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kansas river oregon trail game

This produced more realistic results than the first-draft algorithm above. If the algorithm decided that your crossing was successful, then you would see your wagon reach the far shore of the river. The leader is given the rifle to hunt animals and add to resources. Therefore, you will continue to the different landmark, in this case, the Green River. In other words, the oxen pulled the wagon across the river, with the wagon wheels rolling on the river bottom. Click “Y” for Yes, “N” for No, and number keys to select from the options. The leader has the choice to continue the trail, check supplies, and rest. This will be the start of trials and challenges along the way. I eventually settled on the Kansas River, the Big Blue River, the Green River, and the Snake River – although at times I seriously considered several other rivers as well. On any given day, the chance of rain would depend upon the current month and the player’s current location on the trail. In the finished game, when the player arrives at a river crossing, the first few screens provide a context to the player, and also allow the player to talk to people at the landmark, which can provide additional context and useful hints. You want to have about 2000 pounds at the end, too, and you don't want to spend too many bullets in between. But if the conditions were extremely bad, then your guide would refuse to make the crossing. View of the Oregon Trail crossing near old Uniontown in western Shawnee County, Kansas. But if the weather had been dry in the days before a river crossing, then the river should be shallower and safer than average. This is a great game for kids who want to get to the Oregon Trail in a way that could benefit their kids. It was quite a spirited discussion. In this algorithm, D represents the river’s depth in feet and BT is the “bottom type” – which can be smooth and firm, muddy, or rocky and uneven: Notice that this algorithm has two break points – at depths of 2.5 feet and 5 feet. As before, ford when the water level is 2.5 or less. Fort Laramie is special because it marks the point where you flip the disk to the other side. We would use a distinct animation for each of the three methods of crossing, but for practical reasons we would only animate two possible outcomes. Again you'll have a divided trail; head to The Dalles. If the river is deeper than the second break point (5 feet), then attempting to ford the river results in a catastrophic failure. In the revised algorithm, if the river is deeper than 2.5 feet, then the risk of losses is based on a sliding (linear) scale – the deeper the river, the greater the risk of losses. This will probably take a little over a month in game time. You can never carry more than 100 pounds of food back to the wagon, so further bullets will be wasted. I felt that a fully realized river-crossing module would provide a great educational opportunity, in addition to enriching the overall gameplay. There is also an option to see how many miles they will need to travel and the places they will need to cross. This guide currently covers the original Apple II version. Continue through Independence Rock to South Pass, where you have the option of going to a fort or to a different landmark. A simple map showing the general route follows the directions. So now we could put it all together and build the river crossing module. If it's 2.5 feet deep or less, it should be safe to ford the river. Codex Gamicus is a Fandom Gaming Community. I wonder if we can download the game and play it offline. “Wow, I really liked the animations and the game.”This is just amazing! Furthermore, the guide never opts to wait a few days before crossing, but always crosses immediately, no matter how dangerous the situation. This guide currently covers the original Apple II version. There are many obstacles the leader and his parties may face while traveling to Oregon. But it isn't! Once started, use your computer’s keyboard to complete the game. Then after you leave, hit Return before you actually move. Please let us know in the comment section below if you found this game fun and exciting. This page was last edited on 9 December 2014, at 23:51. Otherwise, you can either float the wagon or take a ferry. To start the game, a player needs to choose what kind of person a leader would be while traveling to Oregon. When you reach the Kansas River Crossing, check the water level. When fording a rocky river, a wagon part could break, or the wagon could overturn. A 223-acre park offers a self-guided walking tour and interpretive exhibits. There, take the river and play the easy minigame and you will arrive in Oregon! Once started, use your computer’s keyboard to complete the game. If the farmer is selected, the acquired points will be tripled. You must ford, float, or wait for conditions to improve. I wish that we had been able to include these details in the actual product, but we did not have the space or the time to do so. If the river bed was muddy, then the wagon could get stuck. And indeed, for most players of the game, the river crossings are the second most exciting part of the product, eclipsed only by the hunting activity. Where the Oregon Trail crosses the Kansas River, the average width is 620 feet and the usual depth in the middle is about 4 feet. How were we going to represent all of this on the screen? For swamping or getting stuck in the mud, we would use the safe crossing animation, using text to mention the issues encountered. Did you play Oregon Trail? Press Alt+Enter to switch and exit to full-screen mode. In the original algorithm, hiring an Indian guide cuts your risks in half, and also reduces your losses if something goes wrong. These problems may arise at some point and can be a factor in accomplishing the journey. On April 5, we arrived at the Kansas River … As I conducted my research prior to designing the game, I learned that the overlanders to Oregon had to cross a lot of rivers. You can change this arrangement around a little, but you definitely need at least 3 yoke, 10 sets of clothes (or even more ideally, 12 so that you can trade 2 to an Indian guide at the Snake River crossing), and 2 of each spare part. If you choose to ford the river and your crossing is successful, then the animation looks like this as you approach the opposite bank of the river: The animation when you float across the river looks like this: If the crossing is not successful, then you see the wagon overturn in the middle of the river, and then an announcement tells you what losses you suffered: The animation for taking a ferry looks like this: I still needed to create the algorithms for hiring an Indian to assist in the crossing. The inclusion of river crossings was one of the key innovations in my design for The Oregon Trail – a feature which had not been present in the original version of OREGON. Turn west onto State Route 10. How many boxes of bullets you take is up to you (but you really won't need more than 20 to start with), but because you're rich, you don't need to hunt... you can just buy more food at the forts along the way! After buying the items, the leader together with his party members is ready to leave. All of this provided a rich set of possibilities for a simulated river crossing. Here’s us making the Kansas River crossing via the Topeka Avenue Bridge, near the site of the original Pappan’s Ferry crossing, some 160-odd years later: Distance ahead to Fort Kearny: In the game, pioneers would be on the trail for 119 miles before hitting Fort Kearny, Nebraska. One of the most important aspects of the game is hunting for food. There is also an option to ask for a piece of advice. When hunting, do not bother shooting small game like rabbits; they're not worth the price in points. I decided to include four factors – the river’s depth, width, swiftness of the current, and type of river bottom. If the river was low and slow, then the river was typically forded. But from the standpoint of gameplay, it was better to include only a small number of river crossings in the game. And indeed, for most players of the game, the river crossings are the second most exciting part of the product, eclipsed only by the hunting activity. Pass Fort Boise, then the Blue Mountains. April 9, 1848: Kansas River Crossing The first week of our journey has gone smoother than anyone could have predicted. In the final version of the game, your guide always makes the decision for you, and he always makes the best choice between fording and floating the wagon, given the current circumstances. So you will pass by Fort Kearney and Chimney Rock. If you're a banker, you can start with such luxuries as: I recommend these if you want a really easy game. You would see your wagon on the river, either fording, floating, or ferrying across. At the end of the game, points are awarded according to the chosen profession of the leader, number and health of surviving parties, cash on hand, and remaining resources. It does not cover ports or remakes at this time. You can safely ignore all forts and other landmarks (but you may want to buy supplies at a fort if something goes wrong), other than rivers which must be passed. If you followed our recommendations, you started with little to no food. Therefore the following was my initial algorithm for hiring an Indian guide, where D is the depth of the river in feet, and S represents the swiftness of the current: In this original algorithm, if the conditions were somewhat risky, then your guide would advise you of the risk – and you could decide whether or not to take the risk. Once the leader and company have been decided, the leader needs to decide the month of departure. For example, here is the scenario that I initially provided for fording the river: After reviewing this scenario with my teammates, collecting their feedback, and making appropriate changes, I created the first draft of the mathematical model (the “algorithm”) for fording the river. Same if you shoot two deer. And to the extent possible, I wanted to simulate all five of the possible outcomes (safe crossing, swamping, overturning, swept away, stuck in mud). At the Snake River, hire an Indian guide in exchange for clothes. At the Big Blue River Crossing, you cannot take a ferry. (If you don't like the thought of crossing another hazardous river, go ahead to the fort.) First, while still on the travel screen, you see that you have arrived at a river crossing: Then you see a large graphic that illustrates the place: When you resume your journey, the river crossing begins: To simulate the actual crossing, I needed to create an effective and realistic model for each of the rivers, and I needed to figure out how to model and represent the experience of crossing the river.

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