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digimon world dawn and dusk digimon list

It's existence is precious because it's believed to be the origin of several Digimon. It's short-tempered and feisty. The Ultimate form of Lekismon. Technique: Twin Missile, Celestial Hand, Purification, Royal Cannon, Traits: Heroic Guard, All Elements, Lucky Medal 3, Base Stats: 204 HP, 237 MP, 125 Attack, 116 Defense, 90 Spirit, 115 Speed, 55 Aptitude. Technique: Small Cutter, Wind Claw, Small Tornado, Air Cutter, Base Stats: 124 HP, 105 MP, 81 Attack, 70 Defense, 58 Spirit, 53 Speed, 22 Aptitude. A puppet Digimon which is hiding inside the cute stuffed animal of Tyrannomon. Technique: Sharp Claw, Gashing Breeze, Pummel Whack, Heavy Tackle, Base Stats: 152 HP, 183 MP, 95 Attack, 99 Defense, 80 Spirit, 66 Speed, 43 Aptitude. A very old species said to date from the beginning of the Digital World. It doesn't let anyone wandering in the forest escape from the forest. A Digimon with a red body. It likes to stand out during the battle. A very small machine Digimon invented for healing purposes. Technique: Small Breath, Energy Bolt, Boost Tackle, Medical System, Base Stats: 114 HP, 122 MP, 79 Attack, 57 Defense, 52 Spirit, 60 Speed, 20 Aptitude. This is a hidden form of Gallantmon, but it can't be used for long. Chicchimon is a new Bird based Fresh/In-Training Digimon. It wears snake skin and has a sword as big as itself that it can wield with one hand. This is an "Armor Digivolved" form of Veemon digivolved with the DigiEgg of Courage. A cyborg Digimon whose body is more than half machine. Technique: Frothier Spit, Junk Attack, Raging Water, Random Poop, Base Stats: 168 HP, 161 MP, 106 Attack, 102 Defense, 64 Spirit, 81 Speed, 35 Aptitude. It is protected by its iron power and its tough carapace, but it only possesses fighting instincts. Also, it can drop lightning on the enemy. The two games feature parallel storylines with a main team in each that opposes the other (Light Fang in Dawn and Night Crow in Dusk), though the two teams work together towards a common cause. This chick-like Digimon's wings have developed into arms. A digivolved form of an old fox Digimon. An Agumon whose wild instincts have been awakened due to the digivolution to a virus kind. It isn't as big as many Greymon, but its speed and power are greatly improved. For the characters in Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red and Blue, see List of characters in Digimon Fusion. Technique: Holy Slash, Fatal Cannon, Purification, Light Mandala, Traits: Heroic Heart, Dodge Dance, Assassin, Skill Master, Base Stats: 310 HP, 323 MP, 169 Attack, 124 Defense, 128 Spirit, 131 Speed, 80 Aptitude. Technique: Freeze Bolt, Dark Whisper, Crazy Ice Blast, Destroy Cannon, Traits: Heroic Power, Heroic Guard, Dark Veil, Status Barrier, Base Stats: 332 HP, 318 MP, 176 Attack, 148 Defense, 102 Spirit, 112 Speed, 80 Aptitude. This page is a stub. Technique: Normal Missile, Energy Shot, Great Wall, Twin Missile, Base Stats: 166 HP, 163 MP, 114 Attack, 97 Defense, 73 Spirit, 72 Speed, 52 Aptitude. Even though it's a Dragon type Digimon, it's often mistaken for a dog. Its body construction is suited to life under the sea, and it is quite skilled at underwater combat. Its whole body is a weapon. It loves to spend time in the cold, and its body color blends into the environment in order to protect itself. It is a friend to all those with kind hearts, but attacks evil opponents using its incredible power heedless of danger. Technique: Shock Net, Stun Whipping, Poison Powder, Electro Whipping, Base Stats: 225 HP, 226 MP, 132 Attack, 116 Defense, 87 Spirit, 97 Speed, 48 Aptitude. A cyborg Digimon that is combination of a music player and the legendary monster called the "Kappa." It is cowardly, but has a keen sense of justice. Technique: Sonic Voice, Boost On, Winning Punch, High Sonic Voice, Base Stats: 228 HP, 253 MP, 143 Attack, 100 Defense, 119 Spirit, 118 Speed, 61 Aptitude. Technique: Middle Tackle, Cursed Slash, Double Blade, Chaos Slash, Base Stats: 231 HP, 241 MP, 138 Attack, 126 Defense, 92 Spirit, 109 Speed, 60 Aptitude. This virus form of WarGreymon is greatly feared and called the "Black Knight." Technique: Charge, Mega Napalm, Rainbow Spit, Base Stats: 61 HP, 73 MP, 35 Attack, 33 Defense, 27 Spirit, 35 Speed, 11 Aptitude, Habitat: Shadow Abyss (Dawn confirmed, no mission? Technique: Energy Shot, Warning of Light, Celestial Cross, Nanomech Heal, Base Stats: 238 HP, 238 MP, 136 Attack, 131 Defense, 83 Spirit, 96 Speed, 50 Aptitude. A Digimon created from a virus-infected foreign video game software. It lives in the darkness and is skilled in the black arts. Legal Stuffs 4. A variety of Sukamon with a platinum body that reflects bright light. It is said to be a digivolved version of Parrotmon. It has a quiet personality and gives people dreams of happiness. It is said to grant a wish to those who free it, but some are said to attack instead. It is a powerful assassin, and can quickly identify and attack its opponent's weak points. Technique: Sharp Claw, Air Cutter, Wind Coat, Cyclone Claw, Base Stats: 168 HP, 183 MP, 96 Attack, 109 Defense, 82 Spirit, 65 Speed, 39 Aptitude. A Digimon which is training itself in the mountains. An undead Digimon wrapped in bandages. It's a descendant of an ancient species and able to "Armor Digivolve" using a DigiEgg. Technique: Absolute Healing, Fatal Cross, Mega Meteo Fall, Starlight EX, Traits: All Elements, Mind's Eye, Economizer S, Status Barrier, Base Stats: 327 HP, 367 MP, 178 Attack, 152 Defense, 176 Spirit, 138 Speed, 80 Aptitude. It spent too much time on the ground, and as a reslt it can't fly in the sky any more. One of the 13 members of the "Royal Knights". Grimmon, ChaosGrimmon, and ExoGrimmon also make their first appearances in the game as the main enemy. A cyborg Digimon created during the time Andromon was created. Note that although the games share a main story, the plot differs between Dawn and Dusk to some degree. When it does so, it is able to fully use its power and it becomes very violent. Technique: Light Tackle, Small Breath, Gatling Punch, Raging Beast, Base Stats: 120 HP, 125 MP, 79 Attack, 66 Defense, 64 Spirit, 61 Speed, 25 Aptitude. Technique: Instant Blow, Battle Stamp, Energy Cannon, Shining Ray, Traits: Heroic Power, Heroic Heart, Mind's Eye, Critical 4, Base Stats: 303 HP, 355 MP, 142 Attack, 136 Defense, 158 Spirit, 135 Speed, 68 Aptitude. Its fins have developed like arms and legs, and its head is covered with hard skin. A Digimon patrolling the network. An ancient shellfish Digimon created from a computer virus of the lab's databank which was researching ancient creatures. Called the "Queen of Flowers." Technique: Middle Tackle, Beast Coat, Heavy Tackle, Power Cutter, Base Stats: 158 HP, 176 MP, 113 Attack, 98 Defense, 70 Spirit, 81 Speed, 33 Aptitude. A Plant Digimon that looks like Palmon. A Digimon of the distinct Goburimon species. Item List 11. It is a warrior on the sea, one arm is a hook, and the other is a cannon. An "Armor Digivolved" version of Gatomon digivolved from the DigiEgg of Honesty. A giant bird Digimon with large horns growing out of its head. Digimon World: Dawn/Dusk received generally adequate reviews. It spills poision from its mouth that can paralyze the enemy's entire body. Technique: Thunder Claw, Air Cutter, Instant Blow, Wild TD Claw, Base Stats: 149 HP, 168 MP, 92 Attack, 75 Defense, 88 Spirit, 90 Speed, 35 Aptitude. The DNA digivolved form of Angemon and Ankylomon. An Aquan Digimon developed from a computer virus. A Digimon resembling a squid. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecb182b7e96c2bd Technique: Sharp Claw, Raging Light, Light Coat, Starlight, Base Stats: 153 HP, 188 MP, 95 Attack, 81 Defense, 98 Spirit, 84 Speed, 47 Aptitude. But, because of its sense of justice, it doesn't use its power more than necessary. A Digimon said to digivolve from a mummy digimon. Technique: Cursed Slash, Megaton Hydro, Dark Whisper, Gigaton Hydro, Traits: Psychic 4, Dark Breath 4, Mist Cape 4, Base Stats: 219 HP, 233 MP, 130 Attack, 115 Defense, 84 Spirit, 113 Speed, 55 Aptitude. A dragon Digimon with hard skin and full body armor. It is incredibly muscular and brave. This Digimon is protected by a pair of shells. In a good mood, it emits a sweet smell, but when angry, it emits and odor that causes even larger Digimon to flee. It can move around under the water like a jet. Technique: Light Tackle, Gatling Punch, Little Blizzard, Raging Darkness, Base Stats: 113 HP, 136 MP, 71 Attack, 62 Defense, 73 Spirit, 68 Speed, 24 Aptitude. It has used the data it obtained in countless fights to make its scarred body completely out of metal. It digivolves from Cyberdramon. It creates harmony from three holds in its tongue and plays a song with the horn around its neck. Technique: Energy Bolt, Normal Blade, Energy Shot, Rising Ray, Base Stats: 170 HP, 165 MP, 115 Attack, 92 Defense, 72 Spirit, 80 Speed, 35 Aptitude. An Ultimate warrior Digimon wearing Chrome Digizoid armor. Technique: Double Blaster, Instant Blow, Gaia Healing, Power Blaster, Traits: Protect 4, Thunder Sign 4, Hard Rock 3, Base Stats: 213 HP, 235 MP, 136 Attack, 100 Defense, 94 Spirit, 107 Speed, 50 Aptitude. It has good control of its wings and moves around the enemy quickly like a monkey. It's very intelligent and loyal to its master. Technique: Middle Tackle, Dramon Claw, Sharp Fang, Mega Napalm, Base Stats: 166 HP, 170 MP, 108 Attack, 82 Defense, 92 Spirit, 79 Speed, 48 Aptitude. Technique: Middle Tackle, Dramon Claw, Sharp Fang, Giga Breath, Base Stats: 155 HP, 177 MP, 107 Attack, 81 Defense, 82 Spirit, 86 Speed, 35 Aptitude. The highest ranked "Royal Knight." With both sides accusing the other, players will take the role of an opposing tamer to investigate and uncover the truth behind the dangerous tremors.

Coco Island, Costa Rica Snorkeling, Shikisai Cooking Class, Mortgage Relief Refinance Program Of 2020, Journey To The Center Of Hawkthorne Music, Klingon Insult Petaq, Shikisai Cooking Class, 2000 Watt Led Grow Light, How Many Scholarships Are There,

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