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Report of Donation Amount for Nendoroid Hina Tsurugi Char... Nendoroid Doll 2nd Anniversary Campaign (Ended). Hange conducts research on Titans to the point of being obsessed with them. Noting that this stuff is far beyond their capabilities, Hange questions what the Reiss family did if they created it. Eren maneuvers Reiner into a spot where he can be attacked, and Hange and Mikasa dash in and take out his eyes with their spears, as other soldiers strike his nape. It can be applied to cars, laptops, or any flat and smooth surface. ShHe originally appeared in the manga Attack on Titan written by Hajime Isayama. Hange tries to convince her that humanity needs Erwin to be saved, explaining that they still require Erwin's leadership. The Commander, realizing that all is lost, orders his soldiers to pull back and return to Calaneth District. It did not evaporate or disappear, so Hange compared it to a piece of the Wall. Here is our list of the most famous and iconic anime outfits, get an idea of your costume! Hange notes that they believed Erwin should have lived as well, but concedes that there is nothing more to say about their current situation, and that they and Armin will have to carry on in Erwin’s stead. [39], Hange reappears and destroys Reiner's jaw. After evacuating, Levi informs the group that the government has frozen all Scout Regiment activity, and that they have been ordered to turn over Eren and Historia. Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Scout Regiment Hange Zoe Hanji Zoe Cosplay Costume - EAO0036 Dress Size Size Guide -- Please Select -- X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large XX-Large + $5.00 3X-Large + $7.00 Customize Size + $19.99 External Links Hange Zoë page on the Attack on Titan Wiki. He was of average height and build, but often carried a worried expression due to his superior officer's wild and impulsive personality. They are present with the rest of the Scout Regiment as Levi beats up Eren and checks on his condition after the tribunal is over, noting that Eren's lost tooth grew back. This trait is heavily emphasized when Hange threatens to drop Pastor Nick off the edge of Wall Sina for not giving them the information they requested. [42] Despite concerns of revealing this information to the citizens of the Walls, it is decided that they will announce their findings to the people. It reveals a small, empty drawer which Levi finds a false bottom in. Seeing Bertholdt emerge from the barrel, Hange attempts to go to attack him but Armin goes ahead of them, insisting that they try reasoning with him first. After the Female Titan is lured into the Scouts' trap in a Forest of Giant Trees and captured, Hange mockingly explains to it that the Special target restraining weapon is designed so that the more her wounds heal the more her joints will be immobilized. They then take their frustration out on Oruo Bozad, telling him how important it is to study targets if they are going to win while choking him. Biological Information Weight. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. [20], The members of the 104th are reluctant to suspect Reiner and Bertholdt, so Hange presses them for information regarding their behavior and any contact they might have had with Annie. Birthday . [21] Hange has everyone regroup on Wall Rose, where Ymir is pulled up on a stretcher. Jean curses his decision to intervene, but Hange again reminds him that this was their choice. [13], Hange teases Levi as they leave Trost District. They then charge in behind as Sasha uses flaming arrows to create a smoke cloud, and Armin fires flares to obscure them. Hange arrives with Levi's squad to see Eren's group, but finds Mikasa attempting to steal the Titan injection from Levi so that she can use it to save Armin, despite Levi's choice to save Erwin. The Walls must be made of humongous Titans and their surface is constructed with hardened Titan skin. When the Survey Corps next heads out, they are left behind. Erwin asks if Hange saw the Female Titan's operator get eaten along with the Titan itself, and Hange realizes with horror that their enemy is still alive. Some features may not be available unless it is enabled. Although his squad celebrates, Levi points out that they still do not have any leads on Eren and Historia, but Hange claims that they may have the answer to their predicament, revealing Erwin's report of his investigation into the Reiss family and explaining that the Reiss family was attacked and slaughtered on the day of Wall Maria's breach, with Rod being the only survivor. Moblit approaches them and Hange expresses their fear of the unknown, claiming not to have felt this way since their first time outside the Walls. [6], As they retreat from the forest, Hange asks Erwin why he ordered Levi to resupply and split off from them. [19], Hange points out that plugging the breach in Wall Rose would be difficult without the right-sized boulder, but Eren as a Titan might be able to use the Titans' hardening ability to seal the hole in the Wall. With no Titans around, despite the previous sightings, Hange prepares for the Scouts to fall back to Trost and begins discussing alternative methods of Titan entry with Moblit, but soon recognizes that Eren has fallen behind, talking to Reiner and Bertholdt. "Zoë Hange") Hange is a Survey Corps veteran and the leader of 4th Squad. : Wings of Freedom Hange Zoe Mikasa Ackerman Eren Yeager Attack on Titan 2, manga transparent background PNG clipart size: 700x700px filesize: 629.21KB Manga Anime Lolicon Animation, manga transparent background PNG clipart size: 480x749px filesize: 438.95KB Upon observing Nick's corpse, Hange is able to note tell-tale signs of torture on him, and wounds on one officer's hands that suggest he took part in the beating. When Levi brings Nick to them, after showing him all the refugees, Hange asks if he has had a change of heart. Moblit had short, smooth, light hair parted down the middle. Shingeki no Kyojin Movie 1: Guren no Yumiya, Shingeki no Kyojin Movie 2: Jiyuu no Tsubasa. Even though Reiner and Bertholdt can change into Titans, Hange suspects that other Titans will still be a threat to them. After Eren succeeds in sealing the outer hole in Wall Maria, Hange's squad begins moving to the second gate to finish sealing the hole. The next they are blunt, serious, and quick to anger. The next they are blunt, serious, and quick to anger. Disclaimer: These are a parody peeker sticker of the respected character. He begs God to deliver him. When they begin to devour her, Erwin orders all squads to engage the Titans and defend the Female to the death. Hange orders three of the four squads present to watch Bertholdt so they can kill him when he comes out. Advertising Eren begins pursuing Annie and Hange orders their squad to split up and work their way around over the buildings as the two combatants enter an open area of the district. However, Hange realizes too late that he is preparing to transform and both they and Moblit are caught in the resulting explosion. Affiliation After managing to enter the basement they notice that at first glance, it looks like an average workplace. Hange apprehends Mikasa, holding her back as Levi prepares the injection for Erwin.

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