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I think that’s what’s being missed a lot. A celebration of her life will take place Saturday, Nov. 25 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Nordia House. Little did she know her first major battle would put her on the opposite side of her own team owner. [Later that day, Montgomery tweeted this:], The second amendment is a part of the Bill of Rights. It’s not a 400-years-ago problem. I think that’s why we haven’t gotten a lot of information right away. “While I am saddened Renee will not be in a Dream uniform this summer, I am incredibly proud of her passion for her foundation, her outreach in the community, and her chance to impact the Black Lives Matter movement with her platform as a WNBA athlete,” coach Nicki Collen said. There’s a lot of different laws getting passed when no one’s looking. Then I thought, “Of course, Juneteenth.” I was already thinking of ways to connect to the community and also listen to them. When I say powerful statements, it could be through an action. I felt like I needed to ask you about it. A lot of people don’t even know anything about the WNBA, if we’re being honest. They were trying to figure out what’s the best way to do it. I caught up with Montgomery last week to talk about the moment she realized she needed to focus on something other than basketball, what it was like to be on the NBA/WNBA players-only call, how she plans to use her time away from basketball to affect change, and more. What I’m doing right now is what I hope to continue doing, because this awareness needs to be brought to the forefront. There’s a lot of activity when it’s not just election time. She spoke to The Ringer about that and more last week. Anomaly empowers athletes to own their life experiences and transcend the statistics. They have global games to go find talent, so if you are here in America, it’s kind of understood that the scouts will find you. 4 overall pick in the draft. This is an unknown, this pandemic going on. One of the minority owners of the Dream, U.S. To me, that’s something I can deal with. Over the last few years, the WNBA has gathered some momentum and entered more into the mainstream. I already know that. Do we still pour into our community, but help out our brothers that are maybe living paycheck to paycheck?” To me, I was like, “Wow, this is amazing.” I think the narrative got lost in the beginning. We don’t know the lasting effects of COVID, even if you’re asymptomatic. As we celebrate the centennial of the Constitutional landmark, five female activists take ELLE.com inside the biggest voting rights issues we contend with today—all while in the middle of a public health emergency and a nationwide reckoning over racial injustice. “She Loved Who She Was Becoming”: Breonna Taylor and a Family’s Fight for Justice. The rates of infection and death are amongst the highest in the world. If people don’t know, they should Google. But I know stories that happened with my own mom. decision to opt out of the 2020 WNBA season, Montgomery penned a letter to Loeffler in Medium, Senators critical of social justice efforts should stick to politics, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Lasting success can be maximized only when an athlete is inspired to take ownership of his or her learning process and is invested in personal and professional outcomes. I think the narrative got lost along the way. LeBron James and his team actually reached out to me. I don’t want to speak on something that I haven’t seen myself. The Atlanta Dream guard recently announced that she’ll sit out the 2020 season to continue working toward social justice and reform. Everybody knows that programming costs good money, a lot of money. We want to get them accreditation, but we also want to try to make Morris Brown tech savvy and tech innovative. I don’t know all the details of how everything played out, but I do know for somebody to do that unprompted, it says a lot about Kyrie. But oh yeah. Lacing up her sneakers in Australia, Lithuania, Israel, Russia and Poland allowed her to earn a paycheck during the WNBA offseason and experience different cultures in the process. They couldn’t name a starting five on any team. WNBA players were given the option to skip the bubble, tentatively scheduled for late July, for any reason, health or personal. We don’t know a lot about COVID. The former MMA star is running a Trump-inspired campaign for a seat on the Huntington Beach City Council. For the last decade, Four Directions has focused efforts on reducing obstacles to the ballot box, including fighting for equal access to in-person early voting locations. “Social justice reform isn’t going to happen overnight but I do feel that now is the time and Moments equal Momentum.”. This year, due to pandemic-related school shutdowns, Campus Vote Project released state-by-state guidelines on COVID -19 voting and absentee voting, in addition to information on registering for the fall general election. Rose is a Staff Writer at ELLE.com covering culture, news, and women's issues. If there wasn’t a social component, I would probably be going to the bubble, even if it’s not the same [level] as the NBA, as they’re saying. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. It’s not that. When you talk to athletes, especially in a sport like football, one of the things that really separates different schools and universities is their facilities. I had MSNBC just now. Since this is happening so often and it’s constantly breaking down our community, I wondered how I can build it up. Since HBCUs are a representation of the Black community, I want to build those up, and I’m starting with Morris Brown College. The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs or Turner Broadcasting. Oh, it’s definitely tough. Every item on this page was chosen by an ELLE editor. … People are like, “Well, what if you don’t make change?” I’m like, “Well, first of all, there’s already been change, because just the platforms I’m on, the people that are listening, there’s change happening as we speak.” But even if nothing happened, let’s say hypothetically I made no change, if all I lost was my status. It’s going to take a lot of work, but there’s no better time than now to get started so that future generations can reap the benefits. NBA.com: When was the exact moment you decided to opt out of the WNBA restart? Montgomery talks about that uncomfortable dynamic, sitting out the WNBA season, getting people to vote and building up HBCUs. How do you plan to continue “Remember the 3rd” beyond this upcoming election? Arresting the cops for wrongdoings is a step, but it’s also a band aid for the real problem. I live here in Atlanta, and I just remember the protests were at my front door. But last month, Montgomery decided there was a bigger battle to be contested, so she made the decision to opt out of the 2020 WNBA season in order to focus on racial and social justice. We need to connect the passion we have to protest and drive that passion to the polls. My decision not to go was 100 percent based on the social justice aspects. There’s a lot of different things that get decided other than elections. On the Navajo Nation, we are testing how long it takes mail to travel to count election offices. As the 2020 NBA Draft nears, we identify the best player from each of the last 20 drafts. When you see someone like a Makur Maker choose to go to Howard, you really commend it because he knows what he could’ve had and he still chose the HBCU experience anyway. … I have a big resource in More Than a Vote Campaign. We all want to create change and we all want to do something for our community. What’s that?” Then they were asking the league and I’m sure the league was asking the doctors. After long night, presidency hinges on tight races in battleground states, Minnesota stays blue, with Joe Biden winning the state's presidential vote, Michelle Fischbach ousts Collin Peterson in Minnesota's Seventh District, Minnesota U.S. Sen. Tina Smith staves off Jason Lewis, wins second term, Democrats losing paths to Senate control as GOP hangs on, Rep. Angie Craig vs. Tyler Kistner too close to call in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District, High-stakes rematch in Minnesota's 1st Congressional District goes on between Jim Hagedorn, Dan Feehan, Rep. Pete Stauber secures historic win in northeastern Minnesota, U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar wins easily in Minnesota's heavily Democratic Fifth District race, Rep. Dean Phillips wins Minnesota's 3rd District over GOP challenger Kendall Qualls, 14 arrested in late-night Minneapolis protest, Incumbent Kim Ellison wins at-large seat as Minneapolis school board candidates focus on equity issues, 2020 Latest: Biden campaign willing to fight Trump in court, Minnesota election results 2020: Courts and local races, Minnesota sets new virus records amid 'incredibly high' community spread, Two Twin Cities radio personalities have lost their jobs, Minnesota election results 2020: Presidential race by precinct. I’m just outside on the ground floor. And since then, LeBron has now created a whole campaign, More Than a Vote, that I’m a part of now. Renee Montgomery is skipping the WNBA’s 22-game bubble to focus on social justice, the Atlanta Dream guard announced Thursday morning. You’ll see the big schools have multi-million dollar facilities. … Let me not go and be a disservice to my team. Montgomery is also a graduate from the Harvard School of Business Crossover Program. "Equal access to the ballot box is the biggest issue when it comes to voting rights. There’s always going to be 2,000 questions: “Do we go and play? I figured [my announcement] was going to be on SportsCenter, ESPN, maybe a little ticker for a day. Visit New York Daily News at www.nydailynews.com. But right now I’m just going to say we are working. As long as there are people in power who are focused on their own self-interest instead of the country’s interests, there will be attempts to keep people from participating in our elections. “There’s work to be done off the court in so many areas in our community,” Montgomery tweeted. Education is the key to unlocking the unlimited potential of collegiate and professional athletes.

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