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ravensthorpe reservoir fishing reports

Highlights from the Hinckley Shield bank match fished at Grafham last Saturday (a triumph against high winds) . The Roundhay Fly Fishers are drawn to the Anglian Water reservoirs like moths to a flame, or perhaps lambs to the slaughter. Our reservoir is a great place for the whole family to relax in and enjoy the pleasures of outdoor life. Before or after 2pm. Martin got a typical good quality fish which took an absolute age to come to the net due to its relentless fight. Ravensthorpe trout fishing is popular with anglers of all abilities, from those just starting out to seasoned anglers who enjoy a challenge. Anglers are advised to book boats in advance to avoid disappointment. Maximum 2 seasons following AWS course. Last week we worked with Mainstream Fisheries on a pilot project to reduce the number of coarse fish in the water. Thank you to everyone who has respected the new rules we have put in place since we reopened earlier this year. Rutland Water, Grafham Water, Pitsford Water, Ravensthorpe Reservoir, Alton Water, Taverham Mill. Lindholme Lakes – NOW COARSE FISHING ONLY, Fishing with style – angling shop in Leeds – get your Fuller’s Earth here, Like pike & predator fishing? Visit River Piker’s website – lots of videos including some great tutorials. 5 . Motoring from one end to the other takes a few minutes whereas covering just one arm of Rutland takes..well, I dunno…a lot longer! Yes, boats are available for hire from our fishing lodge. Here at Ravensthorpe Reservoir we have plenty to offer anglers of all abilities. I’m not getting high and mighty about ‘fish photo thrusters’ , even I do it sometimes, but only because everyone else does . I could see several of those vigorous head shakes that often lead to a parting of company but Stu played him well and I netted him after a couple of failed attempts. Valid from opening dates to 31 January (31 December at Ravensthorpe). When it comes to fishing our waters, children 16 and under fish for free with a full paying adult and sharing the daily and season bag limit. For boat bookings at Ravensthorpe our fisheries team will be available from Monday 1 June to take bookings for the coming months. PE29 6XU. Ravensthorpe Reservoir Fish 904 (season 6,603) Returns 108 (778)Rod average 8.3 (8.4) Ravensthorpe is in outstanding form with a rod average of 8.3 for the week and eight fish of over 6lb. Privacy Policy / Terms of use / Sitemap / Accessibility, Copyright © 2020 Anglian Water Services Ltd All rights reserved, Registered in England No. Valid for competition fishing. Following the recent Government announcement that England will be heading into another national lockdown from Thursday 5th November, we can confirm that our parks will be remaining open for access to the tracks and play parks and we will be providing takeaway services only from our cafes. Please check boat availability with the fishing lodge before setting out on a long journey. Lot of pike, and nice sized ones. Well well well. Our water parks not only bring vital water resources for the region, but they also provide a fantastic day out for all the family. Whether you're looking for an action-packed day on the water, a spot of fishing to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life, or simply want to enjoy a relaxing walk in beautiful surroundings, look no further than our fabulous water parks. We ask that you respect these guidelines and follow them to ensure all our staff and visitors remain safe. 2366656. I’m used to Yorkshire reservoirs which I personally find more scenic and certainly less expensive than Anglian waters but the flip side is that the fish in Anglian reservoirs are in a different class altogether. The first report in this series was on Houghton Lake (Clark et al. No junior reduction. The first rule of RFF club (well, ok, the 2nd rule…) is fish after 5pm don’t count towards the trophy and that was an easy excuse to latch onto to finish at 5pm! A few minutes later THUMP a good solid fish was on. Another fishery review! We are continuing to review which activities can remain open in line with the Government guidelines and will update on these once we have confirmation. alex-v, Apr 6, 2007. alex-v, Apr 6, 2007. There were a few fish showing but nothing prolific and it was some time before the first rainbow was hooked. There wasn’t enough cloud cover so the sun put what little rising fish there were down. Ravensthorpe Reservoir is ideal for anglers of all abilities. Trout fishing at Ravensthorpe is available  from 28 February until 31 December. He directed us over to the ‘tunnel’ on the NW end as that was where he’d been catching during the morning and that was exactly where myself and Stu, and Martin in another boat, headed after we dragged ourselves out of the lodge. 4. The fishing lodge isn’t a massive tackle shop like the ones at Grafham or Rutland but does sell leader and flies, of which we bought a few although the ones recommended to us by a local angler were all sold out, naturally (green Diawl Bach). With the right professional pointers, your catch rate should improve and you’ll enjoy your fishing even more. Stocked in the early 1890s with trout, today Ravensthorpe is stocked with some 8500 rainbow trout each year. Although the bookings were full for the week with 140 anglers booked, unfortunately only 87 anglers fished due to last minute cancellations. Pleasure fishing only (not permitted to be used with fishing competitions). Larger fish, up to 15lb are stocked too. Where is this reservoir that you are mentioning. 2366656. The rest of the afternoon was, to be honest, boring. We are pleased to inform you we will be re-opening to anglers on Tuesday 2nd June 2020. We would like to remind all visitors to continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines during visits to our parks. Given the relatively shallow water, dry fly fishing is popular and early season buzzer fishing is exceptional. After subtracting the weight of the wet the fish topped the scales at 5 1/2 lbs although because Stu isn’t thrusting the fish out in front square on like all other fish photos it doesn’t look that big. Trout fishing at Ravensthorpe is available from 28 February until 31 December. What a belting fish! Valid all day from 1 November, Senior citizen - One fish limit plus catch & release at Ravensthorpe, Senior citizen boat hire every Tuesday throughout the season & Thursdays throughout July & August (Single-manned), We are pleased to inform you we will be re-opening to anglers on. We recommend you book in advance though as they are popular among anglers. The fish are absolute top drawer and it’s just a nice place all round with very helpful staff. Plese visit our park pages to find out what restrictions are in place for Covid-19 before travelling. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including largemouth bass, warmouth, bullhead, perch, pumpkinseed sunfish, northern pike, white bass, rock bass, smallmouth bass, carp, bream/bluegill, walleye and crappie here. Also, the weather was gash when we arrived but the guy in the lodge couldn’t have been more helpful, making us all a brew whilst we waited for a gap in the weather. Just look at those bad boys, 2 types of salami, some pepperoni, red Leicester and Jalapenos….get in! I caught them right and left, up and down, just non-stop for days on end. Try your hand at catching huge pike in Northamptonshire's most untapped water. Stu and I plugged away with various buzzers and nymphs on a floating line but all was quiet for us until 12:13 (God bless Exif data!) Information and Operating Procedures for all anglers. Ravensthorpe is a good fishery and in some respects my favourite Anglian water. I got a snap with my phone whilst putting it back because I love that topside view of a well marked rainbow against the water.

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