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persona q evil spirit club puzzle

Once you reach the yellow arrow from the screenshot above, move one space right (my right from the screenshot), two spaces down (my down from the screenshot) and one space back, leading you back to where you began. There are three in the room ahead, including one blocking the exit in the bottom right corner of the room. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth If you follow the instructions correctly, you should see a message saying, “A low, dull sound echoes from somewhere”, followed by some dialogue. So, when you wake the first FOE up, lure it to the other entrance of the music room. Persona Q Evil Spirit Club 4 Quadrant Clue STUCK! This will wake up the sleeping FOE and it will continue to chase you, but if you go where it initially came from, then you’ll run into another Cute Baby, trapping you. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. After that, turn on the lights to get rid of them and go into the other two rooms to count the lights (2 in top-right and one in the bottom-left). As with the Cute Baby FOE, they don’t show up on the map and don’t appear at all when there’s light around, as they thrive in the darkness. At the red “E” symbol on the map of the labyrinth, you will discover some newspapers. While exploring the 4th floor of the Evil Spirit Club labyrinth in Persona Q, you’re going to encounter a sort of algebra-looking puzzle that you will be required to solve to progress further in the game. You should find three pieces of a ripped paper with … Here, you’ll have a loop in the path, with nothing important being there, as well as two doors. They also become critical for certain puzzles where the player needs to deliver a Dark Key to a locked door without turning on the lights. It doesn’t matter which you choose, as both lead to nothing (read the paper again after your choice). Note: The lights will factor into many things from here on out in this dungeon, so be on the lookout for ways to manipulate the lights on and off. There are two doors that you need to unlock. Once you’re done with the above, look at the first screenshot to find the switchboard to navigate back to it to progress in the game. Straight ahead will be a clue about a puzzle on the floor, so pay attention to it. The labyrinth uses common imagery used in horror films with broken glass and flickering red lights. A complete walkthrough of the game's story. persona-q. If you need more help, you can always sign up for an account at the 3DS Pedia forum and create a topic in the Persona Q section asking for assistance. Take the other southern path that leads southwest and you’ll be in a large area, where you can find another music room and there’s also a few spots where the floor will creak when you step on them. Remember to mark the Reference Room on your map, as you will be going back to it later (right). The first time I got stuck in Persona Q was at the 2nd floor of the Evil Spirit Club labyrinth. This tutorial lets you know how to solve it. – Find the reference room and solve the directions/path puzzle. Head back there and use it to turn on the lights, allowing you to get the Lab Storage Room key nearby. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The door in the upper right leads to both a Power Spot, as well as a shortcut right outside of the South Building door. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Persona Q Evil Spirit Club Floor 2 Puzzle; Persona Q Evil Spirit Club Floor 2 Switch Puzzle; Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . A lock of Niko's hair This tutorial shows you the correct order to walk through the rooms to unlock the door. Form This will lead to another fork, with the northern path bringing you to a Power Spot and the southern one going to an event. On your way, you will discover a subject schedule puzzle. Through the door will be an important area, for two reasons, as there’s a loop on the east end, which leads to a locked door (Lab Storage Room). If you go all the way east, you’ll find a shortcut you can open that will lead you all the way near the beginning, so make sure you do that as it’s always helpful. Labyrinth (Attraction inside Netherworld Yasogami High School) Anyways, go back to the first split and head north this time, which will lead to a door to go through. As the parties come together to seek an escape, a mysterious shadow creeps ever nearer. It culminates when the cast stumbles upon a surgery in progress. Back at the Reference Room, investigate the stack of papers in the lower right corner to find a path you will need to walk. There, they meet Zen and Rei, an odd duo who have lost their memories. After the previous labyrinth is cleared There are three things in this room, so start with the treasure chest to get a Witch Dress . Inaba Pride Exhibit. Background Music After opening the South Building door, you’ll encounter another Cute Baby FOE in front of the next door, so lose it and head through the door it was guarding (there’s nothing else in that room). Appearance With both asleep, you will have to wake them up again to get past the second FOE you lured, but you can make a straight dash to the door they were both blocking. Not only will they make some FOEs disappear, but other ones will avoid moving into the light when chasing you. This is important, as you’ll be introduced to a new FOE in the upcoming area, the Lovely Doll. In the middle of each room is a switch that will activate when you step on it, but you need to do it in the right order and in between the top-left and top-right rooms is a light switch. This is the main puzzle of the floor and the area is separated into four 3x3 rooms, with the top-left and bottom-right having four and three Lovely Doll FOEs, respectively.

Tracy Reed Golf, Fortnite Reading Comprehension Answers, John Robinson Uk, Gta V Skylift Controls, Freshwater Stingray Great Lakes, Southern Star Urban Cruiser Bike, Bu Law Optional Essay, Mini Thins Wikipedia, Anna Tovar Corporation Commission,

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