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Bull sharks are large, stout predators found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world, typically close to coastlines. During the early days of Jaws, as producers Richard D. Zanuck and David Brown were eager to adapt Peter Benchley's novel to the silver screen, a young 26-year-old Steven Spielberg was adamant to get the job. Therefore, the recognized composer needed to rush on-and-off stage to keep the show moving. The parents do not rear their young, but they can help protect them by giving birth in these coastal or inland habitats. While the footage was miraculously saved, the fates of the waterlogged cameras is unclear. That's because they're capable of osmoregulation, a process in which the sharks can adjust the salt-to-water ratio in their bodies based on the water around them. The wide-open mouth of a great white shark shows rows of razor-sharp teeth in the upper and lower jaws. We typically see from the shark's perspective, following his eye as he roams the water, looking for his next person to munch. He set his sights on making Lady Lucky for Fox instead (which was eventually directed by Stanley Donen), but Universal exercised their right to veto this decision. The scent was apparently comforting to the future Oscar-winning director, and it allowed Spielberg to get the rest he needed to combat every obstacle that came with filming this troubled movie. Rather than film in a lake or on a set, a young Spielberg was adamant about realism. This helps the shark to tear into its prey. But as the shoot drew nearer, Spielberg's excitement waned. Along with other hazards like climate change and the decline of prey species, this has raised widespread concern about the future of sharks, keystone predators that play vital ecological and economic roles. From their biological quirks to their relationship with our species, here are a few interesting facts you may not know about bull sharks. But Steven Spielberg didn't immediately recognize the score's potential. While bull sharks' ability to frequent freshwater habitats may protect their pups from predators, it also puts them in closer proximity to people, which endangers them far more than us. The novel and movie both feature a great white shark as the culprit, and that species also has been widely blamed for the 1916 attacks. Indeed, for the labored crew who worked on this troubled production, the shark was known simply as "Bruce," named as Steven Spielberg's lawyer. Not only are sharks notorious for their acute sense of smell, their hearing is also insanely powerful. They Aren't Protected in Any Part of Their Range. Bull sharks inspired the movie Jaws. Their mating season often occurs in late summer or early fall, and the developing pups are nourished in their mother's body by a yolk-sac placenta. Sharks actually. But tales of their horror have been greatly exaggerated. A bull shark bites into a tuna off the coast of Fiji. It's certainly crazy to think that now, but at the time, when Spielberg still had so much to prove, he feared that this would be his final film. The Shark Is Named "Bruce" After Steven Spielberg's Lawyer. Those include a string of shark attacks off the New Jersey coast in July 1916, in which four people died and one was injured. Not in the ocean, mind you, but on the ocean. Many things went wrong during production on Jaws because the crew relied on things that didn't always work and several practical sets, including boats in the ocean, that weren't on steady waters. They Are Much Less Dangerous to Us Than We Are to Them, 8. But production wasn't easy. 7. Learn more with these bull shark facts. The term "iconic" is thrown around a lot, to the point where it has almost lost its luster. While it clearly resulted in a pain-in-the-ass shoot, it did help overall. Posted in Blog, Cool Shark Facts The species is also known to travel even farther up the Amazon River, with reports of bull sharks as far upstream as Iquitos, Peru, nearly 2,200 miles (3,500 km) from the ocean. Sharks whip their prey around back and forth in order to break off large chunks of meat. The Philadelphia Inquirer front page from July 15, 1916. 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They Have More Than a Dozen Common Names, 6. In 1937, for example, two fishermen caught a bull shark near Alton, Illinois, some 1,750 miles (2,800 km) upriver from New Orleans. According to one study, people are responsible for the. Bull sharks currently lack specific legal protections throughout their range, according to the Florida Museum, and the IUCN cites "no specific management or conservation" programs. The jaws on the great white shark are no joke. Much like the movie itself, one reason why the main theme works so well is because it's so simple. Turns out, this was something of a catchphrase during production, said whenever things inevitably went wrong. For example, they feed on animals such as sea turtles, who consume huge amounts of sea grass. As reported by Mental Floss, the crew swiftly grabbed the film and stuffed it in a bucket of freshwater to prevent the saltwater from destroying the footage and ruining a day of shooting — which would be disastrous for several reasons, but doubly for this overextended production. Specifically, their involvement in the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks, which saw 4 people dead and 1 more injured. And, as it was noted by the oddly-titled book The Utterly, Completely, and Totally Useless Fact-O-Pedia, Lucas found himself at the center of a prank when Spielberg and John Milius made the jaw clamp shut on poor Lucas' head. Bull sharks are often cited as one of the three most frequent attackers of humans. Humorously, one such incident happened to George Lucas, a longtime friend/colleague of Steven Spielberg. Since most sharks stick to saltwater, however, the pups may face better odds of survival if they spend some time growing up in a river or lake before venturing out to sea. The species can bite with a force of 5,914 Newtons, the study found, which is more powerful than the bite of 12 other sharks and shark-like fish the researchers used for comparison — including the great white shark and the great hammerhead. Fans of Spielberg's movie and the ill-fated sequels that it spawned have also taken to calling the shark "Bruce," and the name has stuck around in the decades following the film's release. Bull sharks often reproduce in freshwater habitats and can even establish a long-term presence there. In the movie, a giant man-eating great white shark attacks beachgoers on Amity Island, a fictional New England summer resort town, prompting the local police chief to hunt it with the help of a marine biologist and a professional shark hunter. The bite force of bull sharks is among the highest of any fish, according to a 2012 study published in the journal Zoology. At one point, as the boat Orca II sunk, two Panavision camera filled with dailies were quickly plummeting underwater. One of the biggest reasons why the production of Jaws proved to be so very challenging and troublesome was not merely because the shark wouldn't cooperate (the producers initially wanted a real shark but that proved to be impossible), but because it was apparently the first major movie to be shot on the ocean. While time and experience allowed Steven Spielberg to be one of the most confident, accomplished working filmmakers of our time (and of all-time), the young filmmaker was ultimately haunted by the failures found in Jaws' ever-troubled production. Another brilliant example is Roy Scheider's "You're gonna need a bigger boat." While the movie has seen enormous success over the years, the process of making this very famous movie was far from easy. However, sharks pose a minimal risk to humans overall, and there are easy ways to minimize the risk even further. You see, during this 1976 Academy Awards ceremony, Williams was also conducting the award show's front-stage orchestra. Terry Moore / Stocktrek Images / Getty Images, 2. The tales of their horror have been greatly exaggerated through the years. Scheider sprinkled this quote throughout the shoot, and this one made the cut. Bull sharks mainly eat bony fish and smaller sharks, but they're opportunistic feeders, also taking prey like birds, crustaceans, dolphins, terrestrial mammals, and turtles. Bull sharks are much more commonly found in habitats like this, and although great whites have more of a reputation for attacking people, bull sharks are also considered one of the most dangerous shark species for humans. "I'm the King of the World" from Titanic, "You can't handle the truth" from A Few Good Men, "Here's looking at you, kid" from Casablanca, "I'm walking here" from Midnight Cowboy, "Are you talking to me?,' from Taxi Driver, "Leave the gun, take the cannoli" from The Godfather, "I know" from The Empire Strikes Back, and "Kelly Clarkson" from The 40-Year-Old Virgin are just a handful of famous lines spoken instead of written. Filmmaking is a collaborative process. Waterways with known bull shark populations include the Brisbane River in Queensland, Australia; the Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers of eastern India; Lake Nicaragua; Lake Pontchartrain; and the Potomac River. On the bright side, however, there is still time to protect the species before it suffers a steeper decline, and it may have already benefitted from restrictions on the dangerous use of gill nets in many fisheries. Having done only TV work, including the TV movie Duel, and one theatrical film, The Sugarland Express, prior, Spielberg was a young-and-hungry filmmaker looking to prove himself. Bull sharks may generally hang out in the ocean, or at least nearby, but the species has also proven perfectly willing to venture far inland via rivers. But during the troubles that ensued with Jaws, Spielberg didn't even think he would have a career at all. Shark fossils have been found from as far. Fretting about the difficulties of the shoot and what it could mean for his future, Spielberg didn't have the easiest time calming his nerves and getting some much-needed rest.

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