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sam simon net worth atlas oil

Jobs. But before he agreed to sell, he said, ‘I have to believe in you,’ and I said, ‘I won’t let you down.’ I still have his letter when we paid off the whole thing. The SGH Investment management team is involved in venture capital and private equity funding. Then we’ll go back and try to incorporate those things into our strategic plan.”. It’s hard to believe that it’s already Novembe, @casamaraclub founder @jjlavalla ditched his corpo, From world-class sushi and killer burgers to funky, Tap the in our to meet Detroit artist known, 20 Questions with Shoe Designer Eric Lowry, Metro Detroit Wine Spectator Restaurant Award Winners, 220 Merrill Serves Up an Iconic Experience Every Time, Birmingham Shopping District: Work-From-Home Fall Fashion, Holistic Support: How Cranbrook is Boosting Students’ Health and Wellness During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Advanced Organisational Design Masterclass. You have to understand the trends before you make a deal and understand that each industry’s trends are different. Close. It’s a way for us to leverage different parts of those supply chain or technology solutions. He even goes so far as to examine the culture of any prospective partners before their financial metrics, to ensure they fit well with SGH’s own culture. We connect the people, places, businesses and events in local communities through inspiring storytelling, unique experiences and mobile commerce. “I love spending time with my family and can’t wait to go home and see my kids for dinner and spend time with them.”, As for the future, Simon says one day he can envision himself moving to Napa Valley to become a winemaker. Do your due diligence on the people and the customers. There will always be problems. It’s about people. When he was 19, Sam struck out on his own, founding Atlas Oil in 1985. “It’s a huge reward when you see your team successfully growing with you, and seeing your company’s opportunities growing. If you want the ideal example of an immigrant achieving the American Dream, look no further than Sam Simon, founder and chairman of Simon Group Holdings and Taylor-based Atlas Oil.. Simon came to America from Armenia at age 9 with his parents and four … This requires stand-by response in case of generator failure, as well as customers that provide socially critical roles, such as hospitals, telecommunications, utilities and Fortune 500 organizations. We call it one plus one equals 11. If we can’t improve anything in a business, it’s probably not a good investment. That means if we connect the dots, we look at strategic alliances and strategic people and ways we can enhance the business. Perhaps inspired by the community’s generosity when his family first arrived in the US, Sam has instituted an extensive CSR program. He didn’t want welfare. Go all the way down to the receptionist, who will tell you a lot more. I knew you were going to pay it off.’. "I don't even see the box," said Simon, chairman and CEO of Atlas Oil Co. "Once you see the box, you're still in the box." “We constantly get in the room with strategic partners and suppliers,” says Bob. That’s our job. He bought the company in 1979 during the oil embargo for the trucks in his facility. He lets people learn lessons the right way,” he said. Shell said, ‘No, we can’t supply diesel.’ But I don’t take no for an answer.”, He found a diesel supplier and bought a truck, maxing out his credit cards to the tune of $30,000 to get started. Simon Group Holdings (SGH) was created in 1985 with the founding of Atlas Oil Company by Sam Simon. SGH adopts a similar attitude internally, as is easy to see by its preference for team players with keen entrepreneurial spirits. Sam and his wife, Nada, have a personal foundation as well, which focuses on the military, children and education. Today, it's a $2 billion-a-year business headquartered in the historic former St. Clair Edison building in downtown Birmingham. Best Cities for Jobs 2020 NEW! Because for Sam, money isn’t everything. I asked him what he really wanted to do. Instead, they took on jobs (at newspapers, for example) to support themselves and contribute to society, despite the bullying and cultural differences the young Sam faced. At the time, all the family had was a US$200 debt for their flights and basement accommodation in the home of Sam’s father’s friend. Once he jumped in, he was all in.”. Someone sent me a note saying that you would send me a couple copies. This is indicative of the way SGH’s collaboration with its partners is deeply interconnected. I wanted to purchase a couple of copies of SEEN July 2017 to send up to my my Chateau Chantal Winery but could not find a store to purchase it, even Barns and Noble. Sometimes, people have to do a deal. But if you believe in that person, in that leader and you believe they have the capacity to grow and do well, that’s what I care about.”. SGH has 120 direct investments and 15 companies in sectors including commercial fuel supply and distribution; oil field services; logistics and transportation; commercial and residential real estate; aerospace and defense; technology; and turnkey modular housing. He passed his work ethic to his children. He, Nada, and their twin 16-year-old boys, Peter and Michael, live in a newly built home in Bloomfield Hills (complete with a beautiful wine cellar) — a short ride away from his Birmingham office. It’s what he looks for when he’s growing a business, making a deal or studying an investment opportunity. Around the same time, he started Simon Group Holdings, which has more than 120 companies and direct investments. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “What motivates me is seeing people’s success,” says Sam. Again, it’s all about people and customers. See Sam Simon's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. If not, you’re going to fall apart. I enjoy it with wine and people.”. His dad went to work at a friend’s gas station in Detroit at Six Mile and Hoover. You have to get better at every single thing you do. “Sam bets on people, and I’m that guy,” said Kenyon, who started as a retail district manager 20 years ago “with a lot of enthusiasm and not much experience.”, Atlas Oil is no longer just an oil distribution company, Kenyon said. “They’re so loud you can’t talk. “There is always a risk in everything that you do. Through it all, Sam hasn’t forgotten where he came from. Opportunities began to open up for his family. Sam Simon started Atlas Oil Co. in 1985 with a single truck. Jobs; Top Jobs at Atlas Oil; ... Sam Simon. Evans started as an assistant in 1996 and is now senior managing partner of SGH. It’s about sharing, about giving, about conversation,” he said.

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