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car temperature gauge drops while driving

If you have more questions about this topic, you are welcome to leave a comment below, and I will try to answer your questions as fast as possible. However, on the highway the temperature slowly decreases until it sits just below the 1/4 mark. I have a 2001 Ford e250 van with a 42 litre engine and my problem is my gauge stays on cold all the time I replaced my coolant temperature sensor and same problem then I put a jumper on the connector and the gauge went to hot and then I noticed that when I scanned my codes the temperature read 180 on the scanner so that led me to believe that my problem is some were between the computer and the gauge so now my question is how do I find out exactly were and how to find out, My 2015 acura tlx …the engine temp gauge stays on cold for longer than normal…thank you, Thanks Magnus for the information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. So, check your coolant level at regular intervals of time, and make sure that it is maintained at the proper level. Thanks, Collins, Lagos- Nigeria. This winter thermostat kept sticking so I had it replaced with new thermostat. The core, and thus the heating system, gets its thermal energy from the engine's cooling system. What steps should i take after the gasket fix? Faulty Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, 3. If your temperature gauge is going up slowly, you might have a problem with the thermostat. I own a 2008 Chevy trailblazer Sometimes my thermostat Gauge works sometimes it does notBut it always blows hot airIt is never cold I had the Sensor replaced in it Still doing the same thing Could it be my thermostat, I have issue on Toyota Corolla 05 temperature sensor which I have change temperature sensor and cluster still not working but I find out I that it work Rich the engine control box but the cluster not moving.what cause. The cooling system isn't the most complicated system on your vehicle's engine, but it can still malfunction over time. Once back in city traffic it goes back up again and acts normally. The thermostat valve should be shut; if it's open even a little, then chuck the thermostat and buy a new one. Home » Coolant » Car Temperature Gauge Stays on Cold – Causes & How to fix It, In Coolant by Magnus Sellén2 October, 202012 Comments. Btw, I am not a DYI person, I have two very good mechanics I trust, and they are both stumped. In that case, you may need to remove the block plug so that the coolant can flow out. Air may get trapped in your cooling system due to a head gasket issue as well. So, your core might be plugging up or there is some issue with your heat valve. Reason was that the temperature guage was not working. Find Owner of Vehicle by License Plate Number, Different Motorcycle Engine Parts and Their Functions, When Should I Change My Car's Timing Belt. If your car thermostat goes up and down, then chances are that there is a connection problem between the temperature sensor and the temperature display positioned inside your car. Also, when I have the heater on and fan on high, the temperature gauge drops as I’m going down a mountain and not pressing the gas pedal. (It’s idd that the system is supposed to hold 5.3L)!!! In some cases, you can replace the temperature gauge or repair any bad solderings if you find any. When you unbolt the housing, you'll find the saucer-shaped thermostat sandwiched between it and the block. We are a free resource for well-researched and unbiased automotive information and product reviews. They’ve also “burped” it numerous times. In that case, the issue can be resolved only by getting it replaced. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. You can often find temperature sensors with four wires, which both send information directly to the engine control unit and the instrument cluster. However, this requires a bit of electronic car knowledge, and you may have to let your mechanic take a look at it. Why Is my Car Thermostat Going up and down, How to Clean your Car's Air Conditioning System, Bad connection with the temperature sensor, Why is my Car Squeaking when I Go over Bumps - Possible Causes, Why is My Car Jerking?

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