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You as a landlord can ask for how ever many month’s worth you want. Going forward I think if anything similar happens (hopefully it doesn’t) we will then ask to see bank statements and take a view then. Plus they’re very unlikely to have a salary of 2.5 times the monthly rent, so will most likely fail the affordability rating. In other words, failing referencing doesn't mean you cannot rent the property. When using OpenRent, the decision on how to proceed with prospective tenants is always yours. A suitable guarantor must be based in the UK, have a good credit history and should have sufficient income to cover their own living costs as well as your rent. Some of the common reasons why prospective tenants fail the referencing process include: County Court Judgments (CCJs) against their name . The standalone reference can be done whilst the listing is still live, but we recommend that you only reference one set of tenants at a time. Bank statements give a better indication of affordability. I dont ask for bank statements as standard but do if there are concerns on affordability. Completing referencing is the most important step on the way to signing the contract, so helping the process run smoothly is best for everyone. Speak to your potential landlord and see if this is something that you both can work out. Great to be able to speak to other landlords and share knowledge. Referencing provides you with a risk assessment and helps you evaluate how risky letting to this individual could be. I need to change the status of a tenant to a guarantor, or vice versa. Guarantors need to be UK residents and we strongly advise having them comprehensively referenced alongside the tenant to ensure they’re suitable. Thanks Mr T, good advice to bear in mind going forward (hopefully this doesn’t happen again). As a landlord, you want as much information as possible before letting someone live in your property. It’s your decision, not openrents. - Share Your Referencing Question with the Community, - How to Let to a Tenant Who Has Failed Referencing | OpenRent Blog, Discuss with other tenants and landlords over in the, It is worth checking whether accepting a tenant who failed referencing will affect your landlord insurance. OpenRent landlords and tenants are free to use common sense solutions in order to move forward. It is up to them. When you’ve found a new home you love, you just want to be able to sign the contract as soon as possible. They may do this whether you pass or fail referencing. Let us know if you find a way to get it sorted. Obviously, this does not mean that students make bad tenants: 14% of landlords let to students, after all, and most of them have no problems. Many thanks. Typically, a referencing agency requires the rent to be less than 35-40% of the tenant’s … Being referenced shows that the landlord is professional and takes their responsibilities seriously. Tenant referencing also includes a credit check. Deposit Protection Schemes: a Guide to Custodial & Insured Security Deposits. Guarantors are required to sign the same tenancy agreement as your tenants, and so become legally liable to cover the rent and/or the cost of damage to the property if the tenant fails to do so. A low credit score is another common way to fail referencing. But the Pass or Fail on your referencing report isn’t the be all and end all of whether an enquiry will turn out to be a good tenant. Generally speaking if tenants fail referencing (or there are strong early signs that they may do so) there are four main ways a landlord might want to proceed: That way, you can continue your search to find more suitable tenants. Here we take you through how to interpret the result of your referencing report for high-risk tenants. Can I modify it? The key sections of the referencing report to pay attention to are Employment and Credit Check. If you want more information about how our referencing works, you can contact Rentguard on 01227 467 250. As a landlord you proceed with the tenant in good faith you shouldn’t have to incur costs unnecessarily as they should be quite aware they cannot afford the property. The prospective tenant can’t be expected to know what their credit score is. The guarantor needs to be prepared to sign a Guarantor Agreement as well as the tenancy agreement. At the bottom of that page, you can click ". It is just a blunt calculation they do based on income and they completely disregard some income. The holding deposit is the only practical way of getting compensation, since the tenant is unlikely to volunteer to pay you for it. March 12, 2019, 11:07am #2. My tenant is having a problem completing the reference, Share Your Referencing Question with the Community. This is particularly common if a tenant only narrowly fails one aspect of the reference, or can provide an explanation against any problematic elements. 92% of UK landlords reference their tenants. I would not be ‘assuming’ anything. Although it’s not all over if a tenant fails a credit check, it is necessary for a guarantor to pass their referencing, as a landlord cannot take out Rent Guarantee Insurance without this, should they wish to do so. Of all tenants, students fit the mould of tenant referencing least. Do this as quickly as possible to show that you are prompt and keen to move into the property. I don’t know what Open Rent ask for these days but you could ask to see payslips and a few months worth of bank statements and make up your own mind as Richard said. Getting a tenant reference is not only in the landlord’s interest, but also assures the tenant that their new landlord has a professional approach and is interested in maintaining their property in the best condition. Often, tenants are not responsible for paying any of their bills. A suitable guarantor must be based in the UK, have a good credit history and should have sufficient income to cover their own living costs as well as the tenant’s rent. If you have significant savings that you intend to use to make monthly payments, then the landlord should take this into consideration, but savings won’t contribute to the affordability calculation. Deposit Protection Schemes: a Guide to Custodial & Insured Security Deposits, [INFOGRAPHIC] When Is the Tenant Fee Ban? As a long distance landlord I spoke with as many neighbours as I could and asked if they would take my number in case of a problem. Our referencing process is set up to handle a wide range of circumstances including not being resident in the UK, self-employed applicants and housing benefit claimants. Hi Mr T Annemarie March 9, 2019, 5:45pm #1. What happens with referencing if I skip to contract signing? What is the OpenRent AST/Contract? How do I upgrade from speedy to comprehensive referencing? What is the OpenRent AST/Contract? Or contacting the neighbours they might have his phone number. Even if these are satisfied they are likely to show up on a credit check for some years. Get access to the latest Landlord News & Updates. I have asked her to speak to the landlord I would do it myself if I had his details as is he not the only one who could override their decision oh they take pets and charge a ,£25 monthly fee isn’t there always something OpenRent will inform you of anything you need to do each step of the way. This is where you find out if tenants earn what they told you. The ref agent said it wouldn’t be a problem so why do the letting agent choose to put this in their rules There are a number of reasons for why you may not pass your reference and while some are more serious than others, it is ultimately up to the landlord to determine whether they will take you on as a tenant or not. Think others have had a similar experiences. Return to top. Although a low score raises a red flag initially, if it is caused by these factors, it needn’t be an impediment to your tenancy. Many companies are likely to carry out one or two telephone and email chases per day, but your previous landlord and employer may not understand how urgently a response is needed. There are landlords on here who ask pre-screening questions to try avoid the situation you have just experienced. This is very common and can be easily explained to the landlord – preferably even before referencing begins. I don’t really know what to suggest as these agents have their rules and won’t budge. soon you wont be able to, this is being closed by Openrent. You could try writing to the landlord at the address of the property but obviously he might not go there. Employment. It is possible for a tenant to have a low credit score, and yet still be perfectly able to pay the rent. or they just passed it over to the referencing agency? ), What to do if your tenant fails referencing. Discuss with other tenants and landlords over in the, Filling in an application form for a credit check, Providing details of your employer and previous landlord where applicable. The affordability calculation is designed to tell landlords whether a tenant’s income is high enough for them to take on the rent of the property. The other checks may include a reference from your previous landlord, residency confirmation, affordability calculation and a full credit history check, including any outstanding County Court Judgements (CCJs). To re-market your property, you will need to cancel the tenant's Rent Now application and then we will automatically re-market your property. They move address often and usually have no credit history, meaning they will almost always have a low credit score. That’s a real shame. OpenRent partner with Rentguard to provide an unbeatable referencing service and Rent Guarantee Insurance offer to landlords across the UK! (I don’t know what reference company is used but Rent Guard has terrible reviews.). They’re closing the forum? Just because a tenant fails referencing or a credit check, that doesn’t necessarily mean that letting your property to them is a bad idea. Did you take a holding deposit? Not impressed. I would expect to be compensated for the cost of the referencing checks in a situation as this. Referencing is the best way to get this information. Related articles. In other words, failing referencing doesn't mean you cannot rent the property. You are right there’s always something and sorry for your latest troubles. Some people are good at living on a budget and some are rubbish at it. So much is skewed towards tenants, it is all quite wrong. If they have clearly lied you should be able to reclaim the costs but realistically they would have needed to provide the lies in writing for you to be able to prove it. A failed reference doesn't have to mean a rejection. Being prepared is one of the best ways to make the referencing process quicker. We just ran referencing on potential new tenants and both tenants and guarantor failed the referencing checks. The guarantor takes responsibility for paying the rent if the tenant defaults, protecting you from loss without adding to the tenant’s move-in moneys. What to do if your tenant fails referencing. Students do not fit the mould of tenant referencing because they move address often and most usually have no credit history. My tenants have failed referencing - how do I re-market my property? Trust between a landlord and tenant is important for the tenancy to be successful and should be established from the start. Referencing is useful because it reveals possible problems, but in the end, it is ultimately the landlord’s decision, even if the tenant fails referencing. Landlords in this position often ask the tenant to provide supporting info to them directly, alongside the referencing report, e.g. Finding the right tenants is the main challenge of being a private landlord, and referencing is the best tool at your disposal.

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