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It unlocked tons of tales from the Shat Crew, including: Check out Ashley's podcast, "No Need to Argue" https://twitter.com/noneedpod, Help Gene with Hunters of Avalon www.huntersofavalon.com. Gene pines for an alternate life in New Orleans and using his French classes, and Big D talks about the recurring problems with his dreams. "Back to The Future Part II" changed the game by giving us a world we'd never seen: hoverboards, Pac-Fax, VistaGlide, and filming two sequels back-to-back with cross-promotion embedded in the movie. Could the best adaptation of Jane Austen's "Emma" be the version that explores the lifestyles of over-privileged rich teenagers living in Beverly Hills during the mid-90s? Find out how "Fast Times" taught Big D about women's struggles; why Ash's mom calls it "the abortion movie," and why Gene thinks shopping malls will make a comeback. Man, that was a fun game. It's a John Hughes movie without teen stars. Let Roger the vaper talk about life as a sorta' Cuban. That was the question raised by listener Sarah L when she commissioned the 1995 hit comedy, #Clueless. Big D points out why you shouldn't film a Christmas movie in the spring, and Roger gives a little history lesson on how George Lucas could have avoided a "Star Wars" disaster by just watching Jake Lloyd's performance in "Jingle All The Way.". Who could forget Pee-wee’s legendary bike, Large Marge, Dee Snyder, the singing hobo, the pet shop, or the fact Jimmy Smits was not in this movie? What we’d forgotten in the years since watching “Dune” was the breathtaking outfits, the inventive technology, and the sheer magnitude of the sand worms. Bob Uecker is still the best play-by-play on film. And who knew you could make millions converting firehouses into community centers? It's like a less terrifying Momo. Ok.. that’s not how the movie ends, but we all know it should have. Rog and Gene also swap tales from Comic-Con, with Gene recounting how he stole from Lou Ferrigno and Rog worshipping Alec Baldwin's blue-collar roots. Reverence for a bygone era aside, the Shat Crew couldn't help but notice some bumps in the picturesque French roads of "Ronin." Gary Busey swimming? The movie starts on a high note with Freddie Mercury belting out Queen's "Princes of The Universe," and two very long hours later ends up in the toilet. We also recall our failed childhood inventions, including bungee jumping with sewing supplies. Episode I promised to show us how it all began by adding big-name actors, mind-blowing computer effects, and exciting new characters. None of those was worthy of our Best of Shat The Movies collection. If we sealed 90’s pop culture in a time capsule and opened it up 30 years later, the result would be a VHS tape of the 1992 film, #WaynesWorld. What do you buy your twin for his birthday? That was the question posed by Jim B & family when he commissioned the 1988 rip-off of ET, #MacAndMe. It boasts inventive techniques, tons of heart and neurotic attention to detail. Rog connects "From Dusk Till Dawn" with "The Walking Dead," and all three explore the sexual depravity and background behind Salma Hayek's iconic snake dance. "Real Genius" (1985) took the '80s nerd genre to new lows but still managed to exude some genuine charm. Hear why Roger and Gene are afraid of parenthood, why the film's enigmatic rap makes little sense, why Persian moms hate long movies, why Big D thinks bad people make good movies, and how Osama Bin Laden's treachery may have led to Shat The Movies' creation. Worse yet, he is forced to bunk up with talkative Del Griffith (John Candy), whom he finds extremely annoying. And in the grand tradition of Shat The Movies making romantic comedies, things get really personal. Rog discloses his desire to go forth on an adventure with just his thoughts. So let's celebrate life by cheering for deaths. Big D asks the question: "Is Leon slow, or is he just foreign?". Yet there is one film in the pantheon of Roberts’ repertoire which all men do secretly love: Pretty Woman. Instead, you have a movie that touched off a franchise and propelled Martin Lawrence and Will Smith to movie stardom. And it's oh-so-quotable. Learn about Brazilian motel sex from Big D's wife, explore moped magic with Gene Lyons, and celebrate Roger's first LOL since "Spaceballs." In one movie, John got an all-star cast including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, George Carlin, and Alan Rickman. Big D reminisces on his time spent in junior bowling leagues. Because it's incredibly easy to watch and superbly entertaining. But "Seven" is a masterpiece only David Fincher could pull off. But it's not without nonsense. Need more? If you're a Quentin Tarantino fan and haven't seen "True Romance," this episode will convince you. We cover the complexities of war, the film’s violent depiction of battle, and a missed opportunity for a Garth Brooks’ cameo. And did Private Ryan make the right choice at the movie’s close? So strap on your eyebrows, Shat fans, for this early morning recording of "Back to The Future Part II! If you love soccer and the world's nicest Nazis, then "Escape to Victory" is the movie for you. When an Army veteran and a nurse who knows nothing about the military review a '90s submarine movie, you know it's going to be crazy. And we knew Big D would stumble over every name in the film. Michael is deadlier. Redford is 46 and playing a 19-year-old. When you think "My Cousin Vinny," you might think "Joe Pesci comedy classic," but there's a lot more to this 1992 North-meets-South courtroom farce. It's "Predator" time. In this episode, Ashley defends the decision to let her children watch this movie, even if it makes them weird. Now is the time to vote for your favorite Season 3 characters and... 0. "The Return of Michael Myers" has everything we loved about the original, minus the spectacular boobs, plus some great '80s special effects. But was it actually any good? And why did it cost Gene Lyons his first kiss from the girl of his dreams? These topics and more in the latest episode of Shat the Movies. Gene Lyons and Ashley Schlafly join Shat The Movies to relive their high school years, forced emotional outpouring... Can a movie based on commercial relationships be so bad, it's excellent? But it isn't flawless. What goes great with a holiday hangover? Let's review what audiences loved, what still holds up, and what ultimately made this masterpiece just short of perfect. When we're perplexed by a TV show, she's there to save the day. Your hosts, Dick Ebert, Kerri Gross, Gene Lyons, & Roger Roeper will take a look back in time & decide if our favorite films still hold up. Still, horrible scripting, schizophrenic moods, hammy stunts, bad accents, and a mind-boggling 155 minute run time make "Prince of Thieves" the king of wasted potential. Beetlejuice is everywhere each Halloween season, which makes it easy to watch the movie without really WATCHING it. All three hosts cringe during the "Let's Do It For Our Country" performance. Roger and Gene drool over a young Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gene point out the one sex scene in all of Hollywood he wishes did happen. Therefore, television spots promoting the film billed it as a "thrill-omedy". These dark times call for dark movies, and '80s comedies didn't get any darker than "Heathers." Happy holidays from Roger, Gene and Big D. We wish you the hap hap happiest Christmas of all. Hear how 2020 presidential candidates would do if their planes were hijacked, learn Farsi with Gene Lyons, explore the reality of military flight with Big D, and get wrapped up in Roger Roeper's love of Han Solo. Gene actually has fun for once, and Kerri downs an entire bottle of wine before slurring through the entire Visitor Center action sequence. Kerri reveals her obsession with fart jokes and hatred for AC/DC, and Big D brings the best Schwarzenegger impressions in the business in this Big Gun of a Shat The Movies episode. All three hosts get lost in the nostalgia of the soundtrack. Or are we just haunted by the memories of days when something this hokey seemed scary? We catalog the phenomenal cast and all the brilliant movies "True Romance" spawned. This 1986 Air Force cheese fest holds a special place in the hearts of ‘80s kids and inspired a disturbing number of today’s pilots. Roger asked, "Is that the one with the boombox?". Equipped with $300 and a brilliantly composed email, Lucas convinced Big D we needed to cover the 1998 sleeper "Safe Men.". And the Shat Crew explores the strange mirror universe that exists in Gene's house parties. But then, something incredible happened: We kinda liked it. Listener Joe T commissioned this World War II POW tale from across the pond, then was kind enough to call in with the most professional voicemail we've ever received. Also surprise: It's wasn't because of boobs (hardly any, actually) or jokes (so many bad ones). We knew Gene would groan. Keanu Reeves' pro-pooch, mega-violent action trilogy is complete with this week's release of "John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum," and we'd love to review it for you. Putting Christopher Columbus' box office debut under the Shat microscope reveals a lot of things: like a horribly miscast Vincent D'Onofrio, a hidden hero, and the fact Big D no longer likes fun. But was it really hot garbage, or does this quirky Christmas satire have some lasting laughs to offer? A desert goth by birth and professional journalist. So let’s all slide on our skin- tight purple pants, leather jackets, while we go find the nearest bridge to hang from... Because it’s time to feed. He was an actor, known for, Character Actors in the original Star Trek, Face-Off: Star Trek - TV Series vs. Movie Franchise. "Raising Arizona" introduced the world of the Coen brothers, Holly Hunter and Tempe, AZ. So listener Emmet from Orange, CA, did the honors of commissioning it. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" did everything an '80s high school movie was supposed to do. And what better movie to exemplify friendship than Jim Carrey's smash '90s hit? As a birthday present to himself, listener Steve W commissioned the that inspired numerous comedies throughout the decade. You got ... the Shat Crew talking dead siblings, paper concert tickets, shitty moms, cutting class, dream Volvos, Detroit landmarks, Gene's old band, shaking your wee wee, Amanda Finch, and of course KISS. Discover the answers to these questions and more as the Shat crew goes down South on this episode of “Shat the Movies.”, In 1999, the world stood on the brink of massive change: a new millennium, a new reality, the future of our dreams sitting right on our doorstep. There was "The Matrix," which we've covered. We don't wear costumes. Ash swoons over the empowering female character of Stephanie, while Big D explains the rules of being a Pink Lady. All three hosts proclaim Sally Field deserved an award for her performance. Roger questions the sexual undercurrents of the film, and Gene gets just plain mad at the spaghetti bowl of a narrative Disney threw together. Why do the sets look so cheap in a post-Star Wars era? "Friday the 13th" changed the world of horror movies when in debuted in 1980, picking up the slasher flick genre where "Halloween" left off. Gene Lyons discusses the psychological sensitivity of his erections. And, thank Alan Rickman, Robin hood is just a bit better. It's the latest episode of STM. The 1998 summer blockbuster mixed an all-star cast with top-notch special effects and all the flag-waving that could be crammed into 160 minutes. That's this week's debate, and Shat The Movies' three-man panel is split like never before. The cringe-worthy love story, impotent Jedi council, confounding battle scenes, and objectionable politics hit us out of nowhere, overshadowing a valiant performance by Liam Neeson and betraying other success stories in the Star Wars franchise. Big D explains what makes a marriage work. Also, the crew talks about the movie’s missed opportunities to weaponize cats (catpacks, anyone? How could a ruler whom accessorize his wardrobe with the carcasses of exotic animals and proudly proclaims to have tied his own shoes once, called it "an overrated experience" be anything but ruthless. Why did our parents let us eat what we ate? Find out in a Shat The Movies recording the size of Texas flying into your earhole at the speed of sound. What's the proper etiquette for wishing well coin collection?

Buy Car With Tlc Plates, Skip Griparis Accident, Short Essay About Politics And Governance, How Old Is Wendle Josepher, Kramer Serial Number Lookup, Are Cats Afraid Of Owls, New Birth Church Jamal Bryant,

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