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Research from Auckland University shows a damper has been put on creativity at schools. Hosted by Frances Cook. 6,433 talking about this. Local news services in Christchurch were replaced temporarily with the network news feed which mostly contained news stories related to the quake heard by all of New Zealand. Jack Tame: 2020 US election is divisive, on the ground it's sc... Kate Hawkesby: Americans to vote in most important election of... Whale tail sculpture catches metro train in Netherlands. And he liked it so much, he's since read 64 more. The production of the broadcast and podcast series has been a collaboration between Newstalk ZB, advertising agency DRUM and multi-award-winning creative content providers, CBA. He says in a modern world and with covid-19, there's a nee…, A surge in coronavirus cases across the country, including in key presidential battleground states, is creating mounting health and logistical concerns for voters, poll workers and political parties ahead of Election Day. The best bits from Martin Devlin and the DRS – Saturday & Sunday 12pm-3pm on Newstalk ZB. Most of Newstalk ZB's programming is produced in Auckland, in the NZME building. Local news readers reported news about the quake for all of New Zealand. The US president is still trailing in the polls behind Democratic rival Joe Biden. Each week the New Zealand Herald and Newstalk ZB's Cooking the Books tackles a different money problem. [citation needed]. A summer podcast series from the New Zealand Herald and Newstalk ZB. The ABC's Michael Rowland told Kate Hawkesby one of Washington's biggest souvenir centres …, Interviews are with Phil Duncan, Jane Smith, Alan Pollard, Mike McIntyre, Andrew Morrison and Grant Nisbett.By NZME, Even owners won't be allowed to attend this year's Melbourne Cup. 7,371 talking about this. American company Aventuur has secured the licence to develop a wave park in Auckland, using the world-renowned technology developed by Spanish company Wavegarden. Get the latest news from Newstalk ZB. In Iowa, where both presidential campaigns are competing feverishly, county officials said they were preparing for scores of con…, The drug testing agency Know Your Stuff hopes the Government moves quickly to enable more festival-goers to check what they are taking. Home is where the heart is, and there’s no question that Kiwis LOVE property. 1/13. Prime minister John Key and sports minister Murray McCully said both Haden and Holmes used the word "darkies" in similarly offensive ways, and the public needed to forgive them in similar ways. New episode every Tuesday. At the same time new FM music stations were established in Wellington and Christchurch, these stations were B90 FM (Wellington) and B98 FM (Christchurch). Without question, as New Zealand’s number one talk host, Mike Hosking sets the day’s agenda. In addition to talkback, the network also broadcasts news, interviews, music, and sports.The network's hosts include Mike Hosking, Kerre McIvor, Marcus Lush, Jack Tame, Simon Barnett and Phil Gifford. stations but Newstalk ZB still supreme", "Shelley Bridgeman: Why did Rachel Smalley say that? award-winning creative professionals from across the globe who are acknowledged leaders in their respective fields. Lead res…, The banks are busy reporting progress and their bottom lines at the moment. They used the same methodology in 2016:…, You have to commend Jacinda Ardern for the cabinet line-up she’s managed to pull together, given all the things she’s has to balance in that party. Depp sued News Group Newspapers and Dan Wootton — The Sun's executive editor — over an…, There'll be a different feel today at the Melbourne Cup. He retained the position following the release of the Nicky Hager book Dirty Politics. [2][3], Newstalk ZB's Auckland audience dropped dramatically in 2002 as music radio stations became more popular, raising questions about the future viability of the network. Tell us what you want, simple as that! In 2001 Newstalk ZB was further expanded into the smaller community markets in New Zealand. Contact Info The production of the broadcast and podcast series has been a collaboration between Newstalk ZB. Regular callers include an urban Māori man, a state housing beneficiary, a security guard, a Timaru pensioner, a West Coast grandmother, a dairy farmer, a Dutch butcher and several taxi drivers. [41][42] Network weekday newsreaders include Niva Retimanu (Breakfast) and Kay Gregory (Evenings/Overnights). A ZB station was established in the four main centres of New Zealand as 1ZB Auckland, 2ZB Wellington, 3ZB Christchurch and 4ZB Dunedin. The news service covers stories, from industrial relations to prisoner rehabilitation. The Huddle: Who should write the shopping list? In Melbourne, the capital of Victoria state, which had the highest number of cases in the country, residents on Sunday enjoyed the first weekend of cafes, restaurants and pubs reopening to walk-in customers. Cancellations for club and school sports events and recreation clubs have traditionally been broadcast every 30 minutes during breakfast in many markets. Yes, he loses police and revenue but anything to do with the economy right now is as important as it gets and clearly…, A man on a mission who ate 90 burgers during Wellington on Plate, now understandably he is experiencing physical changes. Visit www.newstalkZB.co.nz/HP to hear the HP Business Class podcast, Newstalk ZB Podcast Recognised at International Radio Awards, Newstalk ZB’s HP Business Podcast Recognised at Prestigious International Radio Awards. Newstalk ZB's pip sting, headlines segmented bulletin structure and "Keep up with Newstalk ZB" tagline were removed in December 2014, replaced with a single continuous bulletin, new theme music and "Now You're in the Now" tagline.[38]. The 12-episode series explores the journeys of these business leaders… their wins, their losses and ultimately, their learnings. Holmes was labelled racist and faced pressure to resign. ", "Television presenter Rachel Smalley apologises", "Rachel Smalley calls Kiwi women a bunch of lardos", "Rachel Smalley lardos complaint rejected", "Mike Hosking: Cunliffe lights nobody's home", "Radio host misled public over bombing – BSA", "Vinny with kerre Woodham Hacks mainstream air time on Newstalk ZB! I’m not sure why he wasn’t demoted sooner, but you couldn’t have that much failure in the lap of one minister and keep him on for a second term. NZME journalist Georgina Campbell explores the global campaign against sexual abuse and harassment in New Zealand in this New Zealand Herald-Newstalk ZB co-production. Jamie Mackay, Rowena Duncum and Sam "Lashes" Casey deliver your daily fix of everything going on in NZ's biggest industry, along with a generous side-serve of news, sports and politics. Leading industry experts join us to discuss and debate the latest in market trends, investments, DIY and much more. [32], According to Lonely Planet in 2014, the station provided a forum for "the most lively discussions on New Zealand issues". H…, How old were you when you read your first novel? In addition to talkback, the network also broadcasts news, interviews, music, and sports. Following the success of the talkback format in Auckland a decision was made to switch 2ZB Wellington and 3ZB Christchurch to a talkback format in 1991. Arnold told Heather du Plessis-Allan that there was a point in the middle where it was quite hard but got easier towards the end. [10] The comment also set a precedent, when former All Black Andy Haden faced calls to resign as a 2011 Rugby World Cup ambassador, after apologising for describing Pacific Island rugby players as "darkies". Kim Dotcom's US extradition case stalls, Supreme Court calls f... Unemployment figures: How NZ compares to US, Aus and China. Collated daily. The Mike Hosking Breakfast always cuts through and delivers the best daily on Newstalk ZB. 7,131 talking about this. [2][3], 1ZB originally operated from Broadcasting House, a purpose-built modernist theatre and studio building on Durham Street, from 1941 until its demolition in 1990. 'Ireland now has no aviation policy' - Ryanair CEO hits out at Eamon Ryan The Radio Network Christchurch never returned to their Worcester Street premises and eventually set up in a new location. [19], Host Rachel Smalley apologised in April 2014 after describing New Zealand women over 72 kilograms as "heifers" and a "bunch of lardos" during an ad break when she believed her microphone was off. These updates for Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Wellington & Christchurch air every 15 minutes during peak breakfast and drive time slots, and hourly throughout the day and weekend on Newstalk ZB. Murray Mexted impressed with the All Blacks control in Sydney... Music review: A posthumous album from Th' Dudes' Ian Morris.

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