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ecosystem diversity essay

4. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. It’s better to act now before it gets too late. If an ecosystem has poor species diversity, it may not function properly or efficiently. But they were not able to adapt to the changing environmental conditions which led to their extinction from the Earth. The increased human activities have been reducing the natural area for plants, animals and other living things. To make the world a safe place for all organisms, we must maintain good health in all the ecosystems. Type: As we know, the biodiversity loss is a serious threat for human race, we all should work for maintaining biodiversity, and find out solutions to reduce the biodiversity decline. Find Essays and Articles Written By Experts, Essay on Biodiversity – Essay 1 (150 Words), Essay on Biodiversity: Types, Importance and Conclusion – Essay 2 (250 Words), Essay on Biodiversity: With Threats and Importance – Essay 3 (300 Words), Essay on Biodiversity: Introduction, Importance, Decline and Steps – Essay 4 (400 Words), Essay on Biodiversity – Essay 5 (500 Words), Essay on Biodiversity: With Conclusion – Essay 6 (600 Words), Essay on Biodiversity: Facts, Importance and Preservation – Essay 7 (750 Words), Essay on Biodiversity in India – Essay 8 (1000 Words), List of Short and Long Essays on Biodiversity, Biodiversity Essay for Kids and School Students, Biodiversity Essay for Competitive Exam and UPSC Civil Services Exam. Get a verified writer to help you with Biodiversity and Ecosystem. Introduction Biodiversity also known as biological diversity is the existence of a wide variety of species (species diversity) or other taxa of plants, animals, and micro organisms in a natural community or habitat, or of communities within a particular environment (ecological diversity) or of a genetic variation within a specie (genetic diversity). The research and breeding programmes involve the variety of species. Even though an insignificant thing as a bug or a wolf pack might seem the least important for our daily lives once we take them out of the picture, we see that the balance and wealth biodiversity gives to the planet is not something that can be easily compensated. When there is biodiversity in our ecosystem it translates to a greener environment. Otherwise, people will be exploiting natural resources unethically for survival. Various other life forms are equally important and play their roles in the mutual survival of the various species on the Earth. It is also the responsibility of every common man to save mother Earth by maintaining a rich biodiversity. expose a different approach to looking at the effects of global climate change on tropical biodiversity. Biodiversity, also referred to as the biological diversity refers to the diversified form of plants and animals that exists in our planet. The answer to this question is more important than just simply stating what biodiversity is. My greatest strength: My love for reading books, life on internet, affection and blessings of my parents and friends. But it also provides us so many natural products such as fibre and timber and the fresh water to carry out our daily lives. There are many regions in the world that have similar problems and if we do not do our best to conserve biodiversity, we could be looking at similar or even worst natural catastrophes. For instance, penicillin is a fungus through which the penicillin antibiotic is extracted. Biological diversity is another name for biodiversity and is widely the variability or diversity of all the different species of animals and plants on this planet. Action affecting Lichens = Humans affect lichens with air pollution, industrialization and the introduction of sulphur dioxide can kill lichens. Many plants and animals are worshipped in different cultures and religions such as Ocitnum sanctum (Tulsi) which is a plant worshipped by Hindus. Other species also do the same and depend on a variety of other species to sustain them and provide them with the basics. Stopping penetration of invasive alien species. Moreover, lower altitudes have a high concentration of species as compared to higher altitudes. The famous Yellowstone Park is a natural reserve and national park but before it was declared as such it was just another forest that man wanted to hunt in. iv. Explain how you determined this. The first is usually assessed using unary indices (e.g., measures of diversity), and the second – binary. One species may be the food for another species and various species are linked to each other through this food chain. For me, my family and friends are everything. Biodiversity plays a major role in maintaining the balance of the earth. So, to maintain the biological balance, we need to have the population growth under control. For example, dinosaurs used to exist on our planet in older times. Keystone species play an important role, both in maintaining species diversity and the health of an ecosystem. By clicking Send Me The Sample you agree on the, Relationships and Biodiversity Lab: Botana Curus. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Categories Biodiversity, Biology, Ecology, Ecosystem, Environment, Pollution, Science. 2. Diversity is the hallmark of nature. Initiatives for the Conservation of Biodiversity: There have been initiatives by the governments all over the world to conserve the existing biodiversity on the earth. A.G. Transley (1935) defined an ecosystem for the first time as follows- “A particular category of physical systems consisting of organisms and inorganic compo­nents in a relatively stable equilibrium, open and of various lands and sizes”. This large biodiversity is accentual to maintaining health crops and animals for the food supply. This would have a huge effect on the ecosystem because they play a role in the creation For example, Project Tiger is one such measure in place to increase the population of tigers in our country. There are so many of them that you do not know even the names of many species around you. Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/biodiversity-and-ecosystem-essay, Type: The river began to take away a lot of soil and to deposit it in other places flooding certain areas while at the same time causing droughts to happen in other places. 4. Similarly, functional diversity is a type used to measure diversity based on their feeding mechanisms along with other functions of species within a population. Some of these terms include taxonomic diversity (this comes from a species diversity point of view), ecological diversity (this comes from an ecosystem diversity point of view), morphological diversity (this comes from a genetic diversity point of view) and functional diversity (this comes from the point of view of the functions of the species). The Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health states that “these species grow and reproduce rapidly, causing major disturbances to the areas in which they are present.” Invasive species outcompete other species for food and habitat. Accept/Reject = I accept my hypothesis because the flowers that I grew in the planter that I placed in the sun made the most flowers and different types. Due to this many wild plants have become extinct and there has been an increase in the man-animal conflict as well. These species cannot be counted under any head as they don’t pursue an identity. 3. Biodiversity shows how healthy an ecosystem is – the healthier an ecosystem, the larger its biodiversity. The growing population, industrialization, technology, etc., all are impacting biodiversity. b. An invasive species is a foreign species that is introduced to an ecosystem. By allowing high ?exibility and adaptability, the existence of diversity can be seen as a long-term survival strategy of ecosystems as a consequence of permanently changing environmental conditions. If the number of individuals within a species is fairly constant throughout the community it has a high evenness. Global warming is another reason for the decline in biodiversity. The explosive growth of population is a threat to Biodiversity.

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