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sheitel vs tichel

I loved this post. With the passage of time the community of Frankfurt changed for the better. On the days when I’ve had a shetiel on all day, I also tend to switch to something more comfy at night. You should also see to it that others act in a like manner, explaining to them that this is the path and segulah to health, sustenance and true nachas from children. (I’m refering to personal difficulty as opposed to that from other people) I am seriously considering it after i convert. In response to your letter where you write about a sheitel that in the religious community where you now live this is not the custom. If she does so, then surely it is well. As to your inquiry about the difference between covering one's hair with a sheitel and covering one's hair with a kerchief: The difference is simple indeed. Cute, I’m reading this instead of doing homework. Thanks so much for stopping by! I like the “floppy beret” description for a snood. The tichel or snood is the most honest of the approaches to covering the Ervah because it accomplishes what it set out to do. Can’t handle the sheitel pressure on my head all day long. V, p. 232. Of course, if none of those are your style, you could always go for something like this: it was Purim, people One should not ask, I know of a woman who does not wear a sheitel and still things go well for her regarding children, health, and sustenance, as well as life in general. Informational, humorous – a Rivki classic! I love those. However, it is surely unnecessary to point out that every person may have a particular weakness, and if one is to follow the principle "He is wise, who learns from every person," he will be wise to learn from only the person's strong and positive qualities and not from his weak ones. Tichels take a slightly higher amount of effort to put on, and so I will don one when I feel like investing an extra couple of minutes in my appearance. I watched a movie about a young Orthodox Jewish woman, and her friend. This is based on Numbers 5:18, where the laws of the Sotah, the suspected adulteress, are discussed. As in other cultures, law and custom evolve from an undestanding and commitment to an ethical standard.Halachic structures and substructures have their place, but are supported by a bedrock of ethical teachings. I wore snoods more when I was newly married, but my style and preferences have evolved so that I don’t wear them much anymore (no offense to snoods). They are not called tichels because tichel usually apply to a basic scarf or triangles. I use be velvet headbands or volumizers under my tichels. Moreover and this too is quite simple and very understandable: "G‑d fills heaven and earth," and finds Himself with man in all places and at all times. Second of all, we are not to look at what is happening with the other; we are to do that which G‑d commanded us to do. Ooo, berets! haha, glad to aid in the procrastination. Also, does everyone who wears a shietel shave their head? If they’re too big, I feel like it looks sloppy and dwarfs my head. Specifically on the question of a sheitel let me quote here the words of the holy Zohar (III, 126a) which are quoted in Mishnah Brurah , and I will quote only the positive results mentioned there omitting the negative aspects: "Her children will be superior... her husband will be blessed with spiritual and material blessings, with wealth, children and children's children.". The Lubavitcher Rebbe strongly encouraged women to cover their hair with wigs. This is not a real objection, nor a valid one, and it is rather based on the "opinion" of others. Thanks, Joan! Observer and commentator of the Jewish ethical,religious and social landscape. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Good writing, humourous and very informative. What’s the book? This is all almost Greek to me..I mean Jewish! By obsessing to the extreme and with blind obedience to halacha which has beeen rendered static, the spirit of ethical Judaism has been depleted. Like a snood and tichel, they are a distinctly Jewish hair covering, and I don’t think anyone but Orthodox ladies wear these. Excerpt from Igros Kodesh, Vol. I’m tracking quite well, though. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! yes, Arranged was well made and had a great message also.. Really liked it…watched it twice! I don’t think making charts is a strong suit of mine…, And, yes, I became frum later in life (after college, to be exact). This site believes that there is a serious malais in the Jewish community resulting from the inversion of this paradigm. That and the endless accessorizing possibilities. You don’t need to tie them or anything. I don’ t sheitel at all. This is not so with regard to people even those who lively extremely close are not always close at hand. Guaranteed. When the hair is covered with a kerchief and one meets a non-religious friend or acquaintance, then quite often the kerchief "slides up" or disappears altogether into the pocket. That got me thinking -- again, as always -- about head coverings and what they mean. Reply, According to Jewish law, a Jewish married woman is required to fully cover her hair. At the time of the Chasam Sofer, the minhag started to change, and women began covering the hair with a sheitel, but the Rabbonim did not like it (including the Chasam Sofer who was very much against it). I will be more than happy to help everybody find the mitpachat that fits her best. Especially so, since as you write that she will cut her hair and that both of you agree to this, then this is the best possible way. I wish I had more time to read all the blogs I’d like to get to! Change ). 330-331. And then you can read them. I’ve heard about the grip band, and so glad it’s working for you. Once these teachings and its system begins to erode, the halachic constructs lose their potency and ultimately their value. The mitpachat on your page are very lovely indeed. It is not necessary to go in the streets loudly proclaiming "I am religious," but ... who is one embarrassed of? I know people who only wear them, but they seem to be a dying breed. And yes, it is awesome to be able to opt out of hair fuss. I’ve had success finding hats at H&M as well as at Target. I’m not a snood person, which can be described as a floppy beret. Netted, tatted, knitted, crocheted, or knotted, they typically have a woven appearance. However, any place where there are lots of frum ladies, there will be at least one snood. Those are some choices of non-sheitel hair-coverings. We verily observe that wearing a hat or even a kerchief leaves part of the hair uncovered, at least for a short while, i.e., causing one to transgress a major prohibition, as explained in Shulchan Aruch , Orach Chayim ch. Just have a look at our facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/judithdeparis In response to your request for a blessing that it should be a "Chassidic home," surely you on your part are doing whatever you can to affect her in this spirit.

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