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You have to cram a lot of knowledge in a very short amount of time. The only reason they due is because if one of their advisors on the team move up they get a bonus. This is a tough job for the following reasons: *They said they would only give … Also not being able to control fans based on the water temperature is really bizzare when we talk about fan controller designed for water cooling. Press J to jump to the feed. EK has been one of my favorite companies for water cooling but I don't appreciate being an alpha tester. In my opinion it is not the controller which is faulty, it is the beta software, EKWB engineers told me during by email that there software is somewhere in between beta and final release with hopefully a stable release coming out towards summer. This job is a complete joke and the only perk is weekly pay and remote work. Yes SIX months. perhaps the easiest job to learn to get my feet wet. I'll be glad to run you through as much as I can. They almost fired her for missing work from the hurricane. The software isn't even amateur and at best I would say its an alpha build. Received a response less than 10 minutes later saying they aren’t considering my resume. Be used to sitting for long periods of times. Virtual, work from home position. I worked on this project for six months.. The quickest way to resolve these issues is to make our support and software team aware so that they can implement updates. Learn how to enable cookies. It was very serious and I did not understand why they could not work with you since your not getting paid anyway. But if you have tech issues, it gets docked from your pay. Anyone able to offer some insight into these problems and limited functionality? Perks of the job are working from home and having some flexibility in your schedule if you need a day off. Volt started out at $14.00 as an iPhone advisor as KellyConnect starts out at $9.15 an hour with a bonus that they kept changing to keep one from making. I have a similar setup to this, thank god I decided to unplug all fans and just plug them to the mobo headers for the time being. The pay was great, the hours were great, they work with you and are very flexible, can always pick up shifts if you have under 40 hours, (you're scheduled 40 hours but if you miss a day that week) you can pick up another shift from the board. Winning an iPod after 6 solid months over those that won bigger prizes being with the company less then myself. I’ve had to set a custom fan curve of it just being set to 60% PWM as the software thinks the ram is my cpu and just left it at that for now. I'm definitely not going to be leaving it running during non-working hours. In 2008, he was acquitted. FFS keep your metrics up. The toolbar's buttons only half of them work. Rate your employer. Is it pretty easy to get the hang of things after training? A place to talk about making an income online. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Brand new install of windows, and I had all the same crashes on my previous stable windows install. 5 comments. Full time jobs, Work from home opportunities, decent pay. There is no benefit to this job other than a paycheck, that’s if the payroll department can even get it right. It's a great paying job, but no medical benefits and you will get get varying answers to the same questions in most cases. There is a lot of miscommunication and confusion and it makes the job extremely stressful, This place is only good if you really need a job till you find something else.

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