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I just tried Fir(s)/Teak(S) and it doesn't even get above 12.3Kn. In addition to the wide variety of ships in the game, players can craft ships selecting materials to add just the right aspect to each ship crafted. From Naval Action Wiki. What are YOUR favorite builds and upgrades for the Pandora?Just trying to see some value in this thing that was included w the Vic... On paper, it would appear that the Pandora should be competitive with the Herc, but the Pandora is much more difficult to learn to sail well. The brigs behave much like the larger square-rigged vessels; they are fastest at point 140 yet suffer when running with the wind too directly astern. I've tried T(s)/T(s), Berm Ced(s)/Mahogany(s), T(s)/Sabicu(s). However the maximum amount of propellant used is much lower due to lighter construction. This page was last edited on 13 June 2019, at 13:11. In Naval Action, only the following ... Pandora; Mortar. Yes. Catches fire very easily. Будем рады видеть Вас, в нашей дружной компании. Finally, the Pickle is a surprisingly excellent sailer. Finally, the Mercury is the most forgiving of all brigs and loses the least speed when sailing upwind. Notes for DLC ships can be bought for combat medals as well. Essentially the key to managing this bulky super frigate is to endeavour to at all times keep the wind well behind your beam and to only tack when absolutely necessary. It's a piece of shit ship. Every battle I was in at her helm, my ship would catch fire no less than 3 times in a fight. It’s not a strong ship but perfect for commerce raiding up to Le Gros Ventre level, which is what I use it for. To view each ships' sailing profile individually, navigate to that ship's page here on the wiki. What's more, her speed does not suffer at all as much as the other frigates, or indeed any square-rigged vessels, when sailing upwind. The Hercules is better, if that's possible. I'm not promoting the game, my video is honest review and not an advertisment. I recently lost my very first Pandora. Furthermore, they lose speed quickly when trying to sail on anything upwind. Battle rating is an important value for rules of engagement and for port battles. Swivel guns are small guns mounted on the railing of a ship. Sturdy, fast and powerful. By the time your batteries fire your likelihood of even connecting with 2 of you side's guns is remote enough to abandon them entirely. As such, it’s got a key place in my fleet. [[File: SnowandBrigs.png |thumb|241x241px|Sailing profiles of the brigs and snows]] I was big time into POTBS and love Naval Action. Сайт игры : http://www.navalaction.ru/#ageofsail В прямом эфире присутствует ненормативная лексика и русскоязычное сообщество Baltic Fleet [BF]. Their damage output is also lightly higher put than the long guns. For now it is empty but soon(TM) as we get more news it will start to get populates Naval Action Wiki Discord Server! She can even sail as far as to within 60 degrees of the wind and still stay at around 75% of her maximum speed. However, it's extraordinarily high base speed allows her to excel even when sailing slightly below her maximum speed. In Naval Action, only the following ... Pandora; Mortar. I have had the game since 2017 iirc but just now started really playing. Here on the left is an example; that of the Cerberus light frigate. The Frigate (and in sailing terms identical Pirate Frigate) is a heavier frigate than those mentioned above. Mortar Size Price Gun Class Reload Base Damage Crew Required(per mortar) Gun Weight 308pd NA 6 35 500 24 4.96 Caliber. Increasing caliber of cannon generally increases damage and range at the cost of loading time. The Snow is the only snow currently in the game, while the brigs are represented by the Brig, Navy Brig, Mercury and Niagara. I hadn't even read about the terrible aiming issues before I used a Pandora but knew that those 2 pounders are really only good inside of 100M and then only for deck shots to kill crew. My goal is to become an elite pvp'r which means joining a clan. I'm not sure if this issue is still current or has been resolved though (if it has, I haven't heard about it). $9.99. I just tried Fir(s)/Teak(S) and it doesn't even get above 12.3Kn. Carronades are built much more lightly than cannons of an equivalent caliber. Double charge is more gunpowder loaded into the cannon with a single shot. I'm not going to mess with my aiming by wasting time on even installing them.I probably wouldn't even use them close up. Its guns are also difficult to aim. The ship speed is the base speed without any modifiers through woods or modules. Undercrewed ships will have a lower BR value. The main purpose of the swivel guns is to inflict damage on the enemy crew at close range. Если вы ищите игры про пиратов - вы в самом нужно месте! Rather than having a high base speed, yet poor sailing capabilities when sailing on a beam reach or anywhere upwind, like the Renommee, the Surprise has a much more modest top speed yet sails extremely well at points where other square-rigged vessels struggle. What are those guns good for? I’ve also added Bovenwinds Refit. Player Ranks are important in determining the number of men one can command and while they go by different names (You say Potato, I say Potatoe) each nation's ranks are at heart the same in Naval Action. This can make carronades an attractive option for lighter ships that can properly dictate range while avoiding enemy broadsides. Hello, I booted up the game for the first time since the game's early alpha and I saw I was able to redeem a "Pandora" ship. Previously note as PVP reward. I've never mounted them as I remember reading, when Pandora was first released, they are counted as a third deck by the game and put the aim of the main- and upper-deck guns off for the player, i.e. The Lynx reaches her generous top speed sailing both close hauled and on a beam reach and is still relatively fast between these points. I did some research and saw that she was a frigate, which is apparently a good jack of all trades ship, so I want to use her as my main ship for the time being instead of using the stock one. Frigates are three-masted square-rigged with a sail plan referred to as ship-rigged. Age of sail cannons and carronades are rated by caliber which is the weight of their round shot in imperial pounds. Do note, all the guns listed here and on the ships, respective pages are the broadside guns, this does not include any chasers the ship may or may not have, The Broadside weights are only for one broadside and it is calculated using the heaviest cannons or carronades that can be mounted, If the ships in-game name differs from its real-life name then her name is in the brackets after the in-game name. I mean... if it's pretty much always going to be a paper ship, might as well be fast. Cookies help us deliver our Services. at 45 degrees or 90 degrees to the wind. There are three topsail schooners in Naval Action and they are slightly more varied in their sailing behaviour than the other groups of unrated vessels. This means that a much higher caliber carronade can be placed in a smaller cannon position. Here are the speed profiles of all the unrated vessels. Although not a heavy frigate, she is still bulkier, slower and more difficult to manoeuver than the three frigates discussed above. I have a Fir (S) / Bermuda (S) Pandora that generated with Very Fast and Sailing Bonus 2 that’s rated 15.1 knots clean. I was big time into POTBS and love Naval Action. WARNING: Information on this page is outdated. The sailing capabilties of the ships of Naval Action can be expressed through a sailing profile displaying their relative speeds when sailing on different points of the wind. Permits can be bought for combat medals from Admiralty, rare Permits only drop in specific mission reward chests. Their damage output is slightly lower than medium guns. Naval Action - Фармим торговую НПЦ и немного фейерверка [Игра про пиратов и век парусников] - Duration: 3:35:28. http://naction.info/index.php?title=Weapons&oldid=5333. In terms of its sailing profile, it is slightly worse in fact. Official forum can be found at http://forum.game-labs.net/, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. cause issues with accurate aiming and expected shot behaviour. There are two cutters currently available in Naval Action; the Cutter and the Yacht. For a guide on the actual default speed value for ships, see Ship Speeds. Weird. In addition to the wide variety of ships in … I have had the game since 2017 iirc but just now started really playing. Note that this guide discusses the sailing capabilities of ships in terms of their speeds at different points relative their own maximum speed. [[File: Cutter Sail Plan.png|left|thumb|169x169px|Cutter sail plan]] The Cutter is that ship which all Captains will be acquainted with; their first command and a suitable one at that. In Naval Action, only the following ships may be equipped with Swivel guns. They behave therefore rather similarly and for this reason are presented together here. I'm hoping that the gunnery patch makes smaller guns more effective at closer range and I may just take another one out afterward and try a ripping fast build. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the NavalAction community, For discussion about the game Naval Action (http://www.navalaction.com/) made by Game Labs. In particular, it is markedly slower than the Cutter when sailing close-hauled. In terms of her sailing capabilities she is very easy to command. This ship is a tinder box. Due to their range they are great to shoot enemy masts from afar. Красивая и реалистичная игра о морских сражениях, переносящая игроков в самый прекрасный период истории – эпоху парусников. Pandora. Is there a build that works well with this ship? This is the chief difference between them and the other frigates, as they otherwise follow much the same pattern of being comfortable on a broad reach, yet losing speed with the wind too directly behind them, as the other frigates. -30%. http://naction.info/index.php?title=Ships&oldid=5697, 0, Note as endurance exam reward, rare Permit, noncraftable, final exam completion reward note, DLC, Daily redeemable for pre-Steam early access testers, Enemy in low-level combat missions, only capturable.

Abdul Rahman Khan Salford, Ferrari Roma Malaysia, Laminated Window Board B&q, Heritage Home Furniture, Medical Fitness Certificate Format For New Employee Pdf, 2000 Watt Led Grow Light, Only A Fool Would Say That, How To Remove Stubborn Wall Tiles, Range Rover Motability Prices, How To Connect Hp Laptop To Wifi Windows 8, Mazdaspeed Protege Problems,

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