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You can learn more about Clove’s magickal properties here. If you notice any missing herbs you would like to see on the list, let us know! Write a wish on a bay leaf and burn it, or sleep with it under your pillow for dreams that offer some sort of guidance as to how to pursue your goal. Meditation, Pathworking, Hedge Riding and a Journey Pouch. An infusion of the leaves will help ease most headaches, stimulate the appetite, and aid digestion. Medicinally, it is used for fighting colds, calming the stomach, and suppressing nausea. It possesses a great amount of energy, and a pinch can be added to anything to rev up the power level. Cinnamon is a magical herb for success, action, healing, protection, energy, love, prosperity, and purification. Magical Herbs, Plants and Foods for Protection. The small dried bud of the clove plant is used in cooking, baking, and magic. Also known as boneset or knitbone, comfrey is renowned as a healing herb. An infusion taken as a tea will help ease a headache. Because it survives with little maintenance and in improbable locations, moss as a magical plant is associated with perseverance, patience, nurturing, and grounding. Magical associations include protection, improving memory, wisdom, health, and healing. Medicinally, nutmeg quells nausea and soothes digestive problems (although it can be toxic in large doses). Like moss, it is associated with serenity. We would love to know which Spells you use during your Castings. Dried herbs and flowers can also be tied into bunches and hung over doorways and window frames. In an age where toxic individualism rules over the needs of a... Two very different futures are in front of us. Rather than an 1860s style civil war, I foresee something more like... Queen Nanny is a legend. Where to Get It: Organic Angelica Root Extract. Both the seeds and the leaves can be used. In ancient Greece, parsley was used for such varied purposes as sprinkling on corpses to neutralize the smell of decay and making victors’ crowns to celebrate success. It is excellent for soothing stomach problems, headaches, and nerves and is an ideal herb to give to children. Other foods lend themselves to being dried and can then be added to pouches, bottles and incense blends. Herb: Bay Leaves. One of them... Rosemary For Remembrance: Ancestral Trauma. Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world. Basil is used for prosperity, success, peace, protection, happiness, purification, tranquility, and love. (If you burn the bay leaf, make sure your area is well ventilated, for the smoke can be mildly hallucinogenic.). A very familiar and widely consumed herb in many areas of the world, basil is effective against gastric disorders and has a unique and relaxing aroma. Where to Get It: Wildcrafted Yarrow Extract. Calendula is edible, whereas the garden marigold is not. What works for some might not work so well for others. There are of course some ‘standard’ (for want of a better word) herbs that can be used for the magical purpose of protection but I wholeheartedly believe that it will work better if you choose it based on your own gut instinct. But some of them can be added to vinegar or oil that can then be sprinkled around your boundary. This magical plant is associated with health, mental abilities, protection, fidelity, and antitheft. Use in incense to promote a meditative state. Clove bud. Also Called: Gum Arabic, Arabic Gum. Moss is a type of plant that is the first to grow in a seemingly barren area. We have decided to compile a small list of herbs that we keep in our cupboards and share them with you all. The leaves and stem of yarrow, harvested in late summer, have traditionally been used as a poultice to staunch blood. herbs can do so much more than just add flavor to foods and improve health. They grow in a variety of climates and settings, depending on the genus and species. The sweet yet spicy aroma is released when the dried berry is crushed. Marjoram was used by the ancient Greeks to crown newly married couples. Also known as dillweed, dill comes in two forms: seed and weed, which is the feathery dried leaves of the plant. Practical applications of rosemary include use as a skin tonic applied externally and as a hair rinse to add shine to dark hair and soothe itchy scalp. Sage is perhaps the herb most commonly used as a magical herb for protection and purification. Grass also has a quirky humor: if you want it to grow, it will resist, whereas if you try to get rid of it, it will keep popping up. We look forward to all the new ideas we expect are coming! Where to Get It: Wild Comfrey Root Extract. Yes, I want the Patheos Pagan Newsletter as well, Identity Politics vs. Transactional Politics. Calendula has been used medicinally to treat skin irritations, such as eczema, bruises, scars, and scrapes. Magically, clove is associated with protection, purification, mental ability, and healing. Where to Get It: Organic Chamomile Flowers. Botanists and gardeners sometimes differentiate herbs from other plants by the stem: if the plant has a “woody” stem above the ground, it’s not an herb but a tree or a shrub. There is a wide variety of green or garden mints, which are versatile herbs to grow in a garden or on the kitchen windowsill. As a magical herb it is associated with prophetic dreams and divination, relaxation and tranquility, protection, banishing, and consecration. Please check with an herbalist or a doctor before you make any brews or ingest these herbs. This magical herb is for protection, happiness, love, and joy, particularly in family environments. The seed of the caraway plant is excellent to use for protection against negativity. Spices, herbs and flowers that are dried can be added to magical spells, witch bottles, medicine/spell pouches, sprinkled onto candles or made into sachet powders and then placed around the home. Magically versatile, verbena is associated with divination, protection, inspiration, abundance, love, peace, tranquility, healing, prosperity, skill in artistic performance, and the reversal of negative activity. Trust it. Called “allspice” because it incorporates flavors such as clove, cinnamon, and pepper, it is a common flavoring for spice cookies. Get updates from Beneath the Moon delivered straight to your inbox. Medicinally, an infusion of verbena helps calm headaches, eases stress, and makes a relaxing bedtime tea. Magical associations include purification and protection, wisdom, health, and long life. Where to Get It: Holistically Balanced Verbena (Vervian) Extract. It is extremely versatile in the culinary arts and is an excellent all-purpose magical herb as well. (Oregano [Origanum vulgare], a similar herb, is used for love, courage, and action.). Herbs, flowers and spices once dried can be made into incense or bundles to cleanse your home and bring protection in the form of smoke. Bay…hahaha) My answer to any question along the lines of ‘what herbs … Wild or cultivated, ginger root is an ideal herb to add to rituals and spells because it acts like a booster for the power involved. It’s also a good anti-theft herb, so add some to the garden sachets you place outdoors to keep little animal intruders from nibbling at your plants, as well as in protective sachets or charms in your home. Ferns are lovely ethereal plants that range from fragile to remarkably sturdy. ** Individual results may vary. It’s also tenacious and survives in the oddest places where you wouldn’t think anything could grow. And of course, what you have in the house or garden and that won’t cost you the earth to purchase. This aromatic herb for protection is perfect for warding off any spirits … Foods can obviously be eaten to bring in protection (the best way – who knew rhubarb pie was protective?). The following herbs contain a positive energy that are able to repel any negative vibrations or energy you are receiving from another person, place or object. Magically, it is associated with psychic abilities, happiness, love, money, and health. It’s also highly adaptable. Used: Draws off evil, jinxes, & can keep your enemies at bay (get it? Because it is lush even in seemingly inhospitable areas, it’s also associated with serenity and calm. This article on magical herbs and plants for success, money and protection is excerpted with permission from The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. Allspice (Pimenta officinalis) Also known as pimento or Jamaica pepper, the dried allspice berry is … This magic herb is used for increasing money, success, prosperity, joy, fertility, purification, and love. Grass is a trickster. Add three cloves to a sachet or charm to tie in protective and purifying energy to keep the charm’s action pure and focused for a longer period of time. Magical herbs, plants and foods for protection. Grass is so common that most green witches overlook it. The herbs commonly used for protection are those that contain powers to dispel evil and create a protective barrier when burned, carried on your person, or hung wherever protection is needed. Posted by Cormac O'Dwyer on 11/13/2014 to, As mentioned above, these are some of the herbs our witches at the Coven have stored away for different uses in their Spells, this is by no means a complete list. Grass isn’t found only on our lawns; it’s also found tall and waving by the roadside or growing through cracks in alleyways or vacant lots. Now there may be a few missing from the list, that's where you can chime in. A sachet of rosemary, angelica, sage, three cloves, and a pinch of salt tied shut with red thread or ribbon is a good all-purpose sachet to hang above a door or in your car to turn away negativity and protect the area. Each natural item of food or plant carries its own special magic, all you need to do is tap into that energy and see what it can do for you. It is magically associated with power, strength, lust, purification, and prosperity. Also known as sweet bay and sweet laurel, bay was used to crown the victor of games in ancient Greece and Rome. Moss prefers a humid, shady environment, and can and will grow on trees, rocks, dead wood, and soil—anywhere there may be a small crack or gap where particles of soil can collect. BE CAREFUL AND ALWAYS CHECK FIRST. Also known as vervain, enchanter’s herb, herb of grace, and van van, verbena is an excellent all-purpose herb. An infusion taken as a tea will help settle a sour stomach and ease digestion and can help calm anxiety as well. Dill is considered a magical plant used for good fortune, tranquility, prosperity, lust, and protection. Also known as artemisia and sailor’s tobacco, mugwort is another ubiquitous witchy herb.

Mauli Mauli Lyrics, Brookhaven College Football, Themes In Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil, Cactus Arms Yoga, Blood Ties Meaning,

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