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why does my blue heeler follow me everywhere

Since Blue Heelers are herding dogs, they’re used to working closely with their humans. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Often dogs do this because they are curious. Not only are these strictly inside dogs who need to live with their humans, they are very sensitive… so don’t let those tough looks fool you one bit.The pug, like the Frenchie, loves going everywhere with their owners. La Choy Plum Sauce, They were all swimming in a large swimming hole in the river, when Koda suddenly jumped in, swam across to a group of kids, and dove under in about 12 feet of water. Blue Heelers might be easy to train, but they still can be bossy, willful, and stubborn with a timid or inexperienced owner. We always walk them, take them away to parks etc. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Tarzan Baby Gorilla Dies, Required fields are marked *. She is truly an amazing dog and I am so lucky to have her. The standard was approved in 1903. Fox 36 Rebound Noise, Work slowly on overcoming any fears and remember to praise and reward. Lawn Mower Shuts Off When Brake Is Released. Therefore, if your dog is taught obedience, he will respond to the actions of stop, stay, sit, drop, and many more needed commands.A few hours of training may save your dog's life. Big Daddys Signs - Offering the best in digitally printed corrugated business, political campaign election yard signs, lawn signs, parking, traffic, road, safety, stop, warning, real estate signs, In this way, your Blue Heeler puppy will be eager for the next one. My best friend is currently training her young puppy and she would appreciate knowing these facts and tips. Blue Heeler puppies are cute and adorable, but Blue Heeler puppy training might be challenging for inexperienced owners. Your email address will not be published. If a Blue Heeler does not get an outlet for its energy, it may become bored and destructive by chewing on shoes or furniture. Monotonically Increasing To A 10 Year Old, Field English Springer Spaniel Puppies For Sale, I no longer have a dog but I have friends who do. If you’re wondering how to pick a Blue Heeler puppy, specialists recommend that you choose the middle-of-the-road one. Why Does My Dog Always Follow Me? These dogs also tend to regard cats and other small animals as prey. It always makes me sad when people get high energy breeds and keep them home and in the back yard with nothing to do. On the other hand, the Australian Cattle Dog is also known as the Blue Heeler because these dogs nip the heels of cattle as part of their herding strategy. But I guess mean people are just asses all the way around, and there is no excuse. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Are There Skunks In Romania, If not properly socialized, he may become aggressive. Once he leaves it be give him a treat and repeat until he does it every time.Doing this ive taught every Heeler or Australian shepherd ive owned to ignore everything if told including strangers. By the same token, she might feel vulnerabl… Two months later he just failed and passed within a few days. The blue heeler has a short, dense double coat that sheds. You’re welcomed to try them, though. she still behaves the same with me my husband and my 5 and 2 yr old, she does bark at us or bites us. A bad impression might shape your Blue Heeler puppy’s adult behavior, so don’t force your puppy when they seem uncomfortable or afraid of something. Here are 5 possible reasons your dog keeps following you around — but keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive: 1. I live in the city and have a large enough yard, but I’m trying to complete the cabin on 10 acres of woods so I can move there. You probably already know that dogs are very social animals. Our dog was a pain when he was young just wanted to play and chew every piece of furniture up.I am just wondering, he is still just a puppy. we have been patient until today when he got lose and a woman claimed he bit her kid. Check out the video below with tips that will help stop your puppy from biting. The blue heeler is a medium-sized dog, weighing 35 to 45 pounds. Prop Tunnel Hull Jon Boats, All you have to do is use a lot of positive reinforcement whenever your Blue Heeler puppy does something you want to be repeated. Because of this, Blue Heelers are often trained for herding jobs or performance events, such as agility, tracking, rally and obedience.

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