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greenville best of the upstate 2020

margin-right: 3px !important; The 2020 tour features: Hampton Inn Greenville I-385 - Woodruff Rd. The traits she sees as beautiful in others – trust, selflessness, genuineness, perseverance, dependability and a sense of humor – also mark her impact on friends and family. The gift of friends and family coming to my aid and loving and supporting me and my family has been the most beautiful experience of my life. .nn-combo-right { The Upstate Farm Tour is a free event that will be held on June 13 from 1-6 p.m. People will be able to visit any of the 12 farms to learn more about plants, animals and food. Voting is now open for the 2020 Best of the Upstate Awards hosted by the Greenville News. Phone: (800) 261-0359, Web Development and Hosting: Kindness is a driving force in her daily life and an important part of her plans for the future, “with God’s grace, to continue to help others where needed.”. Coronavirus update: Greenville County reports a total of 17,739 cases and 350 deaths as of Oct. 29th. margin-left: 3px !important; I’ve been so grateful for the support I’ve received as a small business and it energizes me to keep paying it forward.”. “I had no idea how high the mountain was until we reached the summit,” she says. Watch: Best of the Upstate winners for Social Distancing Response. Life is going to pull you in many different directions, but you cannot know where to go unless you know and understand what your passions and desires are. It will publish as soon as possible). Faith Adedokun is a passionate advocate who has been described as a champion for human rights for all. Mangle does this in several ways, including teaching high school students history and government and serving as a literacy educator. “When I reflect upon my greatest life’s work, without hesitation I can say that being a mother, grandmother and wife to my wonderful husband are by far at the top of my list,” she says. She exudes it in her work as HP’s Partner Business Manager for the Carolinas, in volunteerism and in her family. We have weekly practices and there are different sports played all season long. News & the Media. – Real Estate Banking & Finance The Bachelorette host teamed with Manly Bands on a men's line of wedding rings — which Zima helped him name! Jenkins sees beauty in those who can make others feel accepted and welcome no matter what. I coach tennis and 3x3 basketball, and then also play on Unified Flag football and 5x5 Unified Basketball. “I received the most amazing and heartwarming welcoming when I moved to South Carolina,” she says. “There are a million ways to say how much it means to me that I truly don’t know where to start. Alrinthea Carter delights in bringing joy – and a lot of laughs – to others. We have such a talented comedy community in Greenville, and it’s a blast to be a part of. Here’s how those who know Locke describe her: Describing herself as faithful, loving, emotional, genuine and happy, Locke literally stitches together her love for others. “However, as I look back, I do see the theme. “Despite Greenville’s growth, it has retained that small-town charm with its art communities, beautiful parks and quaint restaurants. “Ensuring that those who are under my care get the very best so they’ll be their best selves tomorrow,” she says. Part of that comes in making others feel good about themselves. Don't miss important info for 2020 winners at the bottom of this page. “I loved – well, still love – making people laugh, and having so much fun with my castmates,” she says. Start the day smarter. Amy Gutzmer describes herself as a “nurturer by nature,” a trait that serves her well as she mentors others. I have a genuine desire to help bring out the champion in every athlete.”. Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost use Meals on Wheels' Instagram to break wedding news, Pippa Middleton Escorted To Her Wedding By Father, Chris Harrison Launches New Wedding Band Collection with Girlfriend Lauren Zima in Mind. But in the fear, I have also found a lot of beauty. Lauren Skelton Siddens has deep roots in Greenville, but it’s the city’s people that she says make it beautiful. I’m always looking for the next opportunity and there’s a fine line between humble and confidence.”. Each chapter can be the best, if you just allow yourself to live it to the fullest.”. Warning: Information you find on this page may be outdated or incorrect. .nn-combo-left { Voting ends Sunday, June 25th, and you can vote once a day per email address. And though the Upstate is her new home, she is already making an impact on those around her. Skydiving taught me most things are scarier in anticipation than in action.”. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. A line of voters stretches out the door at J.L. Thanks to the readers of the Greenville News and our customer to vote for Carolina Heating and Carolina Generators. I see it as the constant string around my finger in just about everything I do.”. “And here we are, and I’m still saying that. Therefore, the greatest compliment I have and could receive is being told that I am a good and loyal friend.”. This year, in place of an in-person event, our virtual presentation will use a series of videos organized by category groups to announce our finalists and winners. text-decoration: line-through; Some of my favorite go to items are seasonal produce, fresh flowers, chocolate babka, maple cream iced coffee and did I mention the bread?”. As Chief Operating Officer, Director of Nursing and Director of Autism Programming for Springbrook Behavioral Health in Travelers Rest, she says her life’s work is to make a difference in the lives of children by creating opportunities that give them a chance to be successful. The farms include: Each year people throughout the Upstate vote for their favorites that make the Upstate a great place to live, work, and play. Regional VP of Advertising/Sales at LocaliQ David Foster and Executive Editor of the Greenville News Steve Bruss share the 2020 Best of the Upstate winners for Real Estate, Banking & Finance. Not sure who that is? “It was scary because there was no research or history to base decisions on. Everything about 2020 has shown the world that some traits are universally beautiful. I want my boys to look back one day and be proud of me as a single mom raising two boys. Greenville, South Carolina has found itself on some mighty delicious lists with some awfully flattering comments about the emerging culinary scene here. “Most of it was not by design,” she says. “My motto is be humble, be hungry and always be the hardest worker in the room,” she says. Upstate Living. Having a focus on others drives Maurer to work for their success. She has also applied her perseverance to everything from serving as room mom to helping her husband run his first campaign for Greenville County Council. After what felt like a lifetime of medications, procedures and miscarriage we were blessed with our daughter, and soon after our son. “I was terrified until the moment we jumped out of the plane,” she says. Kim Johnson finds strength in her faith and delight in her family and friends. “I was recently told that I am fearless,” she says. “A friend recently told me that I bring people together, which I feel is a selfish trait on my part because I receive so much joy from it,” she says. Siddens owns River Falls Spa, which she opened to help people have a positive, life-changing experience. I hope to be a positive influence on my children and grandchildren, encouraging them to have the courage to be different, to allow the Lord to work through them, to realize that we share many things in common with those who seem to be the most different and to never be afraid of what is hard to understand.”, Meghan Barp has been called “the real deal.” As President and CEO of the United Way of Greenville County, she is living that out daily by working – in her words – “ensuring that every person in Greenville County struggling to make ends meet has the best possible shot at overcoming poverty and living a prosperous life.”. She says her life’s work is helping connect people to resources and tools that allow them to grow and develop.

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