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Powered by WordPress using DisruptPress Theme. Don’t forget to visit TV Rocker for all of the latest exciting news on all of your favorite daytime television soaps. It's a foundation.". I also write for The Destination Seeker and run my own news website. Alex and Emma are the youngest at thirteen years old, and they are known for being the big balls of energy and laughter in the family. All rights reserved. In anticipation of the return of their reality television show, "7 Little Johnstons'" new season, Amber opened up about her marriage, the show, and how she and Trent were handling being parents to their five kids. Now let’s back up to all the mudslingers… Anna loves college, except that she had to leave early due to COVID-19 and finish all courses online. What did you think of Trent and Amber in their Halloween performance? As usual, fans asked when the show returns. Trent said: "Those things you don't hear these days anymore. Fans loved the video that the 7 Little Johnstons parents shared. Now, in celebration of Halloween, they went all out. He admitted that they did get a little criticism on social media with people wondering why their grown-up kids were still required to say "ma'am" and "sir." Trent got very upset about how fans of the show think that they have their favorites. Sorry, Trent and Amber but you guys are getting this wrong for your daughter.” Trent got very angry with fans and told them time and again that Anna is special and they hold her to a higher standard because they know she can do it. Trent and Amber share five children, two of which are their biological kids — Jonah and Elizabeth. Anna is only a year younger than her big brother, Jonah, and she was adopted from Siberia at the age of four. Amber admitted that she and her husband were strict parents, but Trent pointed out that there was a difference between being strict and rude, and being strict and disciplined. Like Joah failed 1st year and gets a free pass but she gets shipped off without a say at all. 7 Little Johnstons mom and dad, Amber and Trent see their kids grow up these days. There was an instant attraction between them. Anna’s winning and Mom and Dad are too! This is when the fans started in on Amber and Trent about how they treat her very differently. The 41-year-old mom of five admitted that having a full house with kids of different personalities put a heavy strain on their relationship, but it was only a challenge that they would overcome. TLC ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Spoilers: Family Decisions With Anna – Trent Johnstons Slams Haters, For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit. Required fields are marked *. "7 Little Johnstons" first premiered in March 2015, and it follows the lives of the largest family living with Achondroplasia Dwarfism, in the world. A post shared by official 7 little Johnstons (@team7lj) on Oct 24, 2020 at 2:10pm PDT. Well, Amber won’t let that stop her and her husband from enjoying it. He posted a lengthy post on the fan page, “Live I’ve said thousands of times. ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev DONE – What Happened? Karen Fairchild Married Her Bandmate Jimi Westbrook — inside the Little Big Town Family. May 26, 2020 | by Oyin Balogun. Together, Trent and Amy have 5 children 2 biological: Jonah and Elizabeth and three adopted children: Anna, Emma, and Alex. Three and a half years later, they got married. October 25, 2020 by Jane Flowers 0 Comments. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Her caption on a video clip noted, “channeling our inner….•Dolly & Kenny• #kidsdontdohalloweenanymore #nowitsourturn.”. Joe Rogan Recommends Exercising Today, But Not For the Reasons You Might Think! Tags: 7 Little Johnstons, TLC, Trent and Amber, Trent and Amber Halloween, Your email address will not be published. With both of us feeling that and knowing that we don't give up.". All articles, images, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Fans really like Trent and Amber, and they seem grateful that they often get nice comments from their followers. The TLC show has very often been compared to "Little People, Big World," another show airing on TLC that focused on another unique family of dwarves, The Roloffs. Actually, it;s hilarious and lots of people just loved it. And, Kenny made for a realistic, if over the top Dolly. He did break down and say that Anna is a lot different than their other kids and sometimes she needs more attention. We know this more than any show will share or any viewer will understand. '7 Little Johnstons' Stars Amber and Trent Met over 25 Years Ago — Inside Their Marriage . You 2 are the best!!! For comparison, we embedded the original here for you to see how well Trent and Amber carried it off. Amber and Trent Johnston, saw for the first time through "Little People," an organization that brings people with dwarfism together. TLC '7 Little Johnstons' spoilers finds that fans got very defensive when they saw the way Trent and Amber Johnston have started to treat Anna Johnston and the other children. Alex Jones’ Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) Episode Soars Past 11 Million – Spotify Defends Jones’s Right To Be On Podcast, ‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers For November 4: Adam Crosses the Line with Chelsea; Lauren Connects with Sally; Sharon and Rey Discuss Wedding Plans. © 2020 - Daily Soap Dish. Trent got very upset about how fans of the show think that they have their favorites. This included that their kids were required to refer to them as "ma'am" and "sir." It may not mean something to some people, but it means a lot to us. A post shared by Trent Johnston (@trentjohnston7lj) on Jun 2, 2020 at 3:59pm PDT, One fan wrote, “Is it just me or is Anna getting the short end of the stick? The relationship had been Amber's first relationship, which made their love story even sweeter. TLC ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Johnston and Nursing School, TLC ‘7 Little Johnstons’ Spoilers: Jonah Johnston’s Struggles, TLC ‘7 LIttle Johnstons’ Spoilers: A Tech Free Retreat, Amber Johnson…, TLC ‘7 LIttle Johnstons’ Spoilers: Trent Johnson opens Up About Jonah….

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