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elizabeth logue hawaii

Her image will forever be in my mind; such a beautiful woman. lol…..Corrected post above should state: “The other young ladies, 3 of them I believe, are Nathalie Gasse, Vaea Bennett, and Pauline Rey.”, Jim, feel free to alter posts above to reflect my errors. Does anyone know if she had any children? because they seem to have interesting information in them. The common understanding among many is that she was born in 1931, and passed away in 1988, at age 57. Trust me there is no mystery about her being dead and don’t know why they list her as dead. Unfortunately, this is in French, which I understand. If she doesn’t though it is comforting to know she is alive and well. She introduces the film, Hawaii, and provides a brief narrative and travelogue of the islands. Cite: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0517790/. I may be wrong about my speculation, but I just sense it would be appreciated by her and her family. Note* Hi Elizabeth! She was a broadway dancer who met my dad in the production of Paint Your Wagon. Thanx again André for offering a suggestion or two. Aloha and Mahalo! The “death date” I got in my first comment was from a SAG database (or something similar). They were married for many happy years and both died in 1988. So she is a ‘Mystery woman’ which is fine for me she is like a Hawaiian-Chinese-Caucasian version of the Mona Lisa. L’odyssee Nue And then the machinery, disinformation machinery, started turning and they started making a villain out of a man who genuinely was probably a hero.”. For all we know, she may still be living. In the caption, it reads, “Her name is Elizabeth Logue, and she is 24.” That age would be more consistent with her selection as Miss ROTC, 1959, along with her modeling gigs, and position as a reservation agent for Hawaiian Airlines. Shaka brah! Apparently she was known as Ms. Logue at some time in her life. I have no idea if this is a precursor for a digital release of the film online, but I have seen a few references to the film possibly being available under an Italian label, which may require a subscription to watch. I prefer not to mention his name. It would be great if they had her make a guest appearance in the current show, even if her physical beauty hasn’t held up well (I don’t know whether it has or not). During her show of anger, she tosses a pretty mean stick at veteran actor Richard Harris: Part 8, Hawaii…at exactly 3 minutes, 21 seconds, you’ll see Noelani speaking to her brother in Hawaiian, lamenting her estrangement from her brother, prompted by Reverend Hale’s admonition and condemnation of their union, and his reluctance to name Keoki as a minister. And as the Star B also reported, she pretty much dropped out of site in the early seventies, and so far, an exhaustive online search is yielding few clues beyond that time frame. I think I clearly established, several posts below, that she was 24 years old when she appeared in the October 8th, 1965 edition of Life Magazine. Elizabeth Logue (1966) vintagewoc . More importantly, this chronology will be extremely helpful in refuting the bad data that I believe has been recorded on her biographical sketch on IMDB, and other references online, which have erroneously reported the unsubstantiated conclusion that she passed away in 1988. I actually was able to put her in touch with Elizabeth, since they had not seen nor heard from each other in over 50 years. Hopefully all is still well with her. If you do, then please add to or corroborate my conclusions which I will share in a series of posts to follow here on this website. I have collected considerable research online that may help you in that quest, if interested. I’m not sure how to post it in the comments, but I could easily put it in a new post. http://www.ibdb.com/person.php?id=96886, Notice in the above obituary info, from her son Richard, there is no reference whatsoever to the actress and model, Elizabeth LOUISE Malamalamaokalini White Logue. Suddenly it begins to unravel when the new Five O emerges, punctuated by resurgent fan interest, imploring former cast members to reappear out of nowhere in cameos, all while we debate the images of the ‘old’ versus the ‘new’. In the many Five-O youtube videos out there, I have read post after post declaring her passing in 1988 as if it was a known and well accepted fact, and I think it would be most unfair to her to have that myth continue to propagate on the net. Suffice it to say, details of her life may have been erroneously mixed in with another ‘Liz’ Logue. I have come to appreciate and am now more sensitive to her privacy concerns than I was when I first came online to chat about this with other fans. LOGUE WILL TURN 70 YEARS OLD! Ray I’ll be trying to correspond with the distribution folks over there to see if I can get them to roll out a DVD someday. Specifically, a son that would now be around 45 yrs of age? Part 5, Hawaii….at exactly 6 minutes, 26 seconds you will see Noelani (Liz) yelling for her brother, ‘KEOKI, KEOKI!’ in her little girl voice. She is one of the popular actresses in the world of cinema. You said so well what many of us already are speculating and hope will happen. I did notice that too. The other young ladies, 3 of them I believe, are Nathalie Grasse, Vaea Bennett, and Pauline Grasse. I seem to remember George looked somewhat like Hoagy Carmichael. Below is a wonderful tribute to Hawaiian beauty, past and present, particularly the YouTube video segment showcasing that look in the 1960s, “emulating the long flowing locks” of Elizabeth Logue. I believe Liz Logue is on the left: http://www.emovieposter.com/imagearchive/poster/204473.html, Okay, to clarify the island beauties seen in the film Italian film, Odissea Nuda, I found a movie poster that illustrates several of the key cast members. Elizabeth Logue started her career as a model and ventured into the showbiz industry. She is very much still alive! If you ever google movie posters for this film, you will notice just how expensive they are, due to the rarity factor, and obscure content. Life Magazine, 11 August, 1947, featured story on emerging talent for dancers destined for Broadway, Betty ANN Logue, from Flushing NY, 15 years old I believe this is a good image of Elizabeth from a poster of the French version of the film known as: “Adventure in Tahiti”: http://tinyurl.com/aqp8kg4, An excellent image of Elizabeth with the lead actor Enrico Maria Salerno. He even makes a passing reference to reports of her mistaken identity, as well as to Gerri, the college friend of Elizabeth Logue to whom I responded to earlier here on this blog, and with whom I was able to put the two of them in touch by correspondence. University of Hawaii's Miss Air Force ROTC in 1959. You decide to pursue a normal life with a family, without succumbing to the overwhelming pressure to stay engaged in the business of show business, whether that be as a former model, actress, or ambassador for Hawaiian tourism. Lots of us are baby boomers, who are hooked on TV Land. I should post a couple of pictures on my site!” I’ve never had one of these articles kick off the interest that this one has! Official Sites. You can also use the follwoing email to report directly: Your email address will not be published. About finding out more about our Miss Logue, has anyone thought of going through the Alumni association at the University of Hawaii? I am sure she is fine. Hi Y’all; Other Works My only inquiry was to see if there was any new information on her as of late that may have come your way. Seems like this page is becoming the storehouse for all information about Elizabeth Logue! She ran down the beach, shook loose her hair and made grown-up men think seriously about a Hawaii vacation without the missus. We took him up on is offer and had a great day all to ourselves. If Elizabeth or someone from her family is reading this, rest assured that her name and location will never be disclosed by me — ever. Finally, one other interesting bit of trival. I would think that the school would have some sort of record of her attending and of her age, etc. But, you could be right…after staring at it for a bit, I can see some resemblance. 587 notes .

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