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names of wards in ibadan north east local government

Alimosho was created in the year 1996. Ibadan North West is also known as one of the local government areas Oyo state. The LGA has its headquarters in Iwo road area of Ibadan city and the LGA comprises a number of districts such as Orita Bashorun street, Iyaganku GRA, Iwo road, Total Garden Area, and Monatan. It is headquartered in Igbo Ora town, and it consist of other towns and villages of Sango, Panu, Sango Odo, Sangote, Sobaloju, Sunmirire, Temidire-Idiope, Lanlate, Alapa, Igbodudu, Itabo, Oluwo, Olori, Olokenoji and Okolo. Headquartered in Iresa-Adu town, there are other towns in the area. Local government chairman: Honorable Tajudeen Adedeji Adebisi. 7. In this write-up, we’ll take a gander about Oyo state, outlining the local government areas and towns in them. Ibadan North-East Local Government Area Ibarapa Central LGA is one of Oyo State Local Government Area. Ibadan South East is one of Oyo State local government areas. Ibadan North Local Government Area has its headquarters in Agodi and has 200 as its postal code. Ibadan southeast is a local government area domiciled in the city of Ibadan, Oyo state which is in the southwest geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Egbeda LGA is one of the local government areas in Oyo State. Ibarapa Central was carved out in oyo state in the year 1996. Later, others like Gen. Ibrahim Babangida and others added to the list. It has an headquarter in the town of Iyana Offa. The average humidity level of the area is 61 percent while the total annual precipitation of the LGA is 2100 mm of rainfall. Ibadan North East is one of the local government areas in Oyo state and was created in year 1991. Ogo Oluwa LGA is one of the thirty-three Local Government Areas of Oyo State. It is said to be named after late Isaac Babalola Akinyele, the late Olubadan. headquartered in Ido town where the area got it name from, other urban areas include: Olonwe, Oloode, Omojoro, Onigbinde, Onikonko, Onisago, Opaeye, Owolabi, Oyawole, Pakuru, Tokan,Yidi Aba Emo, Aba Oke and Adelogun. Ibadan Northeast LGA was created on the 27th day of August 1991 from the defunct Ibadan Municipal area. Orire is one of the local governments in Oyo state, it was established in year 1989. Its headquarters is located at the famous Dugbe. The LGA also hosts several banks, hotels, and relaxation spots. Iseyin Iseyin. Nigeria’s first degree awarding institution, the University of Ibadan was founded in 1948, and is situated in Oyo State. © 2020 Manpower Nigeria. Egbeda is one of the local governments in Oyo state. Other notable towns, district and villages include Ayede /Alugbo, Egbeda, Erunmu, Olodo / Kumapayi, Osegere, Owobaale / Kasumu, Adeyadi, Alagbo, Ayede, Buramo, Fatade and Fayo. With an administrative headquarter in Onikere town, other major towns of Onireke, Ayeye, Dugbe, Inalnde, Ologuneru & many other remote villages make up Ibadan Northwest LGA. This local government is home to University of Ibadan and Polythenic of Ibadan. How many local governments are in Oyo State? Notable urban areas here include Mapo and other twelve wards. Local government chairman:  Bashorun Mojeed Biodun Ajuwon. It has its headquarters at Moniya. A knowledge-driven hub dedicated to promoting self reliance & entrepreneurship. Itesiwaju, translating ‘progress’ in English, is another one of the local governments in Oyo state. Get in touch with us via. Chairman of Ibadan North Local Government Area: Dr. Fatai Aborade. Oyo State is one of the most visited states in the country. Local government chairman: Olamijuwonlo Alao Akala. The division of the country into “politically autonomous states” as chambers defined partitioning, that is a trait or feature not exclusive to the segmented 36 states but also to these states resulting to local governments and wards in each segments. Yoruba ethnic group make up the majority of Oyo state population, with other residents groups and foreigners. As small or big the number of local government of any state in Nigeria is, their functions cannot be neglected. Local government chairman: Honourable Okeniyi Gbolagade. Local government chairman: Akanno Abolade Yekeen. Ibarapa East is one of the local government areas of Oyo state and was founded in year 1989. Wards: 12. Its headquarters is located at the famous Iwo road. Local government chairman: Jesutoye Olayinka. Local government chairman: Adeniyi Samuel Aderemi. No doubts, Oyo state is one of the largest states in Nigeria. The headquarters of the LGA are in the Mapo Hall district of Ibadan city and the LGA shares borders with Ibadan southwest, Ibadan Northeast, and Oluyole LGAs. Olorunsogo Local Government Area is located in Igbetti, Oyo State consisting the district and wards which include Aboke, Aboyun Ogun,Elerugba,Elehinke, Sagbo,Aperu,Ikolaba/Obadimo, Onigbeti, Saagbon, Agoro,Santo, Onigbeti, Agbeni, OpaOgunniyi and Seriki. From multiplication, or should I say re productivity of four regions from a founding number of three, a propagation that metamorphosed to 36 states and capital in Nigeria; without an exclusion of Oyo state. Also created in the year 1991, Ogbomoso North is one of the local government areas in Oyo state. Yes, Surulere is last on the list of the 33 local governments in Oyo state. IBADAN NORTH EAST LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA FROM 1991-2010 IBADAN NORTH EAST LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA FROM 1991 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION CHAPTER ONE Background To The Study Aims And Objectives Of The Study Scope And Limitations Of The Study Research Methodology Literature Review Notes and References CHAPTER TWO Pre 1991 local government system in Ibadan: Ibadan District Council, Ibadan … All rights reserved. Other notable towns and districts in the area include: Ogunlere, Laipapa, Ajandaku, Sango, Wiliki, Yanrin funfun, Arugede, Kaaka, Oje-Owode, Alagolo, Buda Banki, Ago-Amodu,Mangoro and Imodi.

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