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Tried this several times, and if you kill both shriekers with the helm the entire group from the sanctuary becomes hostile. Cause I did kill her prior to saving him. At least I made a hard save at the beginning of Act 2. Is there any side quest for him that I missed out on? Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide, walkthrough. During the conversation you learn that he is possessed by mysterious powers. Another step is to head to ruins where Alexander is [6]. Based on the dialogue with the silent monks ("Did she say 'save me'?" Fort Joy - Madman's Enclave entrance. These monks are inside the farmhouse and you will need to persuade the Paladins guarding the front to let you in. Now used in arena mode of Definitive edition. © Valve Corporation. Outside the house with Gareth and Jonathan, beside the woodpile under the canopy, you can discover a mound, with high enough lucky charm,  containing a sack of loot. I spent a good half an hour trying different dialogue options and searching the Internet. which of course is very hard since you will probably only be level 9 or 10. at this point you can just go back and do other quest till you're strong enough. So he could flip us off? If Gareth remains with the player character, he will appear in the ruins of the Lady Vengeance, and will move to the Hall of Echoes to lead the remainder of the ships crew. This will prompt some persuasion options that, if failed, will get you in a fight against the whole settlement. The next stage is to find that weapon. For more information, read our Character Creation page. Somethings afoot, checking it out. Furious Rebuke achievement is earned by getting Gareth to leave Jonathan alone for now and he has to contemplate things over. Fort Joy - Sanctuary of Amadia. can't find gareth or exter anywhere. You have to persuade the Guards; You don't have to kill them In act 3, if you meet Alexandar in the Academy first (by going right, all the way around to the secret entrance), and then go back to the temples, when you get to Tir Cendelius's temple, Gareth is dead; you can talk to his spirit and he says something that doesn't make much sense, probably related to the confrontation you missed. Bishop Alexandar; Gareth . Fort Joy - Madman's Enclave entrance. Burying the Past is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. In the desk is a note from a Farmer. 5. : D it's the best gain. He wonders about seemingly randomly around his parents farm and sometimes even further, saying "You can't hide forever. He was absent for almost all of act 4, until I noticed that during the big fight with Dallis and co., there was a "Purged Gareth" among their ranks. 2. 3. I don't think any of them made it out alive. Gareth is a vendor of geomancer and warfare skills. Gareth Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Burying the Past - Divinity Original Sin 2. Gareth will not join you on the ship sailing to act 3 if you convince him to get revenge, but you will meet him there under a different circumstance. Location I got the Apprentice quest, went for the Apprentice House, realise Gareth's parents are dead while traveling, then backtracked a little bit - in the same session before i go for the Grave and Apprentice House, and apprently I did find Jonanthon and Gareth there. 3. You learn that their leader - Gareth - has gone to find a weapon to get out of Fort Joy and he did not return. 1. Time, Hannag, Apprentice quest trigger sequence does not matter. and Donna crying a single tear) it seems like maybe the developers were edging in the direction of letting you do that and save them, with still having a choice to kill them, but then didn't follow through and so you can only leave them or kill them. This quest is utter nonsense and very buggy. Your goal is to destroy all Shriekers that guard these ruins. These two achievements aren't available on console, it should really be made clear on this page. Do his quest first before you go to the Black Pit. 6. The first branch option is NORTH of Driftwood, not south. Original Sin 2 2. You have a second option to choose Divinity at the end of the battle. and done. Once you have a wand, the Tyrant's Helm or freed Slane, then it's time to ambush magister's bastion and take a ship. I got the achievement the moment I failed this check, and i did not need visit Gareth's family farm. Gareth first appears in ruins on north part of The Hollow Marshes, where he must be saved as part of Most Dangerous When Cornered quest. 2. Seeking Revenge is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Gareth is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin II. Fort Joy -Slane. (Note: you may need to deal with the shriekers first, then tell Gareth you are ready.). you save his parents. You can either use Spirit Vision inside the house to speak with Gareth's parents, or you can find Jonathan's Gloves laying near a tree just outside the farmhouse. Rather sucks you can't try saving these silent monks like you do for Natalie Bromhead (from the quest "A Danger to Herself and Others") The doctor who you help save Natalie with, Gregorius Swann, is literally just up the hill-- I did her quest right before finding them. Gareth will begin the act on the Lady Vengeance, where he will express his intention to scout ahead for the player character. According to IGN guide, we're suppose to defeat all the Shriekers first before talking to Gareth. If you pickpocket him, he will keep saying that he's still suspicious about you, even after checking your bag. Faction(s) Voice actor She lives in Skull Cave [4]. You can still find garreth in the burning home if you haven't gone anywhere near Paradise Downs area (not sure how near, probably just revealing the parents' house in map will kill them). Doing this side quest will reward you with a unique ring known as Hannag's Ring (or you may simply pickpocket the reward, which is contained inside a supply kit). Gareth is the leader of the Seekers who sought to free Verdas from Fort Joy in 1242 AD. If you get and read that note, it speaks about a stolen Elven rain talisman and where it is hidden. He will explain how he formerly knew the Magister, and opts whether to finish the deed. You will get some EXP for your troubles, alongside some randomized loot on Jonathan's body. This branching quest can be started at either south of the Driftwood - Field waypoint (X380 Y274) inside of a burning house (with some dead silent monks nearby), or later on in front of a farmhouse at Paradise Downs (For the 1st branch option of the quest, you must encounter Gareth at the burning house prior to visiting Paradise Downs; else, you will automatically go down the 2nd branch option). This is the kinda bull*****How can you make this quest in time without using a guide? We should find out what's going on. Fort Joy - Skull Cave entrance. It's true, this is the first quest you should do just after getting off the boat to get max exp from the voidwoken quest from gareths parents. In the abandoned house in the Meadows, or in front of abandoned farmhouse around Paradise Down, In Reaper's Coast. 20 hours in the Reapers Coast, I find this quest, welp. he is missing and yeah, i killed the magister who killed his parents and have his vengeance but whatever.. Spoilers ahead: The journal said Gareth left paradise downs after I went the mercy route with jonathan then killed the monks, Malady kept telling me that we're missing Gareth when trying to progress to the next act, in act 3 he appears when you go to meet Alexander and you need to pass a strength or memory check to have him stand down, otherwise you need to kill him. Sanctuary Of Amadia - Samadel, Kerban, Gratiana, Exter. X385 Y274. Burying the Past is one of the many Quests found in Divinity: Original Sin 2. If you manage to save him, he will tell you about … Related quests The Shriekers is one of the many Quests found in Divinity: Original Sin 2. If you kill White Magister Jonathan for Gareth when he is standing over his unconscious body and convince him to relax on the ship, his parents won't die and will be at the family farm. When I returned to the stairs Gareth was gone. It features turn-based combat, a strong focus on systematic gameplay and a well-grounded narrative." i would kill him on the nameless island in the elven temple. New Players Guide to Divinity: Original Sin 2. One of them did happen to have most of the quest items I had sold to them. I got this option doing the following: I met him the first time, tried to persuade him not to kill Jonathan but failed the check, then met him again some time later while burying his parents, and won the check due to re-spec. I purged two and send Gareth off to the ship. barbarian dialogue gets you a chest piece reward and he'll ask you to avenge his parents. Fort Joy-Gareth's Rallying Point. Gareth will ask you to take care of the Silent Monks inside his childhood home. I was amused. so if you want to save the parents you have to go to 1. the shack. Gareth can later be found at the Temple Of Tir-Cendelius confronting Alexander. Use this opportunity to finish them off. Sadly I was unable to find Gareth at the burning house even though I reloaded to before I ever went to his farm. After saving Gareth, he moves to the Sanctuary of Amadia. If you summon the Incarnate Champion near Gareth, he gets a speech bubble that says "Um. For the Furious Rebuke achievement, I can confirm that the procedure is to kill Jonathan yourself, then fail one of the two [Strength] persuasion checks. He left and I didn't see him unti....later (don't want to spoil it). Once inside, speak with Gareth and he will ask you to help find proof of Jonathan's participation. Otherwise, he joins you on the ship. Kind of hard to reconcile or forgive iniquities when the dude's dead, I'd have thought! Her cave is full of traps and the witch isn't that cooperative so you will have to fight her. As of today, I figured it out. Once your log has updated with "We convinced Gareth that..." (changes depending on what you did), you can safely move on in the quest. Fort Joy - Alexander. So in Act 2 I convinced Gareth to not kill his former Magister friend. The weapon is on one of the plinths. Jonathan is located in the Blackpits, and is involved in another quest. Her information are different than Gareth's so even if you defended him you should still talk with the woman. One of Shirekers can be found immediately after entering Old Ruins [1]. Failing the check means Gareth will make up his own mind (mercy) and will then proceed to Paradise Dawns after moving Jonathan. He can die in other encounters further down the line as well. my gareth died after forcing through fire on lady vengeance (dallis hijack). Just tried repeatedly to get the "Iniquity Forgiven: Set Gareth on a path of reconciliation" achievement in the shack with Gareth and Jonathan following the exact method above ("stay his weapon", "look in his eyes") but it wouldn't trigger. Followed ice with fire spells which negated each other, and had no protection spells so we had to buff/save him. 5. We should find out what's going on. 4. Once Gareth leaves the farmhouse for the Lady Vengeance, feel free to dig up the bodies for some extra loot, and a unique dagger known as the Pride of Pryce. Important NPCs. We helped him kill Alexander in Act 3. The enemies do not appear until you make your way toward the chest. 6. If you want to keep his parents alive you should go straight towards where Gareth is standing over Jonathan ASAP when entering the act. Which side will you choose? Male You activate it when you hear about Shriekers for the first time. The creature guards the entrance which means that you must go around it by climbing a liana. Skillbooks and merchants in Fort Joy | Maps and secrets Divinity Original Sin 2 Guide, walkthrough.

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