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freshwater stingray great lakes

[51], The Great Lakes contain 21% of the world's surface fresh water: 5,472 cubic miles (22,810 km3), or 6.0×1015 U.S. gallons, that is 6 quadrillion U.S gallons, (2.3×1016 liters). "Chapter 1:Introduction to Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River", "Movement Would Thrust Greatness on Lake St. Clair", "State of the Great Lakes 2009 Highlights (PDF)", "Great Lakes water levels reaching record lows", "Warming Lakes: Climate Change and Variability Drive Low Water Levels on the Great Lakes", "Climate change is lowering Great Lakes water levels. [14] At least two human water use activities have been identified as having the potential to affect the lakes' levels: diversion (the transfer of water to other watersheds) and consumption (substantially done today by the use of lake water to power and cool electric generation plants, resulting in evaporation). The Clean Water Act defines the orange striped polygon on the US side as part of the Great Lakes basin (though hydrologically it drains into the St. Lawrence River). Shared with Canada and spanning more than 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) from west to east, these vast inland freshwater seas provide water for consumption, transportation, power, recreation and a host of other uses. [71], On both sides of the Canada–United States border, the proliferation of dams and impoundments have multiplied, necessitating more regulatory efforts. [34] The second-largest island is Isle Royale in Lake Superior. [74] The population of giant freshwater mussels was eliminated as the mussels were harvested for use as buttons by early Great Lakes entrepreneurs. "[70] But, water quality improvements realized during the 1970s and 1980s, combined with successful salmonid stocking programs, have enabled the growth of a large recreational fishery. Despite their vast size, large sections of the Great Lakes freeze over in winter, interrupting most shipping from January to March. This scenic lake in downtown Orlando could easily be called Swan Lake instead. The largest loss of life in a shipwreck out on the lakes may have been that of Lady Elgin, wrecked in 1860 with the loss of around 400 lives on Lake Michigan. After railroads and surface roads developed, the freight and passenger businesses dwindled and, except for ferries and a few foreign cruise ships, have now vanished. Barges from middle North America were able to reach the Atlantic Ocean from the Great Lakes when the Welland canal opened in 1824 and the later Erie Canal opened in 1825. Satirical articles and hoaxes circulate every once and a while — particularly when Discovery Channel’s Shark Week looms nearer. Love Florida? The Great Lakes, also called the Great Lakes of North America, are a series of large interconnected freshwater lakes in the upper mid-east region of North America that connect to the Atlantic Ocean through the Saint Lawrence River. In addition, the mussels may be a nuisance to industries by clogging pipes. The largest Lake Erie bloom to date occurred in 2015, exceeding the severity index at 10.5 and in 2011 at a 10. Although the Saint Lawrence Seaway and Great Lakes Waterway make the Great Lakes accessible to ocean-going vessels,[37] shifts in shipping to wider ocean-going container ships—which do not fit through the locks on these routes—have limited container shipping on the lakes. Mercury compounds have been used in paper mills to prevent slime from forming during their production, and chemical companies have used mercury to separate chlorine from brine solutions. For most sharks, the absence of salt water would result in a dilution of salt in the animal’s body, causing its cells to rupture and the shark to die. On December 13, 2005, the Governors and Premiers signed these two agreements, the first of which is between all ten jurisdictions. Within the past ten years mercury has become more apparent in water tests. Mercury has been known for health related problems such as birth defects in humans and animals, and the near extinction of eagles in the Great Lakes region. For the African Great Lakes, see, Large bays and related significant bodies of water. [82] The sea lamprey, which has been particularly damaging to the native lake trout population, is another example of a marine invasive species in the Great Lakes. Land below the glaciers "rebounded" as it was uncovered. This breathtaking sunrise was captured at Blue Cypress Lake in Indian River County. The lakes are divided among the jurisdictions of the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. Foreign boats are known as salties. Nonetheless, both nations maintain coast guard vessels in the Great Lakes. From the interior to the outlet at the Saint Lawrence River, water flows from Superior to Huron and Michigan, southward to Erie, and finally northward to Lake Ontario. This valuable resource is collectively administered by the state and provincial governments adjacent to the lakes, who have agreed to the Great Lakes Compact to regulate water supply and use. [77], Introductions into the Great Lakes include the zebra mussel, which was first discovered in 1988, and quagga mussel in 1989. A study of the freshwater medusae, Craspedacusta ryderi. A large bloom does not necessarily mean the cyanobacteria ... will produce toxins", said Michael McKay, of the University of Windsor. Riverbend Park is the perfect place to enjoy this lake in Jupiter. Great Lakes Aquarium, Duluth Picture: Petting freshwater Amazon stingrays - Check out Tripadvisor members' 7,322 candid photos and videos of Great Lakes Aquarium By taking CO2 out of the water, to photosynthesize, diatoms help to stabilize the pH of the water, as otherwise CO2 would react with water making it more acidic. This process is automatic. [128] Its wreck may have been found in 2004,[129] but a wreck subsequently discovered in a different location was also claimed in 2014 to be Le Griffon.[130]. The domestic bulk freight developed because of the nearby mines. In June 2008, deep sea divers in Lake Ontario found the wreck of the 1780 Royal Navy warship HMS Ontario in what has been described as an "archaeological miracle".

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