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obama speech analysis essay

“Presidential Inaugral Address.” 2009. During the acceptance speech, Obama made numerous references within the text of gifted speakers in the American history, for example, Martin Luther King, as mentioned above. He recognized and established the relationship that he had with people who were superior to him, giving credit while positively criticizing their flaws. “If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still … tonight is your answer”(Obama, para.1). He let his sense of humor and personality shine, made sure that the audience had a lasting image of his accomplishments, and showed that he could be very serious if he needed too. The repeated use of these pronouns also left a lasting impression on his audience and fascinated them. Such pronouns also made his speech more informal, a factor that would strengthen his relationship with all the Americans. Reflection Of Writing A Speech. Some of the many reasons include: the problem, Public speaking skills are very important to anyone that aspires to be a politician. This illustrates that he addresses the country with ease since he is a part of the struggle. The elements of great public speaking : how to be calm, confident, and compelling. If a speaker doesn’t appear confident and professional, than the speaker’s credibility may be questioned, and the goal of the speech may not be accomplished. It will examine whether or not he has used the appropriate tone, language and the correct techniques for speaking as a president . Election Night Victory Speech Grant Park, Illinois. President Obama’s organization was excellent, but great organization is only one part of a great speech. At one point, He talked about his father who was a black man and mentioned a time in America’s history when a man like him would not be served in public restaurants. Attention Getter/Hook (No Questions, 1 Sentence): “We the people have remained faithful to the ideas of our forbearers, and true to our founding documents.” Bridge/Introducing the Idea (2-3 Sentences minimum): Barack Obama is consoling and complementing us on our past and encouraging us to stick together for our future. It is interesting to note that he was able to commend his competitors before his supporters. However the pronoun ‘I’ was minimal. Former president, Barack Obama does. This is a sentence composed of three well-defined parts which increase in size, magnitude, and intensity. It also demonstrated his oratory skills as the words easily created a rhythmic effect. In order to achieve a warm reception, Obama cleverly used the second person in addressing his audience, “It belongs to you…it cannot happen without you…your victory… it’s your job too,” He used this technique to illustrate the significance of the people of America in helping him bring the change in the country. While giving it, he made use of several rhetorical strategies that helped him to mesmerize and persuade his audience. Gormley, Beatrice. His speech was also characterized with references of all Americans. “This is our chance to answer that call. President Obama’s Inaugural Speech Analysis, Anti-Communist Campaign and Film Industry, Great Depression in the United States of America, The African American Soldiers in the American Revolution. This is our time – to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; … to reclaim the American Dream” (Obama, last paragraph). He intended his audience to realize that his triumph and future effort to bring change in the country will depend on the endeavors of the collective and not entirely on himself. The inclusion of the inter-textual references of other motivational speakers also served the purpose of instilling hope in the eyes of the people. Maintaining a direct eye contact with his audience, Obama was loud enough to be heard, but soft enough so that the poetic words could sink deep into the minds of his listeners. This is seen in the following clause, ‘That we are a nation of different believes, but we are all united in the prosperity of America, we are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers. During this keynote acceptance speech, he emphasized that the American dream was not on its deathbed because “change has come to America.” His passionate speech, employing rhetoric that soars and excites, instigated the people of America to restore their confidence in the nation and strive to fulfill their personal dreams and yet still form part of the larger American family. Through this, he demonstrated magnanimity in victory, appreciated the defeated and he did not ignore or trampled upon them; therefore, this indicates that he is a good leader. This was also meant to put emphasis on his passion towards his nation. Barrack Obama: our 44th President. “Obama’s Inaugural Address Response.” 2009.

Prem Gali Timing, Cirrus Rental San Antonio, Buffalo City Municipality Idp, New Caledonia Travel, Team Z Coilover Bar, Melannco Shelves How To Install, Event Awareness Ideas, Commercial Automatic Sliding Glass Doors,

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