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sekiro treasure carp too deep

Different areas too, so the first has 4 swimming and one that you can pick up like an item under the bridge. - Page 2. 1x found on the riverbank to the left of the bridge before crossing. Note: they may not respawn if the player is in the exact spot they spawn, so try moving over a bit if it doesn't spawn. 3x found in a small sunken house beneath the area's main body of water. Treasure Carp is an enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.A Treasure Carp is characterized as a large orange fish that is agile and quick to escape once it is found. the hirata estates carps in the first lake only drop one scale each for me instead of two as stated above, do they respawn if i go back for the owl(father) fight? 40 required to buy out each merchant, plus 2 leftover (unless there are more obtainable in a single playthrough that I'm not aware of), so this page is missing one scale. Roughly 14 scales obtained in the waters at Fountainhead Palace, the final zone of the game. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, 2x found swimming to the right side of the bridge, near the. Life is neither cruel nor precious. To your right there is a small square pond. The reason I know one is missing is that after purchasing everything from Pot Nobles (1+1+2+5+7+1+6+6+12 = 41) I have TWO extra scales remaining, not one. It also helps to wait until they are clearest, it means they're highest in the water. (This was a reply, I re-framed as a comment in case anyone is struggling) To kill them, find the spawn point, hide in the plants, behind something or below them and watch their pattern. One attacks you. Initially it was showing an overall of 42 scales available, which was missing one (since there is definitely 43 scales available in the game), and I was checking in every day to see whether the mission one was discovered, and instead I see now that someone edited the list for it to contain just 41, one less than before, and two less than actually is in the game. Found most commonly by killing Treasure Carp. How do I get across that broken bridge to the temple in Ashira? The priest will have turned into a Okami flute player. Underwater Carp can be killed from land by using a charged up. Maybe you can dive later. Having played all the Soulsborne games this is a dumb question but one can hope. I have found one more since. For Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Treasure Carp spawning too deep in the water to attack? fills there posture to 100% so they cant move then you can swim right up to them, use Loaded Spear, always hits when theyre near the surface and is way more reliable then charge attacking, This might be a spoiler for some, but at a certain point in the game you'll get a technique that lets you swim underwater and get them pretty easily, so don't waste your time and get back to them once you that skill. I haven't gotten the mask piece yet. Furthermore the total of 42 scales doesn't even add up anymore, and that was the correct total attainable in one playthrough. Ps4 vs PC - is it very significant difference ? Treasure Carps do not respawn if the player rests or travel between Sculptor's Idols, meaning they are limited enemies and will be permanently killed in that specific playthrough. The first is on the surface of the water the 2nd is under water. Treasure Carp quickly swim away when they are alerted. The Treasure Carp's movement is quick and can dive into the water so it's quite difficult to attack. There are a few craps that seem too deep to attack, any tips? Diving is required (only spawns once Ashina Castle is attacked), 1x found from a pickup in the lake near the, 3x found in a room accessed by a cracked floor and underwater route also contains. trying to get the scales before havin that item is pointless, I think the deep fish are the attacking ones. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. 2 are swinning to deep. The treasure carp I always see floating on top, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7ujjQA4vGw. 2x found by the giant carp skeleton with worms on it at the bottom of the body of water. If you give the giant carp the truly precious bait, you can still get the 4 scales from the NPC by killing him. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Treasure Carp Scale - Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Kill him and he will drop 5 scales. It is used to purchase items from the vendors "Pot Noble Harunaga" and "Pot Noble Koremori". I think one is missing, but I have no idea which one. The list now correctly shows 42 scales again. Will the fish that I'vealready killed respawn on NG+? There's more than 15 and you can learn to dive underwater later which trivializes the carp catching. One is a lootable item on the riverbank to the left side of that same long bridge. Even further, past the Bamboo Thicket statue, there's two more treasure carp. Another way is Using Sheruken. You can get more from the great colored carp by feeding it normal precious bait and then talking to the feeder next to the feeding spot. Can be killed from land with a changed Spear.I know that before it awkwardly said "2x found from a Treasure Carp" for each, when in reality it was "2x found from 2 Treasure Carp, 1 from each" but if this was an attempt to fix that minor error, it's only become a major error. Or maybe the Toxic Mob guy restocks another, third Scale at some point later in the game? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It is used to purchase items from the vendors "Pot Noble Harunaga" and "Pot Noble Koremori". Does anyone know if the scales transfer to new game plus? Really useful! What the hell is going on with edits on this page. A Treasure Carp is characterized as a large orange fish that is agile and quick to escape once it is found. However, it will respawn within about 10 seconds, and in the same spot every time. Collecting special scales and the term "everlasting" are details associated with the Dragons of Dark Souls, while imperfection is a trait linked to serpents, which are considered imperfect Dragons. Don't lock on to them, just go above and look straight down, then attack. 4 from carp, one item to the left of the bridge to be picked up. This guide is unclear, there aren’t 9 in the starting area, there are 5. Currency for items sold by Pot Noble Harunaga and Pot Noble Koremori. For Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Treasure Carp spawning too deep in the water to attack?" Note that the underwater carp near the Pot Noble at Hirata Estate can be killed with normal sword attacks as long as you can get right on top of them while z-targeted. Can be both killed from land with a charged spear or in the few moments they surface. It's not fun, but once you get the hang of it and understand their patterns and line of sight, you will become an apex predator that never misses! Give the Village Priest the water to drink. Travel to the Flower Viewing Stage, then enter the Mibu House, and kill the 2 or 3 old okami there. Treasure Carp Scale Usage. All you have to do is stalk them and wait, they eventually swim up to the surface where you can get the charged stab on them. really frustrating. Are the boss rushes affected by NG+ cycles? Treasure Carp Scales are used to in trade for unique items sold by the merchants. The first 5 scales should be used for the secret weapon art thou, so you can go ahead and farm those in the memory. I had already gotten the Sake from him didn't know I could come back. The Treasure Carp have no attacks, but they will try to escape when approached. Try swimming behind them then dashing in for the killing blow. I accidentally hit the barrel man, I didn't kill him but now he won't speak to me. 1x found in the castle moat. There are at least two fish in there, but they don't appear to be treasure carp. I think there are 42 scales total, right? You don't need to resurface for them to spawn. However, if it spots the player, it will flee and disappear after a few seconds. As a consequence, carp are considered symbols of success and transformation in Japanese culture. So this wiki is incomplete? is exactly what I am missing for the mask. Just be on the lookout for places you can jump into rivers etc. Same problem here. You can dive into it and there will be a hole leading into a secret room with a chest containing "Water Of The Palace". He'll be lying there with the scales you would've gotten for feeding the great colored carp just the regular bait (or close to it; I got 3 scales). To the average person it is just a beautiful scale. I believe the 5x scales from the village priest is written twice, once in the Ashina Depths section and another in Sunken Valley, these two are referring to the same thing, right? Hey guys, I figured out how to hit the deep ones. the underwater ones at fountainhead palace seem to be impossible to hit. How the ***** do you kill the underwater ones. Diving is required. Had 16 when I went to interact with the vendor and I know I obtained 2 from feeding the giant one, but i'm only about 80% confident at this stage that I had 0 before reaching Fountainhead. Treasure Carp Scale is a Key Item in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. How to Find Treasure Carp Scale. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. 2x found underwater in the same lake. Dessicator. The second might be a treasure carp, but I could never get it to attack or flee, so unconfirmed. For this reason, collecting them could be worthwhile. Looking through the list, I can't say it's missing some location; perhaps one of the places has one more carp that you've missed? If you've already fed the great colored carp the truly precious bait before you fed him the normal bait: go to the Guardian Ape's Watering Hole idol, collect the whiskers from the dead carp, go to the Feeding Grounds idol, give the whiskers to the big noble guy, teleport to another idol, then come back. Diving is required. Simple attacks never reach them but thrust attacks get them almost all the time. One is easy to spot and kill, the other one stays incredibly deep. The reason you’re collecting the scales in the first place are the Dancing Dragon mask fragments.You can buy these from the two Pot Noble merchants – one is near the Estate Path idol in Hirata Estate, the other by the Near Pot Noble idol in Fountainhead Palace. How To Beat The Treasure Carp. it'll make sense. It's better to stay down and try to catch where they're coming from so you can exploit it. If you did not feed the Giant colored carp and receive the 3 scales, it can be found on the body of the npc at the feeding grounds once the daughter is by his corpse. He wants Treasure Carp scales, ... keep the waterfall on your right side and you should see a grappling hook you can jump too. Fixed someone's edit that reduced the amount to 41 - it was one of the carps in Hirata estate. Go back to any idol and rest, then return to the house. Five treasure carp scales can be found at the beginning of the Hirata Estate. There are five at that first area.

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