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ngati wairere history

The school opened in 1898 and appears to have closed by July 1904, due to sickness of its teachers,[20] though a replacement was appointed in April that year.[21]. Shortland sent it to Captain William Symonds on 13 March 1840 to gather signatures from chiefs around and to the south of the Manukau Harbour. They are: 1 NGĀTI WAIRERE The renowned warrior Māhanga was a descendant in direct line from Hoturoa, the captain of the Tainui canoe. On 29 January 1844 Gideon Smales landed at Raoraokauere on the northern side of the Aotea Harbour and proceeded to build his mission – which he called BEECHAMDALE. Its principal iwi is Ngāti Wairere of Waikato-Tainui. News of the death of Tūahu-māhina spread & reached the ears of Tautini-moko, who had fled to Whanganui, and hearing that peace had been made, he returned with the sacred Patu & dogskin Korowai cloak & occupied the pa Te Rau-o-te-huia, not far distant from Raorao-kauere. Te Wehi would not agree, & Kawharu, not wishing to be further involved, collected his people & moved to the shores of Aotea harbour & occupied Raorao-kauere & Manuaiti Pa, while Te Wehi went to live at Matakowhai and the Ngāti Toa-Rangatira retained Motu Ngaio Pa until the 1820s before migrating south with Te Rauparaha & Ngāti Koata. This is how the iwi describes its origins and tribal area: Ko Waikato te awa ML 12602 (in part). The Ministry of Works’ decision to build a hydro dam at Arapuni in 1924 helped to reinforce the relationship between Ngāti Koroki, Ngāti Haua and Ngāti Wairere when men from these hapū came to Arapuni seeking work. According to research Te Wehi is said to have been a very swift runner and a fierce warrior, so too his older half brother Kawharu the Giant was 9 ft tall Te Wehi gave the Scared Patu & Korowai to the Ngāti Mahuta Chiefs as they had their hand out for them, he also gave his daughter Reko to marry Tapaue's son Tahau. Te Aotūroa Hōne Waitere married Pirihira (Ngāti Te Wehi/Koura) and raised their daughter Meri and 2 sons Te Moke II and Ngatokorua Hone Waitere (b.1842) at Aotea Harbor. It should be noted that this report only deals with those riverside sites that are located within the Hamilton City boundary and on Hamilton City Council riverside reserves. Hōne Waitere, sons born to Marutehiakina II. Ngāti Haua are still concentrated around Matamata and Ngāti Wairere around Hukanui. — The Career of Kawharu - NZETC", http://ruht.co.nz/documents/publications/archive/Ruakuri_cave_wahi_tapu.pdf, "Auckland's 175th anniversary: The place desired by many", "Te Mata - Aotea -- [ District Between Te Mata and Kawhia, Waikato, New Zealand ] by Vernon, R. T. And C. R. Buckeridge: A.O. They have used what they retained for their own consumption, in some cases, by simply boiling the wheat; in others, as kororirori, or boiled flour and water; (with sugar, when it could be obtained) and very often in the form of bread. Work on the dam was completed in 1927. Later most of the descendants headed to Waitetuna district as part of the conquested lands claimed by Te Wehi with the overthrow of the giant tyrant Toa-angiangi, these lands that the fastest runner in Aotearoa claimed were from Pukekohe to Otorohanga and the West Coast, so these Children of Te Wehi and Mariu are of importance as they are founders of many iwi and hapu today. Te Wehi is the founding ancestor of the Ngāti Te Wehi iwi. Hohaia and Ripeka Ngahiwi.2 Hukanui Marae (Ngati Makirangi, Ngati Wairere) is situated on what was the timber reserve. Born in Aotea Harbor approx.1799 Te Aotūroa(a.k.a. [10], Te Wehi's great grandson Rangitaupopoki of Ngati Paiaka/Ngapuhi and his Ngāti Maniapoto princess had 2 warrior sons, Te Moke and a Tutemahurangi, whose sons Pita Mahu Waikato and Te Aotūroa Hōne Waitere who were in their 20s at the time, would have helped their dad and uncle Te Moke with the battles against Te Rauparaha as he killed Te Uira and a battle to fight for a Ngāti Te Wehi chief Te Aomārama at Makomako, Aotea harbour. , both living prosperous but then separate lives after a small brotherly scuffle at Kawhia, in which Kawharu went to live with his father Ngaere and his people the Ngāti Tamainupo at Wai-keria. Hukanui marae is located in Gordonton, approximately 15 km northeast of Hamilton. The tribe is named after the Waikato River, which plays a large part in its history and culture. [9] One of Pita and Tirimata sons was Te Mahara Pita Mahu who was very active in claimant for Ngati Te Wehi. In 1913 his remains were moved by his sister to a new burial site at the Domain Road Cemetery. Te Wehi Te Kihi was born in Kawhia at a pah site known as Karere-atua and spent his young adolescence in Kawhia, after their little scuffle older brother Kawharu left Kawhia but eventually came back after helping in battles against Te Arawa with Ngāti Raukawa chief Ngatokowaru. Shortly after singing the Treaty of Waitangi he got his uncle Te Moke to sell land at Raoraokaurere to the Wesleyan's so they had their own mission station and using old planting grounds at Raoraokauere were growing wheat and barley so Ngāti Te Wehi had the first water powered water mills in the area. The marae are spread over a large area from Te Kuiti and Cambridge in the south to Auckland in the north. Pita Mahu married Tirimata Karuwhero a Chieftess who occupied Maukutea before her marriage to him. Mookau is above Ko Arekahānara tōku haona kaha Ko Kemureti tōku oko horoi Ko Ngāruawāhia tōku tūrangawaewae. There are over 52,000 tribal members who affiliate to Waikato-Tainui. The university also holds documents and objects related to the tribe.[3]. Ngāti Te Wehi have tribal holdings in Te Taitokerau, Ngati Maniapoto and Aotea. I am not aware that there has been a single case either of infanticide or murder, as the consequence of witchcraft, in the circuit, since the beginning of 1844. He led a series of raids — known as Te Raupatu Tihore, "The Stripping Conquest" — across the Tamaki isthmus, before being killed at a pa at Waiherunga in South Kaipara.[7]. Each of these Children lived at Mowhiti (Pākoka), Te Papatapu, Te Maari, Makomako, Te Urewera, Waiteika, Kaiariki, Paataka, Patumarama, Ruakotare, Wairoa, Maungaroa and so too did their descendants.

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