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Blue Blazer. In the course of his renewed feud with Page, Kanyon began imitating Page, renaming himself "Positively" Kanyon (a reference to Page's autobiography, Positively Page) and wearing a long blonde wig. Sporting a black-and-green mask that looked like it sprung to life from the pages of “Justice League,” the caped crusader — widely speculated to be a persona of mild-mannered citizen Gregory Helms — won the European Championship in his WWE debut. He was more than just flash, though. Thanks to his unconventional appearance, he was a cover boy for global wrestling magazines in the ’70s and ’80s, and millions of youngsters craved the opportunity to watch this real-life superhero compete in-person. [1] He attended Archbishop Molloy High School in Queens, graduating in 1988. Dos Caras is one of the greatest heavyweight grapplers in the storied history of Mexican wrestling, a true lucha libre icon. On July 6, 2001, Kanyon made his WWF debut on SmackDown! (Positively Chris Kanyon) T-shirt. [1] Kanyon also appeared in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla taking on PWG champion, Joey Ryan. In May 2002, Kanyon was cleared to compete and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling, a WWE developmental territory, through the end of the month to restore himself to full fitness. Where else would we look other than pro wrestling, where masks remain commonplace? Buy Now on Market. Well, that, and his in-ring prowess, of course. “The Brain” was right to show concern: Psicosis’ ring gear — among the most elaborate in ring history — was punctuated by a devilish mask with two curved horns that could very well puncture opponents. Tipping the scales at a ripped 290 pounds, The Masked Superstar cut an intimidating figure wherever he traveled, and judging by all the miles he logged in the 1970s and early 1980s, that covers a lot of territory. As a result of an allergy to the medications with which he was being treated, Kanyon's lungs filled with fluid and his blood oxygen level fell to 41%. Look, he counts. [1], In late 1994, he made several appearances with the World Wrestling Federation as a jobber, facing wrestlers such as Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Tatanka and Bob Holly. Watch Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero on WWE Network. See photos of the greatest masked wrestlers |  Watch ECW Heat Wave '98. The Masked Superstar boasted a versatile ring style: He could get down and dirty with the best of them and he was more than capable of holding his own on the mat. Immensely popular from the start, Mascaras captured the imagination of all who saw him. Yet The Master of the 619 has never allowed his appearance to grow stale: Over the course of his career, Mysterio has continuously evolved the design, having worn literally hundreds — if not thousands — of variations. Later, when her son was elected President of the United States, Mrs. Carter once again called Mr. Wrestling II, this time to invite the masked grappler to the White House and to Carter’s inauguration. “Revolutionary” only begins to describe his effect. Each time Krobelus traversed beyond the veil revealed ever more complexities of the entities that call such a place home. Long before he came to WWE, Mick Foley had already established himself as a legendary figure in wrestling, developing a reputation through the independent circuits as hardcore specialist Cactus Jack. [1] He was released that same day after fellow wrestler Altar Boy Luke provided a US$750 cash bond. Watch this absolute masterpiece of a squash match against Goldberg. The Triad feuded with Saturn and Chris Benoit over the Tag Team Championship, defeating them for the title on June 13 in the Baltimore Arena at The Great American Bash pay-per-view. Now we’re talking! Check out the Tiger Mask profile on WWE.com. With upwards of five horns protruding off his headgear and oversized fangs framing the opening around his mouth, Liger looked every bit a comic book hero, and his awe-inspiring moves inside the ring did little to dissuade anyone of the opinion that he wasn’t, in fact, a superhero. Kanyon returned to WCW once more on April 10, 2000, when Vince Russo replaced Sullivan. First billed as “Psicosis” before changing it with WCW, the Mexican-born Dionicio Castellanos Torres joined the company in 1996, often wrestling other luchadores like Juventud Guerrera and Ultimo Dragon and eventually winning the Cruiserweight belt. After college, he began training under Pete McKay Gonzalez, Ismael Gerena and Bobby Bold Eagle at the Lower East Side Wrestling Gym in Manhattan at some point between December 1991 and January 1992. We take a look at 16 pro wrestlers with connections to Alabama, some deeper than others. Place Order Here. “La Parka” translates to “the reaper.” He’d soon appear with a steel folding chair during his appearances, bringing an amazing comedic element to WCW’s strongest run on the air. At just 5-foot-6-inches, the California native is a towering figure in professional wrestling history, performing since the age of 14 and becoming a star in WCW during the late 1990s and then a WWE world champion from the 2000s to now.

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