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A group can be deleted by navigating to the group’s page. You can also decide to have all text centred and to include the URL of the certificate in the document. With this setting the student submits every answer separately. All performed actions are shown chronologically in the log file. Using the button ‘review module’ you can see the answers, tables and drawings the student created. If the administrator has restricted access to test, the table shows for every test whether it is  unlocked or   locked. These results can be tables, graphs or diagrams created by the student. You can set the type of question and the corresponding attributes. Creation: To produce something new by adding or removing elements. The icon then changes (into ‘Delete from favorites’) and the item is added to the list of favorites. If the failure is not solved after 4 attempts, the score will be set to 0. Simulations are only evaluated automatically when this is has been specified in the module. First access: The date the module was opened for the first time. When e.g. * Add students en-masse, This webinar teaches Electude users to: locate Group results and identify average results, demonstrate how to limit access to a sub-course, locate modules “to be graded”, demonstrate how to link two students for grading, demonstrate how to lock […]. Welcome to the future of technical education. Instructions on how to use the Simulator. Static text fields that are included in the default design, are not included in the custom design. When a module is launched normally (not in the editor), the formulas are correctly rendered. Note: for a correct display of the student results in the progress bar of the Electude LMS it is necessary that a SCO reports both the score and the progress of a student. When the administrator allows it, you can also set a new temporary password for the student. Enter a title and description, select the desired level and click ‘add’. You need to save the SCORM package on your computer first. For these kinds of modules, a progress bar for each objective is shown below the general statistics. In this case access has to be granted explicitly. Several tables in the LMS can be sorted by clicking on the title of the desired column. The student is free to use the modules in this order; he is not required to complete the modules in the defined order. Students have a limited amount of time to finish the test. The page of a group shows the results for all group content (the courses and modules that are assigned to the group). You can add a certificate template to a course. To add a link, enter the URL of the web page. Then go to the desired folder, click the icon   ‘New module’ and choose ‘copy of a DIY module’ from the type list. This gathers statistics about the answers that students from this group have given in the past year. On the page of the certificate template an overview of all these links is shown. When the page is about a sub course of a course that is assigned to a group, access can be limited. The student always has to choose a new password. The row is collapsed when the row is clicked once more. Navigation between pages and questions works in the same way as in a normal module. When automatic evaluation is switched off, the status of the module will only be set to ‘finished’ when the failure is solved. When you create student accounts, these are automatically created in the same language in which you are currently working. The username is case sensitive and has to be unique: no two students with the same username can exist. A default multiple question is appended after the current question. When students click on the comment button, they send messages about questions they are working on direct to their teacher. You can build your own lessons, tests and tasks in Electude LMS. Contact us. On this page recent login attempts for your account are listed. When a course is locked students in the group cannot access the modules inside the course. If a student account is not restored, the account and all associated data will automatically, permanently be erased one week after deletion. Click ‘ok’ to confirm. Click on the icon of the table ‘Generate report’ to gathers the statistics. The page for each student displays the results of all individual content, in the same way as the results of the group content is displayed. This page lists all modules sorted by publication date. Example: ‘understanding’ the relation between current, resistance and voltage (Ohm’s law). Then scroll through the graphics of all questions in the module. You can click to the detailed Individual results of a module, when the student has started the module. Then click the icon  ‘New course’. Unlike with lessons, the answer can be calculated to be partially correct. Through this table you can add grades. Otherwise the calculation is done at the end of the session. Domain* * Check the field “Domain” on your access voucher. The restoration needs to take place within one week after deletion. The process dimension is specified as a verb. To select a file you double click the image or choose ‘Select’ with the right-hand mouse button. In the overview with group results of a module the   icon after the name of the student indicates his results are linked with another student. Students can still access the lessons they previously finished under ‘Old lessons’. You can accept the requests by clicking on the  ✓ icon or refuse them by clicking on the x icon. Click on the edit icon and enable to field ‘Allow self-enrolment’. The navigation menu is a tree menu. Navigate to the course via the tab ‘courses’ and click on the arrow that’s going into the box ‘Download as a SCORM package’. They contain images, animations, simulations, texts and questions on a series of learning objectives. Electude Simulator: Here you can select the topic of the simulation. You can make a module only accessible for teachers. files: You can add files (e.g. question properties Only select ‘no’ if you want the student to be able to ‘browse’ though the lessons (like a teacher). In a lesson an answer attempt is always calculated as entirely correct or entirely incorrect. The report of the results of practical work may show extra information that you can evaluate yourself. To create LaTeX formulas many third party tools are available. Most pages contain a submenu on the left hand side. When you zoom in on the individual results of one module, the path you take is shown below the main menu. ​Simulation results Simulations are only evaluated automatically when this is has been specified in the module. The teacher can set the parameters of the simulation. The administrator of the site can monitor how much space is left. Click the icon + ‘New student’. These buttons apply to the selected text. The top item of the list that appears is the desired module. For a simulation there are some additional settings. From now on you can restore deleted groups, modules and courses including all associated data and content. Contact your teacher/trainer if you do not have this information. The first table on this page shows the average results of all students in the group for each module the course contains. As soon as the request has been processed, the report is automatically shown. When you click the icon+ ‘Add module’ on the page of a course, group or student, the list of your favorite modules appears, sorted alphabetically. When no text has been filled in, there will be no work order available to the student. Third party files can be + shown or – hidden, by toggling this setting at the top of the page on and off. Grades can also be added directly in the ‘to be graded’ table. The module is inaccessible and all results of individual students for the module are deleted as well. Data can be exported as a CSV file. It contains these functions: add page (Alt+Shift+P) From now on you can restore deleted groups, modules and courses including all associated data and content. This ‘to be graded’ table can show (+) or hide )-) unfinished modules that have been started today, by toggling the setting above the table. There are overviews for every group and every student, for a collection of courses, for one course only or for one module only. Note: only secure (HTTPS) connections are allowed. Examples: Ohm’s law calculations; adjusting an oscilloscope to display the RPM signal and read off the pulse width; measuring the tire profile depth with a micrometer. During the session the student can browse through the test and change the answers he/she has previously submitted. • Understand additional settings for your domain You can also change your password. You can arrange the modules in a course or use them separately. Heavy Vehicle Systems include coverage of critical areas of heavy vehicles in a discovery-based environment that keeps students engaged. create / select drawing: For the current question, you can select a drawing the student has to create or complete. The account is not permanently deleted. When one of the two students starts the module, all results will be saved automatically for both student accounts. Your organization (college or company) has its own website with its own environment. Let’s suppose that the weight of the first question in a test makes up 10% of the total weight of the test and it has 4 responses. First select the desired module from the list. If you want to reuse the course more often, you can add it to your personal favorites. Select the desired group and click ‘add’. In exported CSV files only filtered modules will be shown. Drag the student from the table (keep the mouse button pressed) to the new group in the submenu on the left. You can use the form to add modules to copy DIY lessons, tests or tasks. When files are removed or renamed no check is performed to see if the files are used in a module! When you click ‘last name’ once more, the sorting order is reversed. Visit our site for more information or request a free trial Electude LMS site, exclusive for your company or school with all automotive content preloaded. If you have assigned individual content to the student, you can use the table of results to click to the Individual results of a course or Individual results of a module. This number is also used in the URL of the module. How to activate your Electude access voucher? The name of the teacher that made the last change is visible in the statistics below the form. • Carry out initial Administrator Setup Locate the bread crumbs tabs at the top left of the page to navigate: Navigate through modules and courses folder: Locate the search features as it applies to Modules, Courses and Students: Locate the "All New" section in the folders for an overall view of the contained modules: Locate the sub folders that contain individual modules: Move an unassigned student into an active student group, Move students from one group or subgroup to another, Move a student subgroup to make it a main group, Enrolling students into an Electude student group, Use favorites to add a module or course to a student (group), Assign courses and modules to a student group, Assign courses and modules to an individual student, Remove content from an individual student or group, Email students via the student group folder, Locate the "Comment Button" to communicate with Electude Support, Sorting group results and generating a report, Start a selected simulator and view the tutorial on the flyout hamburger menu, Use the repair order information to determine an initial diagnosis, Delete/reset a student's module, quiz or test scores, Unlock tests for a student group or individual student, Use the DIY tool to create and edit a Simulator fault, Assign a new Simulator fault or Simulator course, Arrange a new Simulator fault into a self made course. The active item in the submenu has a distinctive color. When you select ‘All / new’ you can easily see which modules recently have been added. Several steps may be undone and redone. It may not be possible to evaluate these results automatically, for example because they depend on the condition of the hardware. Only the first answer to every question is shown. If the administrator has configured the website to send the account details by email, a message will appear. Tasks are not evaluated automatically, unlike lessons and tasks.

How To Install And Configure Dns On Windows Server 2019, Tutsi Somali Origin, Ray Kelly Baltimore, Can You Find Myrrine Early, Reece Dinsdale Parents, Waipoua Forest Embargo,

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