it’s incredibly simple, meaning this weapon is not “above” anyone. The retractable stock on military variants (and for those with proper permits and licenses for civilians) allows this to become even more useful in CQB, as the extra five inches being able to be taken off of its length provides greater maneuverability to the user when going room-to-room or even in dense terrain. The Benelli carries on the rich lineage of American shotguns in the only way a semi-auto shotgun could—a lot of firepower.

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