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legend of fuyao ending

3. Kmuse: I love me some shirtless Wuji. (Zhan Beiye and Pei Yuan who are both in love with our heroine.) (2) When Fuyao fights Wuji’s brother and takes away his manhood. what about the city though it looked like they … Lady Fei Yan says that since the witch has arrived and that they onvel capture her quickly. Because of his love for FuYao and the world, he was able to extricate himself from the chains and soul-killing nails that held him captive in the Netherworld Illusion Realm. Karie the Maknae: Xiao Qi/Seven, and not just because I got all sentimental when he died in the end. Knowing that the help Wuji has provided her thus far would already make him a traitor to Qing Chang, Fuyao sends our hero away and insists on making the rest of her journey without him. Clkytta: Wait, let me whittle down my list here. lol, I saw you have updated. You will still get all of the great romance, and none of the buggy-eyed death but not dead scenes. When Wuji gave the necklace to our heroine, he had made a reference about it I believe but don’t quote me on this one. Loved her even more! I’ll just go back and watch the scene where Fuyao served him up on a platter. With Legend of Fuyao, the overall effect of the swaying is nearly 1,700 minutes, and the total number of shots is nearly 30,000 shots. Notably, it was viewed over 1 million times on YouTube within 48 hours of its debut. 2. From the beginning, their love was all-consuming, to the point they were willing to give up everything for it. In contrast, the special effects lens of television series has reached 10 times that of a movie. Crying flood of tears inside, Fuya asks “Why has none of my children inherit my bright, merciful, kind, saint-like personality?!”. On the last episode, some scenes seems so long. Like I mentioned in my other post, there was no one that could hurt or outsmart our hero in the novel. Their love get stabilized after wuji came back from his near death event and it kept me going to want to see wuji & fuyao display of love between them. But FuYao only has eyes, heart, and body for Wuji ♥ (PS. Yes i too do not get the ending. Well, we have a list for that: Qi Yun (sorry), Prince Unmanned, Folian, and the PM’s niece and FuYao’s first love. The little princess is a daddy’s girl right from birth. Tai Yan is also the one Wuji send to protect Fuyao whenever she can get away without arousing suspicion. I just couldn’t get invested in all the earthly woes of who was king and who Wuji’s daddy was when I knew the biggest trial was in a different realm. I just relegated that I should read the novel for clarity. She starts slinging scorpions and I sat up and saw her in a new light. The show made a big deal that Wuji is the ONLY person that can kill Fuyao…but that part never came up since our hero was tied to the ice block most of the last episode and by the time the demon came out, he was beaten up so bad I am not sure he could’ve killed her even if he wanted to. He just wanted his precious lotus to have a blissful existence so the decision was completely up to our two leads if they would fall in love with each other or not. The official and complete and I mean there are no more sources of airing this show end is here!! Fuyao and Wuji die hand in hand saving their kingdoms. I was told I had to put a comment I made as we were all chatting about the ending on here, and this seems like a good spot. I agree that Fuyao is a perfect pic to crush on. Thabkfully I’d already found an awesome translation of the book on the web by then….it is still getting translated but around 550+ translated chapters are already published. The official and complete (and I mean there are no more sources of airing this show) end is here!! Anonymous July 4, but this is what Fei Yan wanted! Belatedly realizing that he had been tricked all along, Lord Chang Qing tries to cut off the transferring of energy to Tai Yan but by then, it is too late. I was not a fan of the ending. I guess you will have to sit through the ads. Chinese novel usually employs a lot of imagery and awesome poetry like descriptions…which makes translating them REALLY difficult and that’s why I skipped out by doing the novel summary, wisely leaving the actual translation to those much smarter than myself. !” I have a soft spot for Legend of Fuyao because this is the first historical Chinese drama I’ve ever completed. As for the two other babies? and finally yuan bao is still alive so i have no doubt he will bring help to them and to their friends. In recent years, the emergence of cloud computing has gradually changed this situation. In fact, the previous master almost ends Wuji in order to protect her. I might be one of the strange ones but I find Wuji, Dr and the Prince (Gaston) all attractive. HOLY CRAP WE FINALLY MADE IT TO THE END.Wow. After reading it I wondered if the lead characters and even some of the side ones, of the drama had gotten a chance to play the charcteristics of their respective novel counterpart, this drama would have been phenomenal! almost at the end, no difficulty watching it! The poem they read at the end was actually the novel’s opening and it’s a conversation between Wuji and someone else in the book. None of the Chinese audience thought it was a sad ending at all. I watched it till somehere around 40+ episodes and dropped it. Fuyao is a modern archaeologist who transmigrates into an ancient Chinese fantasy world, the Five Regions Continent. She was just trouble through and through. Nah. What did you think of the Legend of Fuyao? I loved eternal love, the princess Weiyoung. Thank you soo much for coming on the Fuyao journey with me ladies! Wu Ji knows he must be punished and tells Tian Ji to take back his martial arts skills, injuring Wu Ji in the process. Has the author ever disclosed why the second male leads stories ended this way? At the beginning of the establishment of ILLUMINA, it attached great importance to process management and technology research and development. If you don’t like historicals or fantasies or long dramas, well . I’m not a Chinese speaker and watched the (probably poorly) English subbed version and it was not clear whether Fuyao and Wuji died and goes to heaven/purgatory or are they alive. And does every man have to desire Fuyao?! The palace that they are shown in is the palace where Wuji originally lived (The place where Fuyao was disguised as the princess of Xaunji Kingdom and where she ends up getting poisoned in the process, and Wuji had to save her. I think what the show was trying to say at the end is that Fuyao’s love for Wuji was what gave her enough strength to fight the demon’s possession of her body and eventually gave her enough power to “kill” the demon by stabbing herself. Part of me thinks I should treat the drama like a completely different story from the novel but then the show does use a lot of stuff from the novel so it is difficult to not compare the two. Kdrama Jen: I would recommend this drama, but with specific advice regarding which scenes to fast -forward through. I was absolutely livid with Seven’s sacrifice and the limbo of our other hero’s. First, Wuji. In fact, I might just go back and watch some of their scenes again. Do you think he committed hamster suicide so he could be with Wuji? She would discover her real identity of being the "Lotus princess". Thank you so much for commenting!! The mass effect of the special effects requires the support of cloud rendering service like Fox Renderfarm. Before the shooting, the precise setting of the character, including the image, the size of the body, and the special effects props that are ready to interact with the actors can make the actors have the sight-seeing auxiliary performance during the shooting period, and the direction is clearer and more emotional when performing. And Fei Yan/Baba Yaga’s death ended up being weak sauce. Wuji not only survived the punishment. Lol. It was incredibly difficult to finish this drama, if I hadn’t resolved to write a review I would not have done it and even then I skipped a lot of parts. • Recognizing her daughter even if she is in another person’s body, Fuyao’s mother drugs Fuyao then tell her “Who else but my daughter would have such vibrant eyes? (I didn’t get it). I’m honestly quite curious now how the subs translated the last conversation just to see how much were lost during translation Drama Geek mentioned something about being reborn, but there wasn’t anything like that in the original lines. WJ: If it is in chaos, I block. Such a shame I can’t wake you up and see those eyes again. After a long moment of silence, Lord Chang Qing asks “Afer suffering so much…are your thoughts clearer?” Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I think the most moving part for me was when he spoke with the emperor father and he found out that the father he loved the most in fact hated him deep in his heart. Karie the Maknae: I like Clkytta’s reasoning! Thank you again for doing this. Take this for a grain of salt.

How To Make Grandfather Clock Chime Quieter, Serial Killer Photographer, Henry Durham Producer, Prithviraj Chauhan Season 1 Episode 2, Le Fantome De L'opera Film Francais Streaming, Cavachon Rescue Texas, Miniature Mule Names, Dunedin Middle School Dead Body, Doug Gottlieb Net Worth, French Drinking Song Chevaliers De La Table Ronde Lyrics,

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