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Over time, Nico realizes that the only way he can lead a regular life is if he tells the world that the lady from the TV was a lie. Dimas Meaning Indonesia, Nico Lasarte is a young boy, taping himself while playing the guitar. Now, there are several licenses that the scriptwriters took with this specific work of fiction, starting with the fact that Barcelona Metro System does not have a station called Valpineda, and that the Vallpineda urbanization, with double l, is quite far from any station of train or subway. In Vera’s research on Nico Lasarte, she realizes that there is a book that explains the phenomenon she is experiencing, the book written by Karen Sardon (Belén Rueda). Clara Medina has been having an affair with Angel Prieto. Understandably, Nico takes an interest in the case and arrives at the location and meets Vera. Eventually, in 2014, the electrical storm reappears, and something bizarre happens. Who Is HG Tannhaus? So they ended up in a long-term relationship that ended up in marriage. After this, she commits suicide by falling off the balcony. Head Over Heels Musical Cast, Gacha Life Videos Sad Song, Amc Wine, Vera notices that Angel is not convicted in Timeline 2, but she remembers his confession from Timeline 1. But this plan is disrupted. He was startled by the boy’s presence but he didn’t mean to kill him. Also, David was having an affair, and from the evidence that shows up in all three timelines- the matches from Arabesco, we can say that it was with Monica, Vera’s colleague whom he had met after his meningioma operation. But even though Vera did not remember anything about her life on Timeline 2, she could access those memories in a gradual way by touching people. There’ll always be some glitches in the storyline, some loopholes that you can’t straighten out because the more answers you find, the more questions will emerge in return. An accountant suddenly suffers from amnesia. Menu. In the alteration of second timeline which gives us timeline 3, Nico is the constant and the rest are variables. Alongside this, she led him back to Angel and he was finally able to prove the truth that he had tried to tell everyone all those years ago. The thunderstorm lasted for 72 hours each time. This appears related to the suicide of his boss. Young Nico too went on with his normal life, though he must have moved away because he didn’t continue his friendship with Aitor. Graham Moss Izombie, Borat is back! She shares no other relationship with David, who is married to his girlfriend. Though Vera doesn’t care for David anymore, she still can’t let go of Gloria’s memories. The noises that caught Nico’s attention the night the Berlin Wall fell were the consequence of a threesome where coincidentally one of the three parties did not know there was gonna be one… in her house, and starring her husband and one of her neighbors… when she was not going to be in the house. With the help of Roman, Aitor’s uncle, Angel came up with a plan. We can assume that the two of them get together, and Angel is sent to jail. Born In The Usa Album Cover Image, You knew that every event was rooted in the way the characters behaved and the twists weren’t just added out of nowhere. ), and this is why the memories are staying for Vera, and not changing as they are for others. Moon Halo Myth, Shaw Academy Cancel, Is A Journey Through Time A Real Book? Nico does this to let Vera know that the man she got married to in Timeline 1 wouldn’t have been true to her. Xfinity Advanced Security Plex, His meddling didn’t allow her interaction with Aitor and so she never met David, never had Gloria. Twenty-five years later, another family moves into the Lasartes’ house. So, it is this time window of 72 hours that is doing the trick. Oriol’s previous movie was Contratiempo (The Invisible Guest), and he started off in feature films as a writer for Los Ojos de Julia (Julia’s Eyes). Working For Pearson Vue, No, at the end of the movie we see Timeline 3 , which looks a lot like Timeline 1 , only with some differences: However, Vera, being the constant, remembers everything as in Timeline 1, which is why she is very surprised to see the changes. So when she woke up on the timeline 3, she should not remembered everything about timeline 1 and 2, because timeline 3 it’s her life now. Every emotion, every reaction was minutely controlled. Aitor tells them that Nico was his best friend and when he begins to tell them about Prieto, his mother becomes agitated and tells him to stop. Nico: The summary section of this article covered almost everything that was supposed to happen to Nico originally. Now some violent thugs are out to get him. This is very strange. ¡Comprueba tus direcciones de correo electrónico! 1 Nil To The Arsenal, Chris Claremont's New Mutants book was unlike anything else in the X-Men range, and he used the mutant teleporter Lila Chenney - a pop star who was also Cannonball's girlfriend - to transport the X-Men to Asgard. Movies. Music To Be Murdered By Sales, He ventures into the house and stumbles on Hilda Weiss, Prieto's wife, lying dead in the house. When Vera woke up next to David and found Gloria as she had left her, she realised that Nico had done as she asked. Tcl Lol Spring 2020, Directed by Kartikye Gupta. This information is only revealed in the film towards the end, and we’re misled to believe that Angel is the murderer. It turns out that in the middle of her foreplay activities with Angel, Clara dropped her gold watch, which must have cost a fortune or have some incalculable sentimental value keeping in mind what happened afterwise. Angel’s guilt or perhaps police inquiries forced the killer to confess and reveal that he had taken his wife’s life. The cast includes Adriana Ugarte, Chino Darín, Javier Gutiérrez Álvarez, Álvaro Morte, and Nora Navas. He also finds Clara’s watch and takes it with him. ( Cerrar sesión /  Parents need to know that Mirage (also known as Durante la tormenta) is a 2018 Spanish language film (with English subtitles) about a woman trapped in a time warp that takes her from her husband and child and deposits her into another reality. And above all, her daughter doesn’t exist anymore. Vera reaches out to Aitor, but he doesn’t believe her because they have never met in Timeline 2. Dani was the only member of the old Valkyries to survive the War of the Realms, although she seems to have stepped away from that role once again. Songs About Soulmates, Barry is a technologist who helps start-ups build successful products. He is the detective that has been helping her. In timeline 3 we see that when Vera wakes up she cannot find the TV and the camera. Overnight Vera forgets Neco and instead has memories of David and Gloria. And any sort of straying from this path can steer us towards a completely different journey, an entirely different life. Though not recognizing her initially, Nico smiles at Vera as he realizes that she’s the woman from his television in 1989. (2018). Their friendship led her to David, who was with Ursula then. Best Regards! The absurdist philosophy expresses that the apparent absence of a universal purpose in the life of each individual can be addressed through the construction of meaning in decision making. But he’s a young kid, and along with the murder, he mentions the woman from the future on the TV warning him. How is Vera able to remember her other life when she is not in that timeline? Only 72 hours to … Why Does Galactus Destroy Planets in Marvel's Universe? The movie is from Spain (org. But then, he realised that it hadn’t been 25 years yet and since the storm hadn’t arrived, she wouldn’t know about him. The first one is that on this Timeline 3, Angel and Clara are going to pay for the death of Hilda Weiss. His memories of Vera were something of a distant past. The third timeline was carved when older Nico communicated with his younger self just before the storm was about to end. At the last scene, how come Nico doesn't know Vera? His obsession to find her led him to the train station. Written by When her boy's alleged kidnapper is released for lack of solid evidence, a reputable and well-known attorney takes matters into her own hands with unintended and spectacularly disastrous consequences. The wife and daughter go missing. Being more specific, the final scene in which we see that Vera unearthed the remains of Hilda Weiss in the Prieto Slaughterhouse, and then she meets Inspector Leyra … or rather, Nico Lasarte, and she says that eventually they are going to know each other well, it implies several things. He’s regularly available for a chat conversation on his website and consults on storyboarding from time to time. You could clearly see the guilt in his expression, as he watched Nico die on the road. It turns out that Nico Lasarte has been with Vera the entire time. Mirage is a new sci-fi thriller on Netflix now. And that it is just a matter of time when Vera will remember everything and they could go back to their lives as husband and wife. Angel took this opportunity to plan a romantic night with Clara. They got married, had Gloria and moved into Nico’s house. The next day, she wakes up in the hospital, the same place where she works, and within minutes, learns that her life is not the same anymore. And Mirage (originally entitled, Durante la tormenta – or During the Storm) is just such a movie. Ortiz ends up buying with Ursula the same house that in Timeline 1 he bought with Vera, and there, in the same room where Nico recorded his music videos, was the camcorder and the television set. This can be explained away by the theory that Vera and Nico had a connection. Weiss tried to confirm her husband’s infidelity by inventing a visit outside the city and a false block on the return road. Baby Now That I've Found You Alison Krauss, When he hears some noise from the neighbour’s house, he quietly goes over there to find out the lady of the house, Hilda Weiss, dead and her husband, Angel Prieto, holding a bloodied knife. David Ortiz lied to his wife telling him he was traveling, when in fact he stayed in Barcelona locked with Monica (Silvia Alonso), although the matter is much worse in Lines 1 and 3, because in those Monica is a colleague of Vera. In a madhouse, but alive. He accepted that he had fabricated it and after some time, he was declared mentally healthy.

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