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w123 differential rebuild

1981-1982, 380SLC, M116, 2.47, 1.3 Liter But any stock 300CD c123 (w123) ought to be a turbo. So I guess I am going to switch the transmissions back once i find the 722.04. and a 300SE w126 or w140? Mercedes-Benz cars, mint condition and/or extreme boost, Changing differential w115:  http://mbturbo.com/how-to-change-final-drive-w115/, Changing differential w123: http://mbturbo.com/how-to-change-final-drive-w123/, LSD differentials:  http://mbturbo.com/lsd-differentials, Differential overhaul:  http://mbturbo.com/overhauling-a-differential/. So can I assume a decrease from a 3.07 to a 2.24 would yield about a ~30% drop in RMP’s? USA 2.24 with/without ASR those might very well be easier to obtain, cheaper, and be better to build on. 1981-1985, 300TD, OM617.952, 3.07, 1.1 Liter I’m planning an engine swap, my little 240 needs some more pep! This is because the yoke/flange are of a different size. yes. 1972-1980, 350 SL/SLC, M116, 3.46, 1.1 Liter 1.3 Liter, Years, Model, Engine, Differential Ratio, Differential Case Size 1977–1981, 280E/280CE M110, 3.58, 1.1 Liter yes, any of the diffs from a r107 up to 1985 should fit. 722.1. The differential is the same on a w1114, w115, w116, w123 and w126 (first generation) a first generation w126 diff will fit on a w114,but wont fit on a 1986 w126. Thanks! I am thinking about changing the complete rear end sub frame with either w114, w123, w126 (or whatever I can actually get my hands on) since it might be the easiest fit, but really not sure what diff ratio should I aim for. Are all ’85 300Ds equipped with the 2.88 ratio diff? The plan is to make smooth low rev cruising car for comfortable speeds at about 60-80MPH or say 2500-3000rpm… Please help me, point me to the right direction. so its not super far of from stock, but stock is fucking horrible, so i would swap it as soon as possible :P like 70km/h is the absolute top one wants to drive the car :P, the engine is screaming, its a pain in the ass, i dont know if you have an automatic and is missing the fourth gear? i have a w126 SEC with a om605 turbo and a 2.47, and since its a fivespeed i net out at about 1600rpm at 60mph, its a tad to low for those speeds, but 130-140km/h + its darn sweet. 1982-1983, 380 SEC, M116.963 3.8L V8, 2.47, 1.3 Liter I have a 1991 300e-24, 124.031 chassis (m104.980 engine with 722.359 gearbox) and I need a new differential. 1991, 350 SD, OM603.97 3.5L I6, 2.82, 1.3 Liter I want to put that ratio into my ’84 300TD and I’ve found a guy parting out an ’85 300D. Clue me what to do. I had to modify the hole on the subframe they were too far out. If you are switching to a final drive from a v8 to a car without v8, you have to switch the yoke, and with that the “spacer washer”. If you are switching to a final drive from a v8 to a car without v8, you have to switch the yoke, and with that the “spacer washer”. BenzWorld.org forum is one of the largest Mercedes-Benz owner websites offering the most comprehensive collection of Mercedes-Benz information anywhere in the world. 1978–1985, 280TE, M110, 3.58, 1.1 Liter, Years,Model, Engine, Differential Ratio, Differential Case Size, 1981-1984, 300 SD, OM617.951 3.0L I5, 3.07, I’ve got a Mercedes 500 sec 1991 I’m after a 3.69 or slightly lower ratio all I need to know is which Mercedes model it would come out of I just need the gears and pinion, the closest straight fit is a 3.46 from a 300SE, althou you need to swap the yoke/flange for the flexdisc since the v8 has a bigger one. Any chance you know what diff ratio I need for this slightly rare, 24-valve engine? 1987-89 3.27 No ASR I found an ’80 300CD with what seems to be a strong engine, fairly clean. 1991-92 3.06, E320/280 – 124.028 / 124.032 / 124.0992 – 210mm if you more RPM, the only option i can think of would be fitting a 4.08 or 3.92 diff from a w115 220d/200gasser, in the housing of a 300SE (that has the smal housing, compared to the big housing you have today). Hi i have a 300d and I’m swapping the engine of a 300se should I use the dif on the 300d or off the 300se. The W111 diff’s are generally 4.08 on US cars, and 3.85 or 3.69 on Euros. the 300SE 6.3 differential is 2.82 i think, and that is the lowest, but those are extremely rare on the other hand, if you find a ratio at 3.27 or 3.23 or something alike, please post and il update with those ratios aswell, The w108 w109 w110 w111 w112 and w113 ring gear and pinions were interchangeable, I am trying to find a economical source for a ring gear and pinion for my W111 of a ratio of 3.27 so at about 3000 rpm it travels at 120 kmh, South Africa where I live is flat and I don’t want to rev the motor, Mercedes OEM Number 1093500139 superseded to 1093500339, Will any of the above ring gear and pinions fit the W111, I dont think aany of them will, the w111 is a whole different diff than w123/w126/w116. Axles, Bearings & Differential for Mercedes-Benz 230/240/280/300 (1977-1985) W123: Axle Shaft Assemblies and Parts, CV Joints (first nummer is a 2 or 3) The guy that sold it to me told me that it was a diff from a 1980 500se (euro version) , but i am not 100% sure. The best diff to use is from the W108 280SE 4.5 which is a 3.27, however the housing is physically larger, due to the size of the crownwheel so you need to change the whole unit. hi,i’d like to change the m110 cab engine on my s280,which diesel or v8 engine will fit with few or no modifications pliz. Since its a w126 diff from a v8 the yoke/flange will be bigger than what you have today and wont fit. Doable? the w124 and w201 differntials isnt that durable, and often “sings” in my opinion. id say about 2000-2500rpm at cruising speed is about optimal. Euro 2.65 with/without ASR, E300D om606NA 124.131 185mm for 70mph,a i would suggest a 2.47 or something alike, it will be slower, it will rev less, and get a tad higher mpg (not a promise, every engine has an “optimal” rpm they runs best at.). what might be a problem is that the front flexdisc or driveshaft was altered to fit the m130 engine and gearbox, Required fields are marked *. If the flange/yoke swap that you describe is complicated, then I might need to consider an alternative. differentials, gear-ratios and compatibility, http://mbturbo.com/how-to-change-final-drive-w115/, http://mbturbo.com/how-to-change-final-drive-w123/, http://mbturbo.com/overhauling-a-differential/, Differential from W124 in W126 300SEL? 2.5 something i guess…Thanks for your reply in advance. If you are in San Juan, Texas???? Thanks for the reply! 3.64. Great website. 1972-1976, 280/E, M110, 3.69 / 3.92, 1.1 Liter my w123 m102 with 5 manual gear got the differential noise problem when accelerator around 80km up. 1986-1987, 300 SDL, OM603.961 3.0L I6, 2.88, 1.1 Liter Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a843cb2009cf96d5b03fd438b4f8de82" );document.getElementById("ea8bfe93db").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Oldtimer rims, remakes and refurbished - thanks in advance. I am looking for the C240 diff ratio please. Usually, differential oil is good for up to 80,000 miles without changing, however it is commonly overlooked. dont care about top speed or mpg. You could also swap out the cardanshaft/driveshaft to one with the right size yoke, if you for example are building a tuned w115 and need something beefier than the stock flexdisc, 1st Generation mounting I figure I’ll swap both engine and rear diff, and keep my 4 speed manual. 1982-1985, 300DT, OM617.952, 3.07, 1.1 Liter 1984-1985, 500 SEC, M117.963 5.0L V8, 2.24/2.24 LSD (2.47?) thanks, anyhow, the 3.92 is what the om615 had stock, what i presume is your engine om615 = 200d and 220d. At the rear of the diff, bottom left corner, there is a “ear” that sticks out besides the backplate, under the rust, crud and dirt there is a number stamped there. Hello, I am doing a OM605 Turbo Manual swap from a S202 C250TDT to 190D 2.5, do I need to change the diff from the S202? 3.69 or even 3.92 Mine is a Eur spec example, if that makes any difference. 300D Turbo, 300TD Turbo and E300 Turbodiesel with automatic transmission does all have the 2.65 ratio. BUT if you grab one from a v8 r107, you would either need to swap the flange/yoke of the diff, or change/rebuild your driveshaft to accomodate the larger flexdisc. 1986-1991, 560 SEL, M117.968 5.6L V8, 2.47 ASR/2.47, 1.3 Liter 1968–1973, 220, M115, 3.92 / 4.08, 1.1 Liter Any box would survive “normal” driving without a problem imo, but how do you plan to use it? are you going to swap the engine and driveline altogether or looking for a better ratio more suitable for todays trafic? Failure to change the fluid at regular intervals can eventually cause the bearings in the differential to fail. 1973–1980, 450SE, M117, 3.06 / 3.07, 1.3 Liter thats the closest possible solution i can think of now, it will probably not be a straight fit, but might be doable. I had brought the CV axles new locally to get the lifetime warranty these had to be modified on the rotating parts that go in to the differential since they weren’t the can type axles. JavaScript is disabled. Let me know if you are interested. a 2.24 will thus be a lot faster at the same enginespeed and same gear in the gearbox. 3.07 ought to be the gear ratio of that car if its a stock om617 turbo and not something built later by modding a gasser c123 :) Those numers, i can’t find any info about them. 1974–1976, 240D 3.0/300D, OM617.910, 3.46, 1.1 Liter, 1973–1980, 280S/280SE/280SEL, M110, 3.69, 1.1 Liter if you go under the car, and check on the right side of the diff, you should have the gear ratio of the diff stamped on the casing. but if not, swap for a 3.69 or 3.46, they are somwhat easily optainable, and if your engine is healthy, it will still be peppy and nice to drive (about the same), Solly, I have a good 3.69 axle that will fit. I am waiting now on a front flex joint, transmission mount and center sleeve for the driveshaft after that I’ll be back to tell you more. Thanks for the reply. 1973–1976, 240D, OM616.916, 3.69, 1.1 Liter if the 300d is a w123 and the 300se is a w126 you wont gain anything by moving the diff, they have the same ratio and size, + the diff from a w126 300SE from 1986 or newer wont fit a w123. I’m looking to put a 3.07/3.06 or other ratio in my W126 Gen I 1985 500 SEC. 2nd Generation mounting 1984-1985, 380 SE+SEL, M116.963 3.8L V8, 3.27,  from 1981-10, 2.47, 1.3 Liter 1982–1985, 300CD, OM617.912, 3.46, 1.1 Liter 1990     3.27 Ratio is 3.07 but I haven’t found any reliable method to determine the dimensions or alternatives units. 1991-92 2.87, 300CE 124.051 210mm VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I have a 1984 300SD that the RPM ‘screams’ at 70mph. Thanks! Price has to be right! get a flat-screwdriver or something to scrape old rust and dirt of that ear, and then a sandpaper or alike to get it a tad shiny, that way the numbers pops the best. 1985, 300CD, OM617.952, 2.88, 1.1 Liter, 1981-1985, 300TD, OM617.912, 3.46, 1.1 Liter I would look at a larger v8 w108, that’s your best bet i think. I’m specifically looking at a Rear Diff from a 1973-1980, 450 SL/SLC. Hey David, althou those are extremely hard to find, I have a 1969 w115 currently having a 200d. there is a little ear that sticks “out” at the bottom at the side of the backplate. yeah, that ought to be about it. your diff-ratio would probably be something like 3.27 or 3.07 id guess. 1978–1980, 300SD, OM617.950, 3.07, 1.1 Liter, 1977–1978, 230, M115, 3.69 (3.58) 1.1 Liter i am thinking of 3.46 or even higher? 3.64 fivespeed manual, 260E 124.026 185mm If you have questions about international shipping or want to combine shipping on multiple items, please contact us directly. Fits W115, W123 Chassis - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum, https://mbturbo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/3.07-differential-w123-used-2.jpg. So yesterdag i bought a 2.82 with number 235814 of 335814. the ratio is one thing, you also need to make shure you get the correctly sized flange, and the correct width of the diff. Hi, great article! OEM Mercedes Used Differential with 3.46:1 gearing. 1968–1976, 200D, OM615, 3.92, 1.1 Liter I have a 1974 R107 450sl. 1985, 300D, OM617.952, 2.88, 1.1 Liter i try to swap dfferential and try to rebuild adjust backlash, but it still failed, do you have the same problem?

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