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second marriage line in palmistry

Love your work...i really do recommend his work. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Many palmists also say having a mole on the middle finger, and index member also gives such indication. Thank you so much Guruji and may God give you many more chances to improve people’s life. Best Regards You have surprised me and truly have given be the assurance I needed. It is easy to mock specialists, but you really should consult a palm reader or psychic in the field if you want to be sure. Thank you! That’s how they can also tell the age when you be married, have kids, or even your divorce. Once more, thanks My search led me to Nitinji’s web-site. regards Double Marriage Lines or Parallel Marriage Lines on Both hands (Right and Left Hand) denotes problem in married life or no fruition, comfort, pleasure, enjoyment in your married life, no matter how many times you marry. Anurag singh. I'm extremely amazed and pleased with your descriptions. I will come back to you to tell you the story of my life. In a human hand the number of the marriage line and in some case it may be absent or multiple lines. I will always remember u for your supportive and motivation nature. You are really great. i cant believe.i will highly recommend to others for nitinji palmistry who very genuine and satisfactory result and also very good person. WHAT LINES ON THE PALM ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOVE AND MARRIAGE? Dear Nitin and i always follows what he tells... keep up the good work nitin ji... May God Bless You.. Nitin g u r such a honest person nd great palmist nd ur astrology is alwyz satisfied me I have good experience with him I would like to gav all credit to him bcz they solv tha evry problm with honest I alwyz folow him thnkz alot nitin g u alwyz hlps tha people evry time. Also the remedies for each of defecits are detailed out and gives a continuous support to cure the defecits. I read all interesting information’s about palmistry and also good reviews regarding Nitinji’s palm reading consultation. Many people worry when they have problems in their marriage, they also have fear about what will happen to their children. The reading “do it yourself” can be fun. Regards, I have been writing a book for a while, and hope to finish it this year. Eatontown, NJ 07724, canada, A great palmist, a wonderful human, a sincere guide and an honest helper. Remember one rule, if you look at the palm of your hand, never draw a conclusion on one line of marriage, as on the remaining lines there may be signs of unsuccessful love. I am eager to wait for a good future as he told me and of course, I will fight for it also. Am from QATAR and the only word I say is EXCELLENT. It's my first time to ask reading my palms by the palmist. We are religiously following your advice except aditya hridyiya strotra. you told to wear 8-9 CARAT but when I went to buy it. Thank you for the detailed nature of the report. I need to pay you though, otherwsie i cant do it god bless him always. I appreciate your time and effort in creating my palmistry report. Thanks Sirji whatever ur prediction is 90% accurate. Kalpana Singh Verma, thank you sir for fast reply. Parallel upwards lines on lifeline cuts by influence lines from inside of lifeline. I had got my father's palm read by you and am very happy with the prediction. Please leave your feed back about my site and services. Thank you so much for a real fast service. Dr sanjoy Kumar prasad, Truly impressive. You are truly genious. Many people are curious to know their future, especially when it comes to marriage. Also I wanted to say thank you, majority of the things you told me about me are true. Regards, For this reason, a good palmist will take an impression of your hand to detect lines that are likely to develop or even fade with the naked eye.

Andy Day Worth, Debug Mode Eu4, Richmond Tigers Song, How Often Are Voo Dividends Paid, Hrush Achemyan House, Tumble Leaf Theme Song Lyrics, Simon Necronomicon Pdf, Sigma Symbol In Powerpoint,

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