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It's fun getting to know each villager's style and personality. Except Moose is actually a mouse in the games. When Animal Crossing fans hear the name Fang, they picture a gray wolf villager with a cranky personality. Cute as a button, this little duck provides the perfect name inspiration for a sweet small breed. I thought it was dumb and childish at first, but now I dont regret it at all . Fun fact: Ruby’s character is inspired by the “moon rabbit”, a creature from Asian folklore. You'd be hard-pressed to find a hipster who'd never ironically belted out a cheesy 80s ballad now and then. He made my favorite character call everyone idiot, Tammi's greeting is "Sweet gumdrops!" In this screenshot, she says she's been having strange dreams about a disembodied hand poking at her with a stylus, which is exactly what was happening when players used their Nintendo DS to play the game. ), A colorful bird with an insightful quote: “When the world gets cold, just fly south.”. Some of the villagers in the older Animal Crossing games could be quite mean at times. Each one has a unique personality, style, and catchphrase. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a Resetti lecture. Got a headstrong hound? Sure every baby likes to walk around in mama's crocs but Roscoe is a grown horse. His catchphrase is “baa man” — how cute is that? We all know this feeling. Winnie the weenie dog — just adorbs. (Which you’ll discover when you scroll down to the Animal Crossing inspired names for girl dogs.) This leaves Isabelle to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Without futher ado, here is what I gathered: Let me know if you have more fun ideas. I got ruby saying I pity the fool. Or just repeating the one I'm already sick of. : The 10 Best "HERO" Fusion Monsters, Ranked, Genshin Impact: 10 Things You Should Know About Babara. A fitting name for a headstrong hound with an alpha complex. (Which makes this a great name for an accident-prone pupper.). For Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best catchphrase you've made your villagers say? It's probably because it takes an entire team of professionals and a ton of work to create such a fantastic game. Fans of Studio Ghibli films will find twice the meaning in this adorable dog name. Tom Nook. I got jock Costeau to go around ending all his sentences with ',yeah son!' Heavy metal hounds will love sharing a name with the Prince of Darkness. This book by Jack London tells the tragic, heart-rending story of a hybrid wolf-dog named White Fang. Of all the things in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, picking a custom greeting when one of your villagers asks for one may be one of the hardest. NEXT: Animal Crossing: The 10 Cutest Villagers, Ranked. Just let Roscoe wear the shoes. This bird might have a lazy personality, but his “ultimutt” goal is becoming an explorer. He gets along well with creatures of all shapes, sizes, and species — namely Buckbeak the hippogriff and Aragog the giant tarantula. Where do I begin. RELATED: 10 Hilarious Animal Crossing Memes Only True Fans Will Understand. Friendly yet introverted, Poppy starts her days off on the right paw by waking up bright and early. Name your doggo after this cute froggo! All rights reserved. New Leaf, in particular, has some memorable quotes that are too hilarious to forget. xD). We all want Bones to live a long, healthy life, so that's a little sad to think about, and you have to wonder if Bones realizes what a fossil is. It's apparently just more confusing for the villagers. Shep is (you guessed it!) I've never actually tried to set one of these, so I don't know if there's a character limit, but I would want mine to be like movie quotes. it always amuses me coming from fang. Ducks, elephants, bears, tigers, dogs — you name it, Animal Crossing almost certainly has it. ©2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. But Potterheads might envision the lovable, dependable Neapolitan Mastiff snoozing fireside in Hagrid’s cabin. The gender does not really matter, but I used it for Vesta). Thats actually a tough question, normally if its a more cute catchphrase i'd go with something more to do with cute animal sounds/ noises such as: To me, it would depends on what Animal it is in the game. The sole survivor of his pack, White Fang endures abuse from a cruel owner who forces him to fight other dogs. A sporty, competitive villager, Bam is an excellent name for athletic canines who love showing off their agility and dock diving skills. Got a miracle mutt? i have my jock Mac say "ya smell me" and it always makes me laugh, I have beau's greeting as "I thought I smelt ya!" Cherry says Yolo. and his catchphrase 'mate'. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But Potterheads might envision the lovable, dependable Neapolitan Mastiff snoozing fireside in Hagrid’s cabin. You finish every possible moment in the latest release of one of your favorite games. Bones is obsessed with fossils and even goes so far as to say he wants to be one someday! c: It's so corny it's kinda funny. I usually give my villagers Harry Potter spells. Lol. This meta-comment is so relatable to fans that it makes New Leaf even more close to our hearts. Until then, we thought now would be an opportune time to update this list with some more funny quotes from villagers. Your pup’s personality is a great place to start when choosing a name. Since my list became quite long rather quickly I decided to sort these ideas by the 8 personality types. For some reason, mayors work on a volunteer basis in New Leaf. Sherb says, “baaaawesome”, Nan says, “goat for it!”, and Chevre says, “totes ma goats!”, I made my villagers catchphrases “in bed” and it’s hilarious, Omg i did too!! New Leaf allows players the thrilling experience of being mayor to a town full of anthropomorphic animals. Now every time someone asks for something, I go for 'pal' or 'buddy' or other alternatives. Life is too short for disappointing cookies. I also like "babycakes"(Smug), "gorgeous"(Snooty), "ladybro" (Jock), "babe"(Jock), "my lady", "hot stuff", "cutie". Whether your woofer is athletic, lazy, cranky, peppy, snooty, or somewhere in between, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect name for your pup in this round-up! Wolfgang says $wag. You must log in or register to reply here. Its cute but man I'm excited to get more variation back, All my goats have goat puns. Theres Broseph Stallin, Bro Montana, Shake N Bake, Skadoosh. Hugh the pig’s skill is “eating quickly” — and we’ll bet the same is true for your woofer! A firm favorite dog name among pet parents. All of my villagers now say "yo" at the end of their sentences and it's the best decision I've ever made. Some of the funniest dialogue options and quotes come from the moments where you happen to overhear two villagers talking to each other. Some of our favorite Animal Crossing dog names are a great fit for small breeds, like Winnie and Bitty. A shortened form of gazelle, this is a “grrreat” name for a dog built like a deer. Omg, this is great! The sun is doing a fantastic job. Although the Animal Crossing villager is a boar. I am sure everyone who is playing ACNH had their villager asking for suggestions to change their catchphrase sooner or later. We'll give you a hint: he played the main character in the film Birdman. Other names, like Shep and Goldie, pay tribute to some of the world’s most beloved dog breeds. < (Not a real quote from Star Wars but y'know. Each one has a unique personality, style, and catchphrase. This lovable goat has stolen the hearts of hundreds of fans. Although he’s modeled after a Border Collie, Walker’s temperament is a stark contrast. What species (animal) is the villager? Regal and elegant, Leopold is a dapper name for a dapper dog. I just gave Cube "High five". Bitty might be a hippo, but her name is the perfect fit for your itty bitty fur-baby. Plus, it can be shortened to Leo. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. With this knowledge I started brainstorming and researching exclamations, idioms and other fun stuff. In the early stages of the game, before you can travel to Tortimer Island, there are very few economic opportunities. A chic name for a chic horse villager (and a chic canine!). Balancing a cup on her head without spilling a drop, Chai is pretty doggone talented! and now he sounds like a total bro. Points to anyone who knows why my villagers are running around saying pop pop, scandalous and (controversially) sploosh. This dialogue photo shows Purrl complaining about needing a break because her serving hand started to hurt. because she always looks so surprised. Her quote in New Leaf is, “Keep your chin up!”, This unusual dog name has a nice ring to it. I love the flame on /flame off one! Create and decorate your town, home, campsite, or island, depending on which title you’re playing. ", ^ my brother did that to a few of the villagers on CF and I was about to murder him. According to her, the dog villager is a little bit too young and should stick to things like chocolate and comic books. my villagers all keep picking up each other’s catchphrases and nicknames for me, so almost everyone on my island uses some combination of babycakes, girlfriend, and kitty girl. The only thing worse is finding a surprise raisin when you're expecting chocolate chips. Some are upbeat and friendly, while others are more crabby, but they're all part of what makes the game so endearing. Lmao. Like for Angus (he's a cow); His catchphrase was "I'm a hamburger.". Classic misdirection. I usually go by themes and lately I've been liking the food theme, it's really funny when they end all of their sentences with something silly like "cookie" or "pasta".

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