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coherence explained reddit

And I will edit the grammar, spelling errors, and maybe better vocabulary when I get a chance. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'd wake up the next morning and say "let's do that again next weekend!". So wow, yeah, great catch! I would go so far as to say that this is the second most complex movie ever constructed. It also isn't confined to just the living. In the context of Shrodinger's paradox it made sense, but it's not obvious, the movie is an interpretation of an already odd idea. I immediately had questions about the film and decided to read up everything I can about the movie. The closest movie that I can compare is Timecrimes, that was one hell of a mind-bender and this one is too. Rating: Pretty Damn Good. This changes everything. This forms a whole new reality where the Em in the trunk was still wearing the sweater that had her cell phone thus was then able to call Kevin in the morning. I think that Emily disappears because remember earlier in the movie the old lady says "this can't be my husband because I killed him yesterday", Dude i posted this a week ago, thanks for the reply. The Em4 when we see her does not have her sweater on. She was not killed via toilet lid like dead-Emily. A reality where Em1 took Em2's sweater. Yet the dead Emily's ring remains on our-Emily's finger, and Kevin is able to retrieve our-Emily's original ring from the bathroom. The sweater in which her cellphone was in. Each reality has taken a bizarre turn. BUT in this reality, everything is fine. I then read that the directors purposely used continuity errors to display the alternate realities (e.g. Rather Byrkit is using this multi-universe allegory as a way to show how the actions we do (or don't) make in life can have irrevocable repercussions. Mathematically, it is completely normal to assume that every single Emily is going to be thinking the same thing as the Emily who's view point we are seeing. She then walks back inside and we see her adjusting the sweater. Huh, going back and looking at it, that is a very deliberate shot of her putting on the sweater, to the point that she's still tugging at it in the next scene. This thread is archived. I've seen Coherence at least a half dozen times and your point #1 (and subsequently the rest of the points) never occurred to me. If you believe this then it would explain Laurie and the Yoga. Hey I saw the movie just now. Now in this reality EmilyC never took what would of been EmilyB's sweater. Seems like you easily enjoyed the movie if you got that sort of explanation. Em2 and Em4 are also different version of Em because Em4 is created when Em2 does get her sweater taken by Em1(the original Em). Makes sense. It's about it being in EVERY state possible until it's observed. Just trying to dig deeper into your thoughts :) Because to be honest, I'm not confident in my explanation, either. The one thing that I don't understand is why the last Em we see faints in the first place. I like to think that when "our" Emily passed out, it was a sign of the comet's effects finally ending - i.e., Schroedinger's "box" is opened. 82% Upvoted. The Em we had been following the entire movie actually ended up just fine, and we the audience were shown what had happened in one of the alternative realities that Em had left some problems around. She goes to kill her and leaves her in the bathtub. I'm just having trouble justifying it any other way. (IMdB, 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic.) Your idea #2 seems like quite leap of faith to make, but it's definitely a cool idea. Why? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. EmilyB crawls into bathroom gets beat up dies and disappears overnight. The themes about the nature of existence is what makes this movie a classic for me- the enemy is literally is our choices. Coherence is an unassuming movie… at first. I rented it this evening and really enjoyed it. I mean, shes "trapped" in this alternate dimension where there already is a version of her, right? We also hear Mike make a comment about Em having her understudy fill in for her dance performances while she is traveling for a month with Kevin at the end of the film. It doesn't matter where she ends up, she will ALWAYS be the extra one. What is observed? She is neither alive or dead because everyone outside does not know what happens in the bathroom. The movie BLEW MY MIND! It says that academic writing test, the candidate have to write a report which need to contain a … The ending with the 'Emily's' is pretty hard to interpret. And there's no way they shot the end of the movie and just forgot what she was wearing. Everytime they leave the house, it becomes the box splitting up every possible reality the state of the house can be in. Em1 is not Em3 because Em3 is another Em created in the event that Em1 does not take Em2's her sweater after putting her in the trunk. This is such a deeply poetic movie! I feel like if she could have gone to tell Kevin in person, she would have but because she was locked in the trunk, the only time she could call was in the morning when the comet passed.

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