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orcus rat source code

Orcus RAT malware is a sophisticated trojan that offers some unusual functions on top of solid basic info-stealing capabilities. In his defense, Revesz claimed that the RAT is, in fact, a legitimate program for remote administration and his company “Orcus Technologies” is a legal business. Orcus has been advertised as a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) since early 2016. © 2020 Palo Alto Networks, Inc. All rights reserved. Attackers use phishing and social engineering to trick victims into downloading an attachment or visiting a link that points to a server that holds the payload. Taking screenshots, recording video from Webcams, recording audio from microphones, and disabling webcam light, Executing remote code execution and Denial-of-Service. An example is provided with the source code as orcus.conf.sample. An Android app for the controller/administration component is also available from Google Play. Meanwhile on Hackforums[. The author also provides a developer package to create the plugins with an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which is an application used by programmers to develop programs. Category: Malware, Threat Prevention, Unit 42, Tags: Orcus, RAT, Schnorchel, Sorzus, Windows, This post is also available in: Malespam emails are meant to come from various businesses such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employees (MBIE) and other regional agencies. Our analysis suggests that ‘Sorzus’ is the main developer of the RAT and ‘Armada’ is mostly responsible for sales and support of the tool. After it was compiled, the ex… Orcus RAT distributed via decoy Word document. Apart from a few exceptions, Orcus RAT malware has a relatively standard but robust feature set for a technologically advanced Remote Access Trojan. Note that Orcus remote access tool does not always make its way into an infected system as described above. organization = {Check Point}, A QR code (Quick Response Code) is a machine-readable code which stores URLs and other information. “A PE32 executable is inside of the ZIP archive. }, @online{point:20190227:protecting:fd60a96, It has all the features that would be expected from a RAT and probably more. In a recent swamp campaign, researchers observed a threatened actor delivering two popular remote access trojans to launch attacks against various organizations against various sectors. Orcus, previously known as Schnorchel, is a Remote Access Trojan — a malware that enables remote control of infected systems. title = {{Orcus – Birth of an unusual plugin builder RAT}}, The delivery vectors vary, ranging from a spear phishing attack using the malware binary with the email, having a hyperlink with a download link to the Orcus malware binary, or even using drive-by download methods. added - remote dekstop move movements added - remote desktop showing cursor movements added - showing active window when client connected immediately updated - send file to disk will show if the file ran successfully or not fixed - send file to disk fixed when executing .ps1 file updated - UAC popup now will run until the user press accept fixed - mutex Orcus has three main components to its architecture: Orcus controller, Orcus Server and the trojan binary which is deployed on a victim machine. url = {https://blog.talosintelligence.com/2019/08/rat-ratatouille-revrat-orcus.html}, language = {English}, bcfb6327240595038ac2933278f3eddfab39fb1162dfcee3ba8e939a9e3729e2, 1080b6ae653dbb4dafe7bad1c73e002fe046a454b5c05926bb17a78d767c761d, fe8f50c4c545debc3d9efe2319ba036b07263b5aa8ebe14c6b7f284ca3fa69ad, 1cd749d048584742d5b25befb6e7342d7388c9d2183a4d624d28e94c06e056f9, b51dbccec9f585459d05130777c4e19673218879de6be6c2ceaf42ce998b1874, 89082a1013435b34bf61fb0aa2a71dee277b537aa301a01ddbf5936a7ea1f5a8, b17d240fb02b247e4c0a682c582a177111d4a4c42aedddda9988f9b3564369eb, 6ff526f2b42aab262f8b688bdcd5dfa09c01d6d741a0c066695183a8402c0d45, 0d53751dafd2dc340ce70bb8345c8fbd1f6a3032471084a5d635ec3406e56bf4, 22fe1d1ed8660fee4ea35ad9f6fc0d8889c9370dc3db6cab48c4fe257d6582cc, 5b005bc2d627ebc2416dd59912137bdf28fa9818f7da07a166a786d1e2a574f2, 7ba03e352bcba476c82540f56ddf3a2164211dcb4344a026777f01ba42c7e671, e3aca9d5e4e666a3b108b21c7f688ae12780fdee74495dfcabd85d16850456f5, a7a3140589414ea1eef53709dcd834144f978624d8238394024cdf60a89638f1, c55768d5d6f2ac3544425b93a7c64f60da2461e26e5dd7c2fa4caa6c6a7f3557, 1bb9564e937d630e246c9bf1aa8a7979e0e64311460b7d5c39bcbb0e22c213f7, d04e19f47d8503b197047a72d83792caf64728189dde8a2f41e606bf83394f0b, f927e4109cd28b23638030715aa3af2f957a506bc7415b64600dcf1a634d3570, 8318214c472b9bd990b010566955a353a3b3631a28dd8276bd5117601689a61b, 5f8454ff80ef8c44ad487aaacacb34ab5b66c6d595d29696f9a1c76b89757d70. It was one of the most popular RATs in the market in 2015. Figure 1: Displays the execution process of the Orcus RAT. By submitting this form, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge our Privacy Statement. The type of phishing campaigns that are spreading these RATs have been deployed widely in the last few years, especially against organizations in highly regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, and government. language = {English}, Danabot is an advanced banking Trojan malware that was designed to steal financial information from victims. Full documentation is available in the orcus.conf man page. language = {English}, This malware often disguises itself as some kind of cheat code or crack so it is mostly delivered to a system as an archive file with the compressed executable file inside. It extracts the Orcus executable from its Resource "人豆认关尔八七".”. Sharpdox is a tool to create C# code documentations and can be hosted on ‘sharpdox.de’. The developer had then named the tool as “Schnorchel”, German for “Snorkel”. In a recent set of campaigns that have targeted a variety of high-profile organizations, one adversary group was using modified versions of both Orcus and RevengeRAT to steal information. Useful information that can be obtained from the analysis can be added to our growing database of cyber threats to help combat internet crime all around the world. Figure 6 shows an example of the methods or functions which are available to the Orcus plugin’s ‘ClientController’ class. A video recorded in the ANY.RUN interactive malware hunting service displays the execution process of Orcus RAT in real-time. To compile the C# source code our sample started Visual C# compiler which, in turn, started the Resource File To COFF Object Conversion Utility. The long list of the commands is documented on their website. date = {2019-04-02}, Though Orcus has all the typical features of RAT malware, it allows users to build custom plugins and also has a modular architecture for better management and scalability. Namely, the RAT in question supports plugins and besides offering the ability to build them, it has a whole library of already created plugins that attackers can choose from. The Orcus sellers also provide very well documented tutorials to create plugins, and also maintain a Github page which has a few sample plugins created. url = {https://blog.fortinet.com/2017/12/07/a-peculiar-case-of-orcus-rat-targeting-bitcoin-investors}, Figure 9 Detection for network analysis tools. date = {2017-12-07}, Researchers can analyze Orcus RAT using the ANY.RUN malware hunting service to study this malware. In addition, Orcus RAT has a modular structure and it gives users the ability to create custom plugins for the malware. Tax-themed Phishing Campaigns. ), Figure 2 Early version of Orcus which was known as “Schnorchel”. To make it easier just type the word "Orcus" in the filename field. The messages contain either a malicious ZIP attachment or a link to an attacker-controlled server where the malware is hosted. The execution process of the Orcus RAT is simple and straightforward. Days after a takedown operation, the Trickbot botnet is back up and running with new C2 servers in Europe and South America. Text reports are useful for demonstration and can be customized by a user to show necessary data.

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