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witchcraft and urine

If you somehow get an insect stuck in your ear like my daughter did, take warm urine and pour it into your ear. Good Babalawos can see this through the Ifa oracle as well. I really would like to know my taboo without the elaborate IFA initiation.I believe every human have allergies and we all need to find out sooner than later. Note that in token of this, urine/menstrual blood magic is almost always a subset of love or lust magic. Often times coins are used, but paper money are also used. And trust me my business is always BOOMING and now nothing. And you could use fingernail filings, too, to hold them. Men also can put urine in a drink to tie a woman, although this is not mentioned so commonly. It will probably smell like a wild boar or public toilet, but hey, it’s effective   But if you really are worried about the smell, after 3 days time you can wash it away with whatever cleaning solution you choose. And I know ur work is work. You listed that as #6, can’t believe it had some significance because I have never seen anything on this topic. I have pains on my upper stomach everyday of my life. Urine has unbelievable power, I will not share most of it because some knowledge isn’t good in the wrong hands. Am happy I came across this site today, pls obara thank u for this. The witch is then unable to urinate. Oh wow- great post. Witchcraft and urine. Here is what you do if you do happen to be in this situation: Use urine to sprinkle on the money before touching it. ADMINISTRATIVE Lucky Mojo Site Map: the home page for the whole Lucky Mojo electron-pile All the Pages: descriptive named links to about 1,000 top-level Lucky Mojo web pages How to Contact Us: we welcome feedback and suggestions regarding maintenance of this site Make a Donation: please send us a small Paypal donation to keep us in bandwidth and macs! Other day mi affi tell off a ole crosses inna mi dream that came to attack me n… Read more », This is bliss! She reminded me, while we spoke of some things grandmothers in Jamaica used to do or teach the younger ones how to do. It must stay in that dish for 7 days. Hello Obara I woke up this morning hoping to see a new post from you and I’m glad I did. After the interview they refused to give me employment. ... Witchcraft is serious business folks, be careful what you wish to conjure up. Urine boiled in a pot containing crooked pIns was a common remedy for bewitchment. If your lover says, "Doodle-bug, i'd like to let you put your hand down there, but your nails' too long, just let me get my li'l clippers and trim you up and then we can do it." -- WATCH OUT. Him shoulda drink it fi likkle strength lol. Thank you. August 4, 2020 January 10, 2017 by Jon Watkins. So a polite word for urine used to be "chamber lye" -- an alkaline solution obtained in the bed chamber. 10271. Those who say that nail clippings are used for domination are right, up to certain point. Chamber lye can be a vulnerable spot in a man or woman's periphery. If a person got chew fixed so yo' ain't got no manhood wit churself, yo' jes' go an' make water into a red ant's nest. I am just even considering that he is wicked, perhaps love pissing in her pots and watching her cook and eat from it in the morning, noon or evening. However, due to taboos surrounding menstrual blood, semen, and urine in some urban cultures, the use of these particular body fluids in spell-casting can be problematic for those unfamiliar with the larger history of folk magic. I can’t wait got the teachings of the (p) keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing this information. Paracelsus wrote that urine, Blood, hair (see HAIR AND NAIL CLIPPINGS), sweat, and EXCREMENT retained for a time a vital life essence called mumia. I see why we’re told to watch what we consume in our bodies as that can affect the power within our bodies. Therefore it can be used for UTI. Urine is used for protection jars and jars to break a curse, but can also be used for manipulative spells over others. No, you can stop her to make her stay where you are, have no connection with nobody but you... [I stop machine and let him talk (see dots) and then attempt to summarize.] In the early American colonies in the 17th century, witch’s cakes were used to treat smallpox. Pour the urine into the egg, and seal the hole with a piece of virgin parchment, saying the name of the victim as you do so. Good question. However, Haskins explains that it can be incorporated into a curse as well. Wearing it.). Spraying the house and herself with piss. I believe there are some things that would save us a lot of problem if we just knew about it. I have a question-is the left hand or right hand better to place on a person for healing? Welcome! He takes and give her his urine to drink unbeknownst to her, like in beer or wine, and she won't even look at another man, won't have any nature towards any other man. Greetings Obara, hope all is well with you and your family! She also might have a thing for psychos if the story is true, Ivory, if a Jamaican shouts out Grunggggggg! You should have done it immediately you woke up. By drinking enough water, the urine becomes clear enough and will not smell offensive. But anyway, he is a scumbag! Good day, please how can i become a member of your class, Thanks am Nigeria thanks for the post I like it, No sah! You were meant to find this blog. Taking notes. you should, but the time has past. My mom back in the days have used urine to destroy charm in front of my house early in the morning. In the African-American hoodoo tradition, as well as in Sicilian folk-magic, menstrual blood served to a man in his coffee or tea is a sovereign recipe for capturing his sexual attention. 2020-06-18 03:51:34 2020-06-18 03:51:34. Numerous folk magic remedies are based on urine. Alchemists also used urine in their experiments for longevity. I just recently started urine therapy and have been on a detox. When are your classes starting & how do I participate? This is so revealing, can’t thank you enough ma, God bless you ma. You can search our sites for a single word (like archaeoastronomy, hoodoo, conjure, or clitoris), an exact phrase contained within quote marks (like "love spells", "spiritual supplies", "occult shop", "gambling luck", "Lucky Mojo bag", or "guardian angel"), or a name within quote marks (like "Blind Willie McTell", "Black Hawk", "Hoyt's Cologne", or "Frank Stokes"): Here are some other LUCKY MOJO web sites you can visit: OCCULTISM, MAGIC SPELLS, MYSTICISM, RELIGION, SYMBOLISM Hoodoo in Theory and Practice by cat yronwode: an introduction to African-American rootwork Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic by cat yronwode:a materia magica of African-American conjure Lucky W Amulet Archive by cat yronwode: an online museum of worldwide talismans and charms Sacred Sex: essays and articles on tantra yoga, neo-tantra, karezza, sex magic, and sex worship Sacred Landscape: essays and articles on archaeoastronomy and sacred geometry Freemasonry for Women by cat yronwode: a history of mixed-gender Freemasonic lodges The Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive: captured internet text files on occult and spiritual topics Lucky Mojo Usenet FAQ Archive:FAQs and REFs for occult and magical usenet newsgroups Aleister Crowley Text Archive: a multitude of texts by an early 20th century occultist Lucky Mojo Magic Spells Archives: love spells, money spells, luck spells, protection spells, and more       Free Love Spell Archive: love spells, attraction spells, sex magick, romance spells, and lust spells       Free Money Spell Archive: money spells, prosperity spells, and wealth spells for job and business       Free Protection Spell Archive: protection spells against witchcraft, jinxes, hexes, and the evil eye       Free Gambling Luck Spell Archive: lucky gambling spells for the lottery, casinos, and races POPULAR CULTURE Hoodoo and Blues Lyrics: transcriptions of blues songs about African-American folk magic EaRhEaD! Straight ina him eye! It'll take some time. This practice is the subject of a 1930 song by the Memphis Jug Band called "Papa's Got Your Bath Water On.". [For more ants, see Nos. Was like 15yrs older and it wasnt a thing where she was using him as a sugar daddy because he didn’t work and… Read more ». Please let me know how and when I would be able to. The official start of the next courses is supposed to be 2019, but I may do one course next month! However I must warn you: Doing anything to bind a person to you against their will is never good. Has really open our minds. But if the person is suspicious of the money and does want to take it from you or returns to you, you also can not use the money right away because you have just fixed it yourself. germz bukit. Josh Geller (dclxvi@best.com) gave this simple formula for an orgasmic spell utilizing semen: For every man who uses his semen to attract a woman, however, there are probably a hundred women who capture a man's semen to rule and control him or to keep him faithful. I actually wrote on that Ivory in a new thing I am doing. The Wizards and CunnIng men And women who flourished during the 16th and 17th centuries, practicing their magical remedies, used urine both for diagnosing and curing illnesses—especially those caused by witchcraft. This was done to bind him, but to avoid the sneakiness of slipping it into his drinks -- i want him to KNOW how much i want him to be mine, and to know that i am working the spell on him right out in the open. lol, I would also like to ask anyone that may know the answer… how would I find out which orisha is my ori or which one of them I am to be working with? Nasty piece of germs he is. I love the information! In descending order of strength, according to hoodoo folk magic, here is a list of substitute magical links: In practice, the weaker of these items may be combined to increase their power.

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