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Texas elementary school's active shooter drill goes horribly wrong — and the school says it's police's fault. And this failure will give the big tech companies more cover to suppress and limit the reach of conservative websites, while ignoring faults and actual fake news from liberal ones. Virtually all (possibly all) these "fact-checking" services are staffed by ex-mainstream media people who have been laid off by those companies due to budget cuts. Snopes used to serve a semi-useful purpose on the internet. Indeed, Italy’s exceptionally high coronavirus mortality rate is eerily reminiscent of their unusually high flu mortality rates. Trump Pays a Special Visit to Thank His Campaign, Bakeries With Track Records of Correctly Predicting Elections Show Clear Winner, Biden Campaign Manager Doesn't Sound Hopeful About a Couple of Battlegrounds, Black Trump Supporter Reacts to Maxine Waters Saying She Will 'Never' Forgive Black Trump Voters, Florida Gov. Ferguson is the son of Branden and Jennifer Ferguson, according to his bio on Team USA’s website. It’s been one month since our country declared a national coronavirus emergency and life as we knew it had ceased. Like U.S. teammate Danny Davis, he eschews the “spin-to-win” mentality that has dominated the halfpipe scene over the years in favor of stylish, technical tricks done well above the lip of the pipe. “Featuring the riding of friends from around the world Alex Lopez, Jared Elston, Curtis Ciszek, Manuel Diaz, IIka Backstrom, and Gabe Ferguson. But it’s obvious that the whole thing is fabricated because the story is labeled as satire on the website that originally published it. Snopes has turned itself into an internet punchline by repeatedly "fact-checking" obvious satirical articles from a site that is well known for publishing only satirical articles — the Babylon Bee. It's a tough reality. A routine review of content labeled satire. “District Attorney Biography.” Snopes' latest self-beclowning at the hands of the Babylon Bee concerns this satirical article lampooning Georgia state Rep. Erica Thomas, who claimed that a white man verbally assaulted and abused her in a Publix grocery store, telling her to "go back" to where she came from. She is too stupid to be in Congress much less run for President, It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission…shoot first…ask questions later….this women is a TOTAL MORON, New Bill Would Require Officers to Call Supervisor Before Drawing Weapons, Legislation Sponsored or Cosponsored by Kamala D. Harris. The failure to appreciate or even understand the conservative worldview is the reason the supposedly objective fact-checkers spend an overwhelming percentage of their time perusing the right-leaning web for mistakes, even resorting to fact-checking obvious conservative satire, while largely ignoring the fever swamps on the left, which are just as rife with errors and conspiracy theories, if not more so. SUBSCRIBE ►. We always have an ethical responsibility to ensure when filing a case we can meet the high burden of proving the case to a jury and prove the facts underlining the alleged criminal offense beyond a reasonable doubt. The photograph isn't new, the card likely doesn't belong to Malia Obama, and no evidence connects it to Hunter Biden. Viral images of Exxon gas station signs were shared in October 2020, ahead of Election Day. There, readers left comments such as, “She is too stupid to be in Congress much less run for President” and, “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission…shoot first…ask questions later….this women is a TOTAL MORON.”. I don't see a reason to do it because of a lower-risk epidemic.”. Thomas later backtracked on those claims and then surveillance video pretty conclusively established her as a liar. v. Is there an articulable reason why another statute wouldn’t adequately address the particular incident?”, Oh. BEN FERGUSON: QUALIFIEDNow that Ben Ferguson is officially on the US Olympic Team, we wanted to share his story on how he got there. Factors to consider in making this determination: i. The last couple years have been really good for me, I’ve made a lot of progress in my riding, been doing better in contests and filming videos. There are no real winners in this contest. An unfounded online rumor that a Melania-lookalike appeared at an event in the first lady's stead was based on a distorted video. Questions were raised on cable news about whether hospitals have financial incentives to diagnose patients with COVID-19. Watch TheBlaze live and on demand on any device, anywhere, anytime. Americans lost their jobs and businesses went under because the United States, along with most first world nations, acted on the chilling predictions of a severely flawed model, a reading of Professor Ferguson’s tarot cards. An obvious joke. Now that we see the actual data, continuing the closure course is a greater error, a knowing error, one that can no longer be justified by good intentions. — reporting on what happened in the exact same way both of these left-wing outlets do. But then they sat. This is his first Olympic appearance and we're stoked to see him…, Ben Ferguson wins Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe bronze | X Games Aspen 2018, Ben Ferguson wins the bronze medal in Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe at X Games Aspen 2018. A bogus story about new regulations on police officers has stirred up anger on social media and has been presented as legitimate news by a nationally syndicated talk-radio show. "If you cheat [at golf], you will be the loser, because you are cheating yourself," the actor once wrote. “When Bachelor built us a pipe, it was like, holy moly, we’re actually doing this,” Gabe Ferguson told The Bulletin. Several blogs have reposted the story as though it were legitimate news, and “The Ben Ferguson Show,” which is aired on more than 70 radio stations across the country, according to the show’s website, posted the story among news articles on its official site. Ferguson has been on the pro tour for several years and has competed in five X Games, winning a bronze medal in SuperPipe in 2018 and a silver medal in 2016. But that’s what makes it fun, when you can overcome difficulties and learn something new. “We’ve always been and will always just be brothers on a mountain. There's only one possible explanation: Snopes and the people who work there clearly understand why The Onion is a joke, and assume that everyone else does, too. That's not exactly a vital service, but it is at least a little bit useful. Expansion begins exponentially but fades quickly after about eight weeks,” Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel concluded. It was exciting and intimidating at the same time,” he told The Bend Bulletin about his time snowboarding as a kid on Mt. Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel concludes in his analysis summary paper that the data from the past 50 days indicates that the closure policies of the quarantine countries can be replaced by more moderate social distancing policies. You see, the big tech companies have responded to criticism from Democrats about the proliferation of "fake news" by contracting with so-called fact-checking companies like Snopes to flag articles that are "false" and de-rank websites in searches and social media distribution that publish "false" articles. Prosecutors routinely exercise broad discretion in deciding whether to charge individuals suspected of having committed crimes, and how to charge individuals who may have committed several criminal offenses in one action. “These People Want to Convince Everyone That Looting is A-Okay.” “It was pretty wild. And in case you are a humorless liberal and miss the fact that it's a joke, the banner in your web browser as you load the Babylon Bee says: "The Babylon Bee: Your Trusted Source for Christian News Satire." But one officer says no way. By our count, there are eight states that specifically allow for early voters to change their votes. A: In most states, no.   Red State. The factors outlined in the policy are similar for our review of [other] criminal offenses — examining the intent and reasons why a crime was committed along with all the other available evidence.”, The function of Becton’s document was to provide her prosecutors with black-and-white guidelines in order to help them decide whether to charge an arrested person with looting, or charge them with the underlying burglary or theft offenses. Was this theft offense substantially motivated by the state of emergency, or simply a theft offense which occurred contemporaneous to the declared state of emergency? It's done. Those guidelines were real, and the document was authentic. Driven by his pure passion for snowboarding, Ferguson documented his year for World of X Games. Still.”, Ben Ferguson: Dropping Next – FULL EPISODE | World of X GamesHailed as one of the next big things in snowboarding, halfpipe rider Ben Ferguson has earned the respect of snowboard judges and peers alike. Mr. President, please review Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel’s research and take bold steps to mitigate the damage to our economy. Ferguson and filmmaker Tyler Orton documented a year in his snowboarding career in a short film called “Hail Mary.” You can watch the film below: Ben Ferguson: Hail Mary – FULL VIDEO | World of X GamesIntroducing "Hail Mary," a snowboard short by Burton team rider Ben Ferguson and filmmaker Tyler Orton. Dudes are definitely a little stressed out and want to put down runs. The Alamo City Trump Train Facebook Group was used to organize the convoy's movements. Legislation Sponsored or Cosponsored by Kamala D. Harris. Here’s what you need to know about Ben Ferguson: Ben Ferguson was born in Indiana and moved to Bend, Oregon, when he was young, according to NBCOlympics.com. Ben Ferguson's Dropping Next show will air Sun., Oct. 29 on ABC. The fast food chain had previously announced it would be cutting 12 other items from the menu. A few years later he joined Burton Snowboards’ junior team after putting together a “sponsor me” video and uploading it to YouTube. A meme circulating on Facebook caused some to believe that the state had issued holiday rules. I didn’t really know what I was doing. What was the nature/quantity/value of the goods targeted? Ben Ferguson is an American snowboarder competing in the halfpipe for Team USA at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Ye might be celebrating a little prematurely. Ferguson told NBC he is looking forward to the excitement that comes with competing in the Olympics.

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