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high kick 2 ending

@18 I just wrote a whole big thing about how I totally get what you're saying. I totally recommend this for anyone who is hesitating to watch . Jeong Bo-seok as Jeong Bo-seok Bo-seok is Hyun-kyung's husband and the bumbling Vice President of Lee Soon-jae F&B (Food & Beverage). I mean, sure, the writer could momentarily lose their marbles in the last week of shooting. 7. kk Aug 13 2015 10:17 pm Or else. While she continues to narrate about how she finally got her GED and found a better job, we see the whole family in their familiar dynamic. Frankly, I think it will be awhile until we'll see another sitcom like UHK in Korea tvland. What was really refreshing is that majority of the cast kept their real first name for the drama and that the actor who played the grandpa stayed for 2 seasons - he announced he did not want to return for the third. The characters were really funny and their acting was great, especially Hwang Jung Eum and Daniel Choi's acting. So did Laura Winslow get with Steve Urkel or Stefan Urquelle? wow it's actually kind of funny how ridiculous that is!! i still have yet to finish unstoppable highkick through. ? "High Kick 2" kid stars PASS & NOW: One receives full of praises, the other is strongly criticized - Duration: 3:55. [CDATA[ And i hear people saying that the ending is idea of kyung. Which is why, I think, I was so salty when they ruined it with that infamous ending. This is a big hit if they will continue it, since lots of people arent satisfied with the ending. Lee Sun-Jae runs a small food company. this is meaningless He could understand her reluctance to face him. Wow, reminds me of Hong Gil Dong and (a little bit of) Lee Jun Ki's Iljimae. At the verge of tears, Jihoon turned to stare at Shin Se Kyung... and then the show ended at that final image as the credits rolled. Congrats, @gadis, hope this will lessen your grudge! it seems like so many writers assume that killing of characters at the end somehow makes the story profound and meaningful. Kick-Ass 2 was a good film. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; Practically all k drama's have irrational endings. Episode 126 felt like it had been pulled from a completely different miniseries, a silly, melodramatic love story featuring Sekyung and JiHoon with none of the subtlety, humor, and wit of HKTTR that made it such a ratings hit. Brother and sister??? }; Watched this before Running Man. Damn, saw this (first Korean sitcom I watched and only cuz of Kikwang), instantly became a fan of Yoon Shi Yoon and Daniel Choi. I just love everything in this show! Instead the story centers more around Hawg Jung Eum whom I find grating in most of her work due to her need to over act so that she can dominate every scene that she is in. Like Jihoon, I'll enjoy to tease her to look at her reaction. Nonetheless, it was a highly enjoyable show which I will recommend (to watch untill 125). I know its hard to wrap a series up that would please everyone. And since these actors are most likely not to be on the same show anymore I'll just watch you on your different k drama shows HAHAHAHAHAHA I will also miss you ja ok shiiiiiii!!!! [gallery] High Kick2 is Daebak Dec 11 2013 10:01 am I was shocked when I saw the ending and thought it was soooo grossly inappropriate for a family show when children might be watching. I watch it because of a page in fb post the cut for every episode. Ray LaMontagne). That's how hard love can be, and I think that was the message with the messy relationship. Hye ri unexpectedly made me cry so much in the last episodes when she used to be annoying yet charming during the first part of the show HAHAHA. I included a couple of MVs about Yoon-ho and Suh Min-jung.… Very funny movie! version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Didn't know that Se Kyung got the main role here. Not that I know what was going through the mind of the PD, or Shin Se-kyung, but death is often associated with hope, since it can be thought of as a chance for re-birth. }); It's just as bad as I remember. { While i don't really like tragic ending, i see that they have their place in some dramas if used well. I'd rather have everyone separated than dead. What's even worse is the MESSY love relationships....ARGHHH...they make Jun Hyuk kiss Se Kyung only for Se Kyung to tell JI hoom that she loves him in the next episode and then die....arghhhh. If the character wanted to have a chance at starting over with a clean slate with a new life, then this is a bittersweet end indeed for the series and the character. If you're going to do something tragic like that, it should happen much earlier, so that the other characters can deal with it and you can create some sort of message to help the viewers deal with it. I'm with you. It has improved on a lot of aspects that I personally found somewhat weak in the first season (the Kang Yumi drama.). And unlike most people, I don't regret watching a single episode of this brilliant show -even if the ending was really heartbreaking- nothing can take away the amount of joy and laughter - even tears - this show has brought to me. And that Shin Se Kyung was on board with the sad ending. Oh my.....the ending is not wat im expect..?hoping and watching that leejihoon ang hwang jung eum will be together again....i just feel cheated... Ann Nov 16 2019 4:55 am Please enter your username or email address. 69. loadbox(1); Making: Choi Hee-seok, Park Soon-tae I started watching HIGH KICK! appId : '127538621120543', Hae-ri snatches Shin-ae’s letter from Dad’s hand to read it herself. 7. I, too, was disgusted with the ending. We get to say goodbye to all the characters. Yeah there were funny moments, but overall, it was more like a 30min drama lite. In this flash forward, the various characters hinted that something had happened between Jihoon and Shin Se Kyung. 10 Disturbing Consequences Of Kick-Ass 2's Ending. Awesomesauce. appId : '127538621120543', If there is one thing I could change from that ending to make it right, it would be to erase that car accident and let those characters go to their original destination. and then im cry T-T and cry, obviously it wasn´t the end i´ve been expected but was diferent T-T, Interesting that the decision was made two days before the finale aired. IKR? I was so stunned I tried typing in "ending for High Kick" to find out reactions but I couldn't find anything. It's really that bad. I just recently finish this show, the characters and events are funny until the very end it became drama, the ending was predictable the sisters and the family will get separated and i dont know why the director and the writer made it tragic instead of a happy ending. I have spent my 3780 minutes to watch and last 5 minutes break my heart. My two granddaughters and other family members all feel the same way. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Overall, it's really a best drama. You took the words right out of my mouth! Hwang Jung Eum's acting made me smile everytime. It sounds really beautiful. I remember when Song Hye Kyo's Autumn in My Heart was aired (it's the VERY FIRST Korean drama ever aired in my country), people were saying "What the heck is going on here? Even "3 yrs later" scene, again, only suggests that Se-Skyung and Ji-Hoon are not with them... and do not mention of their deaths! Felt like Ji Hoon was about to kiss Se-Kyung after hearing her confession and thus accident happened while driving and staring at her like a fool...He definitely wanted to die along with her I guess, huh! I don't know how tv show politics go, but it seems really crazy that this wasn't what the writer intended. And the best part is, even in light of the recent headlines It shows Jihoon love Jung Eum too much. Required fields are marked *. By now it should be clear whom I cheered on right from the beginning... Everyone played their roles to perfection. thminh May 15 2013 3:34 am xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page had it been a drama or had the show carried a more serious tone, then the ending would be fitting. The family is gathered around in the living room, reading a letter from Se-kyung. meanrice Feb 10 2013 1:41 pm Top Korean News 400,544 views. EXACTLY! furthermore, This is comedy not tragedy WARNING. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); what the - are you serious??? The original ending was... no words, just no words. ", I hate it when I spend so much time invested in something, but when it ends so terribly, I feel like I wasted so much time. I'm currently watching it. it would be such a letdown to watch something that ends so tragically wrong for a sitcom. They should continue the story!!! That idea is so selfish. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Does anyone know?? Upto that point, every character except Se-Kyung and Ji-Hoon in the show had some sort of closures. They left all the wrong loose ends and focused the last couple episodes on the whole "boohoo-shes-leaving-korea-and-leaving-behind-an-admirer-and-first-love." js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"; I just wish the directors made an alternative ending as a back up because they probably knew that so many people would hate the actual ending. Yes i know it's just a drama). It makes me wonder why they made the ending tragic to Lee Ji Hoon. Writer, whoever you are, NEVER set foot in Manila. I had super bad withdrawals and ive never understand what love hate is until i found this sitcom lol. I was angry because of the final episode. Viewer Aug 13 2015 7:08 pm It is so bad that i feel sorry for the rest of the cast. But he throw back the moment with Sekyung, but not with Jung Eum?? Not some melodrama. A lot of crying from the young ones! No, the main problem was that the PD's growing obsession with Shin Se-kyung (both the character and the actress) made him lose sight of what the series was really about, so that the final few episodes felt completely disconnected from High Kick.

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