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pele meaning samoan

My friend is half Samoan and her name is Lauina. According to the Australian census of 2006, there were 38,525 speakers of Samoan in Australia, and 39,992 people of Samoan ancestry. There are two common negative particles in Samoan, lē and leʻi (sometimes also written as lei). Now that you’ve got me thinking, I could probably find a few dozen more pretty Samoan names, but we’ll stop here for now. Your daughter’s proposed full name sounds perfect to me. It can mean “Treasure” or “Precious”, depending on how anyone would want to interpret their daughter’s name. They let their talking chiefs (tulafale) do all the deliberating and will only make the final decisions, which they pass along to their tulafale to announce. An existential clause is negated with a complex clause: Mosel & Hovdhaugen (1992, pp. … TAULASEA is another very meaningful one coz it’s a title as well as a name … they’re healers of sorts these “taulasea” women? [8] Thereafter, the greatest concentration is in New Zealand, where people of Samoan ethnicity comprise the largest group after New Zealand European, Māori, and Chinese: the 2006 New Zealand census recorded 95,428 speakers of the Samoan language, and 141,103 people of Samoan ethnicity. Required fields are marked *. Definitions. It can be seen here that sōia means something like "cease what you are doing immediately" while ʻaua means "don’t do that action" (in a general sense). There are exceptions though, with many words ending in a long vowel taking the accent on the ultima; as ma'elega, zealous; ʻonā, to be intoxicated; faigatā, difficult. The samoan word for Grace is talosaga which means its a prayer.. A few diminutives are made by reduplication, e.g. Also, the mixed use of diacritical marks in literature and even within the same publication can surprise non-native speakers. The context in such cases decides the meaning. As with ʻaua, what should not be done is indicated by a verbal complement. mai = from, originate from; maʻi = sickness, illness.[13]. We hope this will help you in learning languages. Get One Samoana updates sent to your inbox: My mom was asked once for baby names, and she came up with a list of monikers that carried so much cultural weight, so much deep sentiment – and then each was rejected because they were either too hard to pronounce or just not ‘pretty’ enough to non-Samoan ears. I’m so happy you’re thinking of Talia as a name for your baby, though, because it really is beautiful. itsbfunny cause white people cant say it, Hey I was just wondering because my brothers name is Lagiselota Solomona Sosaia I was just wandering what is the meaning of his name, Which one? reminds me of the Alagaupu “Ua sausau fia lele le manu nai utufiu” its a story of a tamed bird who was so happy to see wild birds flying that it flapped with Joy in the hope of joining them… its used in Lauga when you are addressing a Happy occasion…. Learn how your comment data is processed. Wow nice Janiesha… let us know what you end up naming the new girl . Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? If you want to learn O oe laʻu pele in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Samoan to English. Samoan language is so beautiful , As for Luka (which I think is a cute variation of your name)… The letter R was not in our original alphabet. When another verb follows leai within the same verb phrase, it functions as a more emphatic negation meaning something like "not at all". Again, thanks for the beautiful suggestion. even in the bible the book of James is “o le tusi o Iakopo” Ili is a fan, from what I understand. ʻO lona sauga muamua , his first coming; mau" to mauga, ʻO le mauga muamua, the first dwelling. The consonants in parentheses are only present in loanwords and formal Samoan. Yes, the evil is flowing nicely. ʻO le taʻelega is either the bathing-place or the party of bathers. I am so curious to know what that means, but he only said it was his grandfather’s name, although he speaks fluent Samoan. tetele. Compound words may have even three or four, according to the number of words and affixes of which the compound word is composed; as tofátumoánaíná, to be engulfed. Hi my name is Fiasosoitamalii and my mother and father told me that I was name after my Grandma. There are some other Samoan girls name I like but ever since I saw the name Manaia on this website we can’t seem to move past it. Sentences have different types of word order and the four most commonly used are verb–subject–object (VSO), verb–object–subject (VOS), subject–verb–object (SVO) and object–verb–subject (OVS).[11][17][18]. How do you pronounce it? (1) Thousands of supporters are waiting to see if their beloved team can beat United for the second time this season. With many Samoan people living in other countries, the total number of speakers worldwide is estimated at 510,000 in 2015. I’m probably late to this discussion thread but hopefully I can get a reply. We called her Lupe for short and it doesnt stop there she has all her girls with samoan names there is Nafanuapapafaotumua and the youngest girl Aliitaeaofaigameailetai… and the stories behind these names i cant stop having my aunt tells it all over again…, Lupe o le Foaga Sausau i Moana Mataniu Feagai ma le Ata…. (8) Tulips are irrepressibly cheerful flowers, and beloved symbols of spring and renewal. Nice. 331), the negative particles follow the TAM particle te (Example 1: e) or the preverbal pronoun (Example 2: ʻou). Maybe someone else can help…? Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? But the word/phrase “tali i lagi” is used a lot in lauga (formal speeches) given by matai in a range of different situations…for example, if they’ve been debating a difficult issue, our chiefs might console each other by saying something like, let’s pray on this and ‘wait on Heaven’ for inspiration. Verbs formed from nouns ending in a, and meaning to abound in, have properly two aʻs, as puaa (puaʻaa), pona, tagata, but are written with one. Fia = desire to … Soso (emphasis on the 2nd syllable)= get closer to … Tamali’i = high ranking matai. “Natia ita i fatualavai” it’s a proverbial saying that comes from a story of how the first Pua’a was brought from Samoa but today it is used as a way of humbling oneself in a meeting of many dignitaries. but Iakopo is more commonly known as Jacob… so yea…. I have a friend who, is Samoan, and her name is Maligi. Does anyone know it’s meaning? Had our baby girl last week and my partner would like to turn back to his samoan roots and he likes the name Talia as listed on this site but living in nz I feel she might spend her entire life correcting people how to pronounce it properly. If you ARE Samoan… even just a little bit…? I know this is an old thread but I need help!!! In Example 2, there is both a preverbal pronoun ('ou) AND a TAM particle following it (te). [21], The first problem that faced the missionaries in Polynesia was that of learning the language of the island, which they intended to convert to Christianity. Christ = "Keriso", January = "Ianuari", number = "numera"), and [l] in others (January = "Ianuali", herring = "elegi"). What is the traditional meaning for it so when she’s born and we go back to visit my family we can become immersed in our native culture? 142, 375). I have a friend who’s name is Liumeitupou she goes by Tupou or just Pou . Awww Isalei is a pretty name – I know it from that one Fijian song. Or they may be reckoned as nouns in the genitive. ʻAua means "don’t do, should not do" and is employed to express commands in both direct and indirect speech. There are two existential verbs in Samoan: iai, "to exist, be present" and the negative equivalent leai [leái] or [le:ái], "to not exist, be absent". Her mom is Fa’afeu Nele Suapaia '; although the sound [k] is found in native words in colloquial speech, it is spelled t. The letter g represents a velar nasal, as in the English word sing, rather than a voiced velar stop, as in the English go. “Pele” is another beautiful Samoan name for girls. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. 376). See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder. Categories: General What does pele mean in English? [24] This means that leai acts as if non-existence is a general fact, rather than linking it to a specific point in time. Plurality is also expressed by internal reduplication in Samoan verbs (-CV- infix), by which the root or stem of a word, or part of it, is repeated. Much like any language, a shift is occurring in the way words are spoken and pronounced, especially as Samoans further integrate with other languages. We have a Chrome Extension and an Android App One of my cousin’s middle name is ‘Moana’, meaning ocean. But that is why I bought this version. Parts of the body - Samoan Language - found using my friend GOOGLE :D. CODE: VT3S Introduce Samoan vocabulary and phrases using this great A3 chart. How do you understand the meaning of your name? Without them, the actual pronunciations of words quickly become altered and lost. O oe laʻu pele Meaning and Samoan to English Translation. anyone???? As discussed above, this sentence does not require a negative particle, because the negative imperative verb is sufficient. See the example from Mosel & Hovdhaugen (1992, pp.56) in the sentence below: E leai ni taavale, aua e lei oo atu i ai ala taavale, GENR {not exist} ART(NSP.PL) car because GENR {not yet} reach DIR LD ANAPH road(SP.PL) car, 'There were not any cars, because the roads did not reach there.'. The reciprocal form of the verb is often used as a noun; e.g. I am expecting my first GrandDaughter and her name is Natia Aulelei, which fits her perfectly! We love the name Manaia, im just wanting to check that this name can be given to a girl or not. Samoan culture is truly beautiful. Okay. It is also the formal register used among chiefs during ceremonial occasions and social rites such as funerals, weddings, chiefly title bestowals and village council meetings. Overshadowing the dignity or prestige of higher-ranking individuals is a grave offense in Samoan culture, so words are chosen very carefully to express individual feelings in a way that acknowledges relative statuses within social hierarchy. may be for you guys. Pele Origin and Meaning. This complex sentence has several examples of negation where the negative particle lē is combined with the preposition o in order to negate an existential clause ("there will be no..."). ; sa alu (verb), teine (subject), fale (object). My name is Nele Logotaeao named after my Great Grandmother and Grandmother respectively. (My name is Vaitu’u.). Ohh, and Ester in Samoan is Eseta. I think ‘Seiaute’ (a hibiscus flower worn behind the ear or in the hair) is a beautiful name, too. I just have one suggestion for anyone naming a child a Samoan name most of the time if you are naming a child a Samoan name you are probably Samoan so alot of these names have not only a meaning in Samoan but family historical reference so if you have alot of family members with the same name there’s probably a reason for that and also there are certain names that belong to certain families…. Rhymes. Also what does Fasila’afai mean? Posted by hamogeekgirl | Samoan Names, Gagana Samoa | 145. Pratt instead gives a rote list of uses and exceptions: Some words take either a or o; as manatu, taofi, ʻO se tali a Matautu, an answer given by Matautu; ʻo se tali ʻo Matautu, an answer given to Matautu. There are approximately 470,000 Samoan speakers worldwide, 50 per cent of whom live in the Samoan Islands. That’s a beautiful name. The name Pele is a girl's name of Hawaiian origin. So Talimailelagi would be tah-lee-meye-lay-LAH-ngee. A couple years ago, an expectant mother asked the natives in the The Ville (One Samoana’s social network at the time) to suggest Samoan names for her new baby girl. Hi Sue, and desperately needing the samoan version of spellcheck ~ LOLLLLL ;~). So I always have old Samoan songs playing on my hour-long drive to work, and this morning I heard a line in one song and for some reason, I immediately thought of your question.

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