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mini exotic bully

Ils sont à vendre à partir de 1400 €. Les parents issus de très bonnes lignées sont visibles à l'élevage. SHAME ON YOU BREEDERS!!!!!!! They are beautiful, wonderful creatures, but just as some of the documented stories of their parents, they VERY MUCH DO INDEED HAVE GENETIC DEFECTS THAT CAUSE SUFFERING UNTIL THEY DIE!!!! Their forelegs are short and they are the main reason for Exotic’s dwarfed appearance. Exotic Bullies are in general seen with a short and smooth coat, while the overall impression is that they have dwarfed characteristics. sweet suffering dogs? This requires medical assessments by qualified vets, not just eyeballing or a general vet check up. Exotic Bully is a proud owner of a short and smooth coat that doesn’t require much grooming. These critics declare that the dog is flawed in design and some advocate neutering Freakshow just to stop more American Bully dogs like him. Body is always short in length, deep and heavy. There are some owners that believe that it’s possible to minimize shedding with regular coat shaving, but it’s debatable. The dogs in these pics aren’t as bad as other micro bullies. It is a very strange giving an Exotic American Bully the name “Freakshow” since it doe notes some deformity in the dog, but strangely enough, this dog was intended to be “deformed” in physical appearance. Easily save as a PDF or print. Your email address will not be published. This American Bully dog variant is the Exotic American Bully dog breed that looks like an American Bully at first glance. Exotic Bully Directory, Exotic Bully Classifieds, Le père est Bully Camp Mr Don Pablo (IBKC, ABR), fils de Cristal Bully Camp Mr.Roswell et Abacus's Bullies Camp Tricky, avec des grands noms au pedigree. Real name: Exotic Bully Les petits seront de taille Bully Exotic micro. The photo-shoppers are. And are certainly the#1 breed abused and neglected. Ils sont à vendre à partir de 1400 €. American Bully breeder Juan Lomeli owns Goliath II or otherwise known as G2 as well as Kingpin Line Kennels. La mère est Limitless Bully Era (ABR), fille de GK Bloodshed et Bella of Stocky Bull. The ultimate Pocket Bully! Also, their head is slightly bigger than the rest of the body, while there is a significant distance between the eyes. Ther head and face are a little covered with soft wrinkles. Although I truly can’t afford one of the dogs. Copyright © 2018 Exotic Bully Classified. The dogs aren’t deformed. There are 5 sizes. Shortly, the exotic bully is a dog with a pinch of ‘bulldog’ characteristics, that is slightly different from the ‘original American bullies.’ This exotic breed is still unknown to us. Some people say that the best way to predict how a dog will behave can be seen by observing its parents. Bedlington Terriers are known for their white crisp and curly coat. What about Bassett hounds, what about Yorkies and tea cup poodles and sharpai or pugs. We are not responsible for any actions taken by our posters. We get You Top Ranking on Google & All Major Search Engines, to ensure you get Relevant Traffic to Your Puppies & Dogs For Sale. Click here for American bully puppies for sale. Exotic’s are great with other dogs, especially if they socialize on time. The exotic bully is considered to be measured between 10 - 14 inches ( 25 - 36cm ) at the withers for males and females. I’m pretty sure some amongst you commenting again this breed are fat and deformed or not so good looking to me yourself. A wonderful family member and a EXCELLENT watchdog. Hemivertabre? The ones in these pics are the healthiest one you can find, but they are still prone to many conditions due to their physiology. Exotic bully during its life can get through a number of problems that are health related. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. The crucial thing about Exotic’s training is that it should start the first moment you bring your bully home. You can clip them by using standard clippers or leave it to the professionals in a pet-salon or to your veterinarian. The American Bully Marcello embodies these ideals. Ears are usually a medium size. The popularity of the American Exotic Bullies is due to its physical features making them a favorite for Bully dog-lovers. Ils partent pucés, primo-vaccinés et vermifugés. - avec un contrat de réservation et de vente ; Be assured that this breed comes with strong intelligence and even stronger affection. Therefore, if you are a proud owner of this four-legged canine make sure that you offer often ‘cuddle time.’ Certainly, exotic’s are great with humans, but you should bear in mind that you should avoid leaving them alone with children. I had to soak his feet 4 times a day for a week (do it about twice a week now). Mère : Exotic, WGB miss BOOBOO. On the other hand, they can show a jealous trait when it comes to their food, toys and favorite place. A descendent of Mr. Miagi, he is only 13 months old and he is on pain medication 2-3 times a day, and an anti-inflammatory daily. You can bath them every couple of months. I will take the best care of him and make his life as good as I can for however long I’m blessed with him. You just cant afford one thats why, Im here because I saw a pic of micro bullies and couldn’t believe people were breeding them knowing of their deformities. Their bone structure is completely deformed and will lead to problems when they are older. Bulldogs for sale, you have come to the right place. we have the best exotic bullies for sale you will find selection and quality . Origin: Unknown For a favorite type of dog, they are too expensive for dog-owners expect for those with lots of money. The post even says these dogs are deformed, but the title says “exotic” because if we call them exotic we can sell them for more. Exotic’s are just like any other bully strong owner lovers, and they will fight for owners attention. Marcello is the father of Bully Camp Line’s Mr. Miagi and Mr. Revi, who is an ABKC Champion. whose mind thought up the bullshit about them being deformed. We do our best to screen all ads & posters prior to listing to insure your safety in conducting transactions. These are living creatures, not products. For this reason, you should invest more time in proper training and early socialization. Therefore, The International Bully Coalition widely known as IBC, recently decided that its time to create a standard when it comes to this breed. Early socialization and exposure to different sights, experiences, sounds, and different people, when Exotic is young, is crucial in making your bully mix a well-rounded dog. Joint and body structure issues result in immobility and handicap. Nose is usually flat or kind of pushed back. :(, You likely don’t see any bullies at your shelter . Exotic bully puppies for sale. How would you feel if I/we judge you like you judge the dogs? What kind of health testing to you do?? Our dogs are mainly Daxline, Bullseye, Miagi, Gottiline & but not limited to. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'americanbullydaily_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',115,'0','0'])); Owner:  Juan Lomeli Kennel: Kingpin Line Location: Modesto, California. But, we do know that today’s Exotic’s are a cross of American Bully in the first place, Olde English Bulldog, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, and Shorty Bull. How does that sound? Surely, they will shed less than their bully relatives, but you should have a practice for reducing the amount of shedding. Bullycamp is just a group of breeders that specialize in a particular breed and bloodline. Tous les chiots que nous vendons sont conformes ABKC et possèdent un certificat de bonne sant... Lire la suite, Chiots American Bully (Livraison Possible), 7 chiots American Bully à vendre (4 Femelles & 3 Mâles). Ils sont nés le 22 mai 2019 et seront disponibles à partir du 19 juillet. Color: Black or brown with white chestnut In physical terms, the Bully is athletic, structurally sound and is at 13-15 inches tall. Required fields are marked *. For an established breed that is more recent compared to other dog breeds, the American Bully is proving to be a popular choice of pet companion for most if not all dog-lovers. They have a significantly large head that’s bulldoggish. - avec un certificat de bonne santé du vétérinaire ; Tous les chiots sont socialisés dans un contexte familial et partent avec 1 laisse, 1 collier, 1 jouet, 1 plaid, 1 kg de croquettes et 1 gamelle inox, ainsi qu'une pochette comprenant 1 passeport, 1 livret sur la race, 1 certificat de bonne santé validé par le vétérinaire et 1 coupon d'enregistrement. Have a regular vet check-up’s and make sure that you maintain a good dog’s nutrition. D'autres chiots sur d'autres mariages (pocket, micro) sont disponibles et des naissances XL sont prévues pour cet été. You’ve completely gone the path of Frankenstein and the ones suffering are the dogs. Animal cruelty. AND THERE IS NO JEERING REPLY, YOU KNOW THIS IS THE TRUTH. The standard is set for revision over the years, adequately observing the evolution of this exotic breed. - pucés ; Google other micro bullies and see how defective they can be. It’s idiotic to say Bully’s don’t end up in shelters- they’re the #1 killed breed in shelters. Traits like bigger head size, wider chest, shorter muzzles and very strong muscles are what set the dog from other Bully dog breeds. These dogs are strong smart and beautiful…. Their skin is usually soft and just a bit lose, but not at all fully hanging. Especially small children. Copyright © 2016 Dogwebz.com All Rights Reserved. Mini Pitbull; Pocket B ully Pocket Pit; Miniature Pitbull American Pocket Pitbull; Pocket Sized Pitbull; Is it all about the genes? Exotic bully is known for being a mild active dog, so make sure that you don’t go overboard when it comes to the length of the training session. Knowing dogs personality, your dog at the first place is a crucial thing when it comes to easier training and better relationship between dog and it’s owner. They are the sweetest dogs and so misunderstood and so hard for us to find homes for, and I’ve seen countless bullies get put down just for their breed, then I come and see this bs.. Il y a 3 femelles (Babouche, Derby et Boots) et 4 mâles (Sneaker, Tong, Santiag et Crocs). They have been genetically breed to look that way, not for functionality, but for looks. Keep bad health away by maintaining your dog’s healthy teeth. Ive never been to any shows but id love to go to one. Your comment makes you sound like you’re a 10 year old kid. Deformities are not “exotic”, they’re disgusting. I have had my Bully for 12 years and he is probably healthier than you. You don’t want your dog ever jumping on neighbor dogs, or any dog whatsoever, or jumping on anyone. You are misinformed though. Nous avons seulement des femelles Pocket American Bully, et nous en sommes fiers. He is built to out produce himself over and over and that's what he has been doing! German shepherd standards have destroyed their hips, bulldogs have developed every single health problem that a dog could have, obese labradors are becoming more “popular” in shows, and the list goes on… looking badass doesn’t outweight their health. G2 along with the males of Kingpin Lines like Marcello and Cartel are living legends in their kennel. Its a really special... Have you ever seen a dog that could easily be mistaken for a wolf? Just like any other dog Exotic needs training. Americanbullydaily.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Pour plus d'informations, n'hésitez pas à me contacter !

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