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yellow dragon betta female

A true pure opaque white is rare, and often there will be imperfections. The most common colors are Steel Blue (almost grayish which gives the fish a cold coloration) and the Royal Blue Betta, which is a vibrant and gorgeous coloration showing an iridescent bright blue. Adding to Cart... CHECKOUT NOW CHECKOUT NOW Due to selective breeding, ... Plakats can often be mistaken for female Bettas to the untrained eye, however, males will display elongated ventral fins, a rounded caudal fin and a sharply pointed anal fin. He loves his live plants and plastic plants, he’s in a 5 gallon tank. It is unlike any other in the sense that the rays are extended to varying degrees on all fins giving the fish a "spiky" appearance. Blue Eyes Dragon HMPK Female Yellow varies from very pale yellow to rich buttery yellow. $45.00 It is a genetic trait that causes the caudal fin to grow into two lobes rather than one. CHECKOUT NOW Regular price $25.00 Sale price $25.00 Blue Eyes Dragon HMPK Female Robert Woods is the creator of FishKeeping World, a third generation fish keeper and a graduate in animal welfare and behavior. And then there are some fish that don't quite fit into the categories above, or are indeed the breeders are striving to create their own colour, tail or pattern types! $50.00 Title Z-A First bred in the 1980s, the Halfmoon Betta didn’t take long to reach Europe and then became internationally famous. Regular price $20.00 Sale price $20.00 Regular price. This also means they're one of the hardest tail types to breed as the males find it hard to successfully wrap the females. $50.00 There are 3 sub-categories related to this tail type. Some Betta Fish might have a uniform color whereas other will be a mix of lots of different colors. Albino Bettas are very rare, only a few have been confirmed. The Delta Tail Betta has a rather large tail. This fish can learn to recognize their owners, and they also create bubble nests. The Over Halfmoon (or "OHM") is the extreme end of the Halfmoon where the spread when flared is over 180 degrees. The reduction on the webbing on CT Bettas also varies vastly, sometimes it can be quite full, some times dramatically reduced so only the rays are left. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart Betta fish have been bred in all the colors of the rainbow. The information, content and material contained on the site is intended to be of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute professional/medical advice. The genes that cause this also cause the body to be shorter and the dorsal and anal fins to be very broad. Plakat Betta Contrary to most Betta Fish, Plakat Bettas have short and round tails. $49.50 A Baby Blue is also available, but not often seen. Roundtail Bettas are very similar to Deltas with the difference being the shape of the tail edges. Title A-Z $58.50 Here are just a small sample: King Giant Betta's Partial Metallic Plakat. ... Dragon Scale Betta. The term "mask" is mainly applied to Copper, Blue and Turquoise colours and refers to the face being the same colour as the body rather than what it would naturally be which would be darker than the body. This branching gives a striking look to the fish and makes the caudal fin looking like a rose. I’d imagine she’ll be quite stressed at the flaring and not being able to eat in comfort. They do not require a lot of maintenance and their physiology and behavior is quite captivating and amazing. Adding to Cart... Black Dragon HM Female. ADD TO CART CHECKOUT NOW. ADD TO CART ADD TO CART It has been found also that when breeding, CT's have a heightened amount of aggression compared to other tail types, which can make it challenging to get a successful spawn. ADD TO CART They can be most colors of the rainbow, some will be black, white, electric blue, translucent skin, copper, green and more. Patterns and Scale Designs. This species is relatively young, first bred by Ahmad Yusuf in Indonesia around 25 years ago. The Spade Tail (no abbreviation) has an equal spread on either side of the fin, similar to a Round Tail, but with tail finishing in a point rather than a rounded edge. Tucky's Bettas Sales & Transhipping Service. ... Yellow Dragon HM Female. HMs are prone to tail-biting and fin damage, their tails are large and unnatural and HMs often feel hampered down by their fins. Successfully Added to your Shopping Cart Fins can show a marble like pattern or solid translucent coloration. You will often find them in rich violets or purple-blueish with other color variations such as copper and black. ADD TO CART The tail edges are uniform without any combing or crowing. There will always be some Bettas that break the rules and don't quite fit into any of the categories below! He was labeled a “Delta Tail” which and the folks at the pet store thought he had been mislabeled and was actually a more expensive variety. Their aggressive behavior is often off putting for newcomers to the hobby. The different names usually give you an idea of the tail shape, from the most common such as Veiltail, Crowntail and Halfmoon to smaller sizes such as the Plakat. In breeding, a veil is dominant over other tail types and is therefore undesirable when breeding show Bettas. CHECKOUT NOW While the males show striking colors with long fins and tail, female look quite different. $65.00 A marble Betta has irregular patterns throughout the body and fins, that can change with age. $55.00 This variation can have many different yellow shadings, from extremely yellow to a more tamed soft coloration. This color suddenly stops and is replace by a paler and iridescent color. Transparent looking Bettas often get confused with the albino variation. Sparkling Gourami: Is This Fish Right For Your Aquarium? $50.00 $45.00. There are 3 sub-categories related to this tail type. Also known as Siamese fighting fish, these aggressive small fish have the most striking tail variations, colors and patterns. Price High-Low VIDEO AVAILABLE CHECKOUT NOW $85.00 Usually in nature they have duller colors, but the Betta destined for your aquarium will show the most exciting and striking combination. ADD TO CART A Pineapple betta is a yellow or orange betta with black outlining their scales so they look similar to a pineapple. Fish Keeping World is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and any other affiliated sites. ADD TO CART $49.50 It is a partially dominant gene meaning that if a solid Betta is crossed with a marble it is likely to get many fry in solid colours that carry the marble gene. Hi Larry, Plakats grow to around 1.5 inches. Alternatively, you can try adding more plants to allow each one to have their own territory. This is the first betta I have owned so looking for as much info I can find on them. The Crowntail Betta is one of the most popular freshwater fish. Marble Betta Marble Bettas are another very popular variation as they have an incredible color variation. The Crowntail, abbreviated to CT, has become a hugely popular tail type variation. These fish have almost no pigment with the flesh shining through the skin. Double Tail Betta The Double Tail is easily recognizable as it has two distinct tails separated from the base. Adding to Cart... Due to selective breeding, the ever popular male Betta splendens, or Siamese Fighting Fish, is now available in an enormous array of colours and tail types. The Sparkling Gourami is a fish that’s rarely found in home aquariums, which makes it special and unique. Spade tails takes their name from the spade of a deck of card as the shape of the tail perfectly resembles this round and pointy shape. They come in the most colors variations, generally electric light blue with some color variations (generally dark blue, copper) and have a darker face. 500+ Funny Fish Names: From Tank You to Solemate! $50.00 $55.00 ADD TO CART CHECKOUT NOW. Usually with brilliant striking colorations, the fins of this variation are quite funny. There are several shades of blue seen in Bettas. ADD TO CART A piebald coloured fish has a pale flesh-coloured face no matter what the body colour is. The term Plakat is often abbreviated to "PK".

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